Acute Angle AA – B4 Mini PC For The Best Price Of $162.99 (Coupon)

The Acute Angle AA – B4 Mini PC has been launched to provide a smooth and relatively cheap computer experience. It has got everything that you may need for either business or pleasure. Today, thanks to the supper deal promotion on Gearbest it is only available for $162.99. Now let’s check some of its highlights.

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Acute Angle AA – The Triangle Shaped Mini Computer

The Acute Angle AA – B4 Mini PC is a triangle-shaped mini-computer which comes in three plugs, US Plug, EU Plug, and UK Plug. It is most famous for providing great performance by only taking a small amount of space. This weighs around 0.6Kg and measures around 25.50 x 25.50 x 4.00 cm, so you need no extra computer table to place this mini beast. It has wooden texture on its outer side, to compliment anywhere you place it. The Power switch is placed on the top with 2 USB Ports on the lower side. The monitor output and power cable are on the back.


Nowadays, everybody wants the best specifications for their PC to run all the latest stuff, but they only have a low amount of money. Acute Angle has solved this problem by providing the processor of Intel Apollo Lake N3450 Quad Core 1.1GHz, up to 2.2GHz. It also has an 8GB RAM for all the multi-tasking reasons. To store all your important and valuable data is has a 64GB EMMC with an extra 128GB of SSD to provide a buttery smooth experience.


Gaming has become an essential part of our lives and everybody enjoys it. Therefore, Acute Angle AA has provided its consumers with an INTEL HD Graphics 500 GPU. The processor graphic card makes it sleek but also provides great graphics. Also, to gaming, it can be fruitful for internet surfing, basic photo editing, and casual gaming. The body is made in a style that its inbuilt fan would provide efficient heat dissipation. Moreover, the inbuilt multi-language such as English, French, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German makes it useable for any kind of people anywhere in the world.


It also has different ports so you can live your life to the fullest. It has an HDMI port, RJ45, USB 3.0 ports and 3.5mm Headphone Jack for all the best hearing experience.


Price & Availability

This product is currently at stock on the Gearbest for only $162.99, if you apply the coupon code:


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