20 Best Relaxing iPhone Games For Your Daily Dose of Dopamine

20 Best Relaxing iPhone Games For A Daily Dose of Dopamine

Apart from the intense, stressful competitive virtual games available on iPhone, stress-releasing games also exist on iPhone. At the end of the day or during lunch break you can play such relaxing iPhone games to feed your brain some dopamine. So, without wasting any time here are the best relaxing games available on iPhone:

Note: I do not consider games with black and white contrast as relaxing games since such colors are related to depression and anxiety. Rich colors and contrast have the most positive impact on the brain.

Moreover, I also don’t consider complex puzzle-solving games as relaxing games since they require more work from the brain and frustration if you are unable to solve a certain level. If solving a puzzle gives satisfaction then it’s fine.

What is a Relaxing Game According To Me?

According to me, a relaxing game is simply a game in which you don’t have to use that much of your mind or provide satisfaction while using your mind. Here’s the checklist of a relaxing game:

  • Simple game mechanics – Check
  • Easy controls (taps, swipes) – Check
  • Bright or natural color and contrast – Check
  • Smoothness – Check
  • Soft and satisfying sound effects – Check
  • Calming music – Check

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley - Best Relaxing Games iPhone

Price: $4.99

Game Type: Life simulation, RPG, Open-world

There’s nothing more relaxing than to experience nature. Even though artificial, still even the sound of nature can have a calming effect on you.

What if you were in a virtual world growing interesting crops, mining in the deep underground, and even going to a fair? This is what Stardew Valley is all about.

For the newbies, it’s nothing more than a paid classic 2D life-sim game that mimics the old 8-bit JRPGs. But for someone who has played, it’s an experience, a vast world with all sessions.

Most of all the natural sounds you hear like the rain, sowing seeds, and the seagull chipping near the coast, all provide a relaxing experience. No doubt, this is the no.1 on our list of relaxing iPhone games.

I’ll love to see how you developed your farm, house, and animals. πŸ™‚

Most relaxing thing: Feels like living close to nature (sounds and gameplay)

Alto’s Odyssey / Alto’s Adventure

Alto - Best Relaxing Games iPhone

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Game Type: Sports (Snowboarding/Sandboarding)

Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure are two different games by the same developer and same gameplay. What’s different between Odyssey and Adventure is the desert and snow environments respectively along with the music and sound effect.

Even though the map remains the same, the phases of day and night along with weather conditions like (rain and snow) bring some refreshment to the screen. You can see the sun rising and sinking behind the background.

When the game starts the player sandboarding/snowboarding on the endless slopes doing stuns, collecting coins, and completing tasks. The game color contrast plus the sound effects plus the music is what brings a calming effect.

Playing this on an iPhone 13 Pro Max OLED 120Hz display brings smoothness to the next level.

Most relaxing thing: Smooth synchronization of day and dawn during gameplay along with sound effects and music.

Cozy Grove

cozy grove

Price: Available on only Apple Arcade ($4.99/m subscription, 1-month free trial, 3 months free on newly purchased Apple device)

Game Type: Life simulation

Honestly, if I were to list these relaxing games based on the most unique artstyle, Cozy Grove would hit the no.1 spot. The game is almost similar to ‘Don’t Starve’ but instead of the dark and lonely vibe that the game has, Cozy Grove provides a much bright and relaxing vibe.

Cozy Grove is a life-sim game based on a spooky ever-changing island. You have to wander on that island and help the local spirits/ghosts along the way and reveal the secrets of the mysterious island. There’s a lot of crafting as well.

The artstyle is what makes the game stand out in this genre. The characters are blended into the environment and make you wonder if I’m really stuck on a spooky island. I love how the background around the main character is dark and mysterious but the main character is surrounded by a bright light illustrating hope. The slow and soft piano music also adds to the calmness.

Most relaxing thing: The artstyle, character, and environment blend, and the ever-changing island.



Price: $3.99

Game Type: Open World

As the title suggests, this open-world game is about experiencing nature. And oh boy, such details and map scaling on iOS is unbelievable. Just check the water reflection quality and sunset/sunrise and you will say just one word ‘AMAZING’.

