Banner Advertising on The Phone Talks

We are providing two ad spaces to advertisers in search of brand exposure to a global audience. Here are the details of the service offered:

General Information

Ad space location: Sidebar (excluding homepage / posts only)

Size: 300 x 250 or 300 x 300 px

Number of ad banners: 1 – 2

Format supported: Png, jpeg, gif

Cost (only on monthly bases): starting from $30 per month (each banner)

Website Information

Type: Smartphones, gadgets, consumer electronics

Source of traffic: 80% search engines (keyword-based), 10% direct, 10% social platforms

Presence on Social Media: Instagram (73k followers), Facebook (5k followers), Twitter (just started)

Targeted Audience: 30,000 to 50,000 monthly visits

Audience (geolocation): India (35%), USA (25%), Philippines (10%), United Kingdom (10%), Others (20%)


  • Shouldn’t be casino or adult content
  • JS scripted banners are not allowed
  • Should be in above-mentioned image formats
  • You can use trackable URLs
  • The link will have a ‘no-follow attribute’.
  • As said, the banner will not be displayed on the home page

For more information, please contact us at thephonetalks(at)gmail(dot)com.