16 Xiaomi Mi Stores Opened the Same Day – Xiaomi’s Determination

In the last month Xiaomi conference, CEO Lei Jun said that in the next three years Xiaomi would open 100 Xiaomi Mi Stores, with an annual turnover of 70 billion, covering four or five cities nationwide.Looking the past, Xiaomi has opened a total of 149 stores. However, the number tends to increase as on August 26 Xiaomi opened 16 more Xiaomi Mi Stores, all on the same day.

Lei Jun seem too busy visiting each store. Moreover, he shot a picture of one of the stores which is rumored to be Xiaomi Mi Note 3 camera sample from the image properties leaked.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Camera Sample Xiaomi Mi Stores

Xiaomi’s current goal is to open 200 Xiaomi Mi stores, this year. Before that, Xiaomi took only three months to reach from 100 stores to 149 stores. So, with the current pace, establishing a total of 200 Mi stores is not a big deal. Recently, the company’s request for a 1 billion dollars loan from 18 banks was also accepted.

As Xiaomi is developing the offline network across China, other top manufacturers like OPPO and Vivo might experience some tough time. However, Vivo and OPPO still has some advantages as they are quite established across China. The phones are available via numerous retailers as well.

Xiaomi’s only problem was the availability and production which has improved drastically this year. Still, Xiaomi has a long way to cover. The manufacturer from the Chinese is determined.