The game consists of the main character with nothing to do instead of exploring the wildlife which is created with such details despite being a mobile game. There’s no enemy, no quest, just you and nature.

I think this game has the most natural sound effects like rain, rattling thunder, water splash, water waves, wind gushing, deep ocean, and the list goes on. Combined with the color-rich and detailed graphics, the developer deserves hats off.

Most relaxing thing: Simplicity, detailed graphics, and the most nature’s sound effects



Price: $4.99

Game Type: Adventure

Gris (grey in Spanish) is an adventure game with a linear progression story. Remember I told you that a relaxing game should have simple controls? Well, in Gris all you have to do is just scroll the left or right side of the screen and swipe to jump. There’s no death, boss battle, or frustrating puzzles. In other words, it’s a movie that you can play.

The game is about a mysterious girl who seeks the adventure to bring color and music to her colorless world. At the start grief and loss represents the journey later to be replaced by rediscovery and peace.

This is the game where all three including the artstyle, and the soundtrack which blends with the ongoing story are what define Gris. It’s simply a minimalistic artwork representing loneliness and depression at one time and hope, joy, and calmness at the other time.

Most relaxing thing: Artstyle and music which adapts as the story progresses.

Sky: The Children of Light

sky the child of light

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Game Type: Adventure, Open World, Social, Indie, MMO

There will be only a selected game like Sky: The Children of Light. It’s an adventure, open-world, social, indie, MMO game (is there any category left?). As the title says, the neverending sky and different sorts of lighting objects are what dominate the game.

Your cute little character is assigned to find the stars that fell from the sky and return them to their constellations. During this, you also have to spread hope through the barren world.

This game has the best-detailed lighting and color contrast in this list of relaxing iPhone games. The day gives the feel to explore more and more because of the vivid color contrast while the night appears to be mysterious and magical thanks to the detailed lighting objects like the fireflies, inscribed characters on walls, etc. All of this provides a boost to your dopamine levels.

This is the second game on the list apart from Genshin Impact which you can play with your friend in multiplayer mode.

Most relaxing thing: Different sorts of lighting objects, the day and night contrast, and the soundtrack!



Price: $4.99

Game Type: Adventure, Open World, Indie, Multiplayer

If you loved playing Sky: The Children of Light, Journey is another of those indies, adventure, open world, and multiplayer games with breathtaking artstyle from the same developer. Comparing both of them, I think Sky has more environmental variety and details than Journey because the former was released almost 7 years after Journey. However, Journey’s smoothness and the character details are still better and even the burning optical illusion of the desert is what seems to be missing in Sky.

The journey might appear to be confusing at first since there’s no guidance, no objectives, and no clear story. Yet, this game compels one to play. Completing the first scene hinted via a cutscene at the start, the true image of the game starts to appear which is a masterpiece.

There’s multiplayer as well, but it’s so minimalistic that instead of adding your friends in the lobby you get random encounters with them on the endless desert.

The soundtrack of the game is mixed with emotions that depict the ongoing scenes. It’s one of the first soundtracks to be nominated for a Grammy. Even after 12 years, this game has no competition in its indie adventure genre.

Most relaxing thing: The desert illusions and environmental graphics and one of the best soundtracks.

Monument Valley 1 and 2

monument valley 2

Price: Monument Valley 1 (Free), Monument Valley 2 ($4.99)

Game Type: Puzzle

Monument Valley series is a puzzle game with two parts and the third one coming soon. Similar to the above game, both games have the same mechanics, different plots, and different environments. The second part of the series ‘Monument Valley 2’ even has some much more complex puzzles and a detailed environment than the first part.

The game has geometry-based optical illusions and you have to help the character reach from one point to another by solving this illusion, clearing the path to reach the other stage. The satisfaction you get after solving a puzzle is what brings tranquility.

Most relaxing thing: Geometry-based optical illusions provides satisfaction during solving puzzles.

Penguin Isle

penguin Isle

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Game Type: Idle/click, Simulation

Penguin Isle is a simulation + an idle/click game based on two things penguins and more penguins. You are to be provided with an iceberg with the task of expanding it. Coins and hearts are the currency and you have to earn them by setting some creations and upgrading them.

The game is backed by piano and harp music along with ocean waves sound effects which provide overall serenity. Those penguins look adorable while doing tasks.

My Oasis is another similar game mentioned here but it’s ranked below this one because Penguin Isle has a bit more scalability than My Oasis.

Most relaxing thing: Music and PENGUINS!

Hidden Lands

hidden lands

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Game Type: Puzzle

Another visual puzzle category on the list. Well, didn’t I say I will not mention puzzle games? But the Hidden Lands isn’t a complex puzzle game either.

The game starts with two islands that look alike but both of them with something missing. You have to find what’s missing by rotating the islands. There are numerous levels in the game but all of them have the similarity of all levels being floating islands, not anything else.

The color vibrant graphics, the color gradients changing in the background, and the music make it one of the best relaxing iPhone games.

Most relaxing thing: Color vibrant graphics, changing gradient background, and music!



Price: Free (no in-app purchases)

Game Type: Generative Art

Among the list of the best relaxing iPhone games Wayfinder comes from very unique and one of the newest genres known as ‘Generative Art Game‘. This means that everything you see is random and generated in real-time. Repetition of a scene is impossible.

Now talking about the game itself, one controls a mystical character that passes through forest, grasslands, and tundra to collect poetic tokens. When these tokens are activated they reveal hidden words in the wind and breathe new life in the form of fauna and flora wherever the characters move.

The simple yet beautiful artstyle along with the smoothness throughout the game backed by peaceful music and natural sound effects like birds chipping and wind gushing.

Most relaxing thing: The beautiful artstyle combined with character smoothness to move and the blend of the natural environment, sound effects, and calming music.

What the Golf?

What the golf - Best Relaxing Games iPhone

Price: Available on only Apple Arcade ($4.99/m subscription, 1-month free trial, 3 months free on newly purchased Apple device)

Game Type: Sports, golf, humor

Ah, a golf game! Or is it? What the Golf is a humorous game with an unbelievable variety of game mechanics with the task to reach an object to the pole. This just not includes a golf ball but also a chair, a TV, a toilet a sheep, a cow, a car, even the direction bar, and the golf stick itself. With game mechanics paying tribute to Angry Birds, Spiderman, Bouncy ball, Super Mario Bros, and countless more.

The game starts with a lonely golf ball in a lab. You have to explore the lab and open gates which can be unlocked by playing the mini-games which are what I said above.

The music variety is jawdropping from rich vibing music with humping to the heavy metal music along with the actually funny dad jokes. The gameplay is filled with never-ending content. A must-try.

Most relaxing thing: Funny and ultra variety of game mechanics, dad jokes, graphics, and sound variety.

My Oasis

my oasis

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Game Type: Idle/click

What if you were to be provided an island to add animals and birds to it? What if you were to expand the island until to unlock another island through numerous tasks and minigames? My Oasis is such an idle/click game consisting of a virtual island consisting of your favorite animals and birds.

Instead of gore, violence, killing animals, burning woods, or starving, you just have to earn hearts simply by tapping, leveling up some resources, petting animals, and playing some musical notes. This game has eye-pleasing graphics (incredible color gradients) backed by a soothing collection of music to boost your dopamine to new levels.

How much can you develop your Oasis? Wanna compete?

Most relaxing thing: eye-pleasing color gradients graphics and music

I Love Hue

I love hue - Best Relaxing Games iPhone

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Game Type: Puzzle, Board

If sorting colors for satisfaction is what makes you feel relaxed, then this game might be the perfect choice for you. I Love Hue is a color grid puzzle game that provides satisfaction as you solve it.

The game mechanics are simple which is to swipe and swipe the colorful titles until the perfect color gradient is achieved.

Bright colors stimulate dopamine and that is what I Love Hue does perfectly.

Most relaxing thing: Gradient color puzzle which provides satisfaction while solving.


Polysphere - Best Relaxing Games iPhone

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Game Type: Puzzle

Another puzzle game but still a simple one with the same satisfaction when completed.

Polysphere is based on colorful scattered particles which at first looks nothing but once you start rotating it with complete freedom (360 degrees), an image starts to appear and you get the final image to solve the level.

The light music and the level completion sound effect are what calm the mind and bring satisfaction.

Most relaxing thing: When scattered pieces make a meaningful image and the sound effect after that.


Osmos game

Price: $2.99

Game Type: Puzzle

Osmos is one of the early birds in the relaxing game category released way back in 2009. The puzzle game is based on a small mote (a circular spore thing) that needs to absorb the smaller motes to grow in size. However, you are not alone in the unique world of motes because some other bigger motes are looking to consume you.

This game artstyle reminds me of cosmos games. The dark space background with countless motes orbiting and roaming around. You can move your mote in any direction to consume other small motes.

The cosmos music and dazzling sound effect provide you tranquility while playing the game.

Most relaxing thing: The cosmo-like artstyle and music.



Price: $3.99

Game Type: Puzzle

Shadowmatic is a game similar to Polysphere, a puzzle genre, however, the artstyle is totally different. Instead of the scattered pieces, we have much simpler objects which we rotate to generate a meaningful shadow on the wall.

Compared with the polysphere, this game creates less confusion and is much easier to solve since the displayed object is in one piece instead of broken particles.

However, the satisfaction of completing a level on Polysphere is much better than completing a level on Shadowmatic. Also, the Polysphere artstyle is much more colorful and vibrant in comparison to shadowmatic which is a bit darker and warmer. Even the music is a little intense in Shadowmatic. This is the reason why we have played this below Polysphere.

Most relaxing thing: The game’s simplicity and the shadow and object smoothness along with the music.



Price: $1.99

Game Type: None

If you want to know what a true relaxing game is I think Kanso is the only one that fully qualifies for it. There’s no exploring, no battles, no narration, and no cutscenes. Instead, all you have to do is swipe your finger in a circular motion, avoid obstacles, and complete the beautiful color vibrant levels.

The visual narration, color-changing background hue, and the smooth circular motion is the relaxing aspect of Kanso, followed by a 1-hour long soundtrack.

Most relaxing thing: Smooth color-changing hue, smooth circular motion, and soundtrack.

Terrarium: Garden Idle

Terrarium - Best Relaxing Games iPhone

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Game Type: Idle/click

Another one of those idle/click games but for the audience who loves plants. The currency of this game is only oxygen which is collected by clicking and growing plants (automatically). I do remember plant tycoon looking at this but that game is a different genre and on a whole different level.

Moreover, the mechanics are similar to other idle/click games like My Oasis. The good thing is that this game doesn’t have any premium currency which you need to purchase. There’s just oxygen which can be generated free of cost. The bad aspect is that many experiences the bug of watching ads when there’s time to level up.

The music and the waterdrop taps are what provide relaxation.

Most relaxing thing: The waterdrop sound when you tap to collect oxygen.

Genshin Impact

genshin impact

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Game Type: Open World, Action, RPG, MMO

And the last relaxing game for iPhone on the list is a Chinese open-world action RPG called ‘Genshin Impact’. Surprised? Well, there is some adrenaline dose from the intense monster fights, time-limited battles, farming to level up, and completing quests to get Primogem used in unlocking new characters and weapons.

However, that’s not why Genshin Impact is popular. The game is defined by its cute characters with soothing voiceovers (Paimon), calming background music, one of the largest open worlds (still expanding), progressing plot, and the ability to play multiplayer.

Getting into details, there are different regions in the Genshin World and the background music varies according to that. Mondstadt region music represents calmness, nostalgia, and a feeling of home while the Liyue region represents determination, supremacy, and strength. The third region ‘Inazuma’ has music that feels mysterious and majestic, something like from those 90’s Disney movies.

If you still don’t consider this game as relaxing, try installing it and hearing the music on the loading screen (dream Aria). It’s one of the best peaceful songs I have listened to in years.

Most relaxing thing: Synchronization of the game with day and night, character voices, and most of all region-based soundtrack.

I hope you liked this list. If I have missed some worthy relaxing games available on iPhone do let me know in the comments and I’ll add them here in the worth mention section. Oh, and don’t forget to rate this list.

20 Best Relaxing iPhone Games For Your Daily Dose of Dopamine
20 Best Relaxing iPhone Games For A Daily Dose of Dopamine
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