JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector Home Theater – More Than Simply Vintage?

Today we present a projector with a Classic-industrial design. Sincerely, have to know how to appreciate its select and exquisite design that honors the first projectors since it even comes with the controls integrated in buttons and film reels. The JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector Home Theater is currently on sale at with an incredible discount.

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JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector Home Theater

JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector Home Theater – 1895 Retro Design

Design & Appearance

This beautiful projector is not for everyone because of its size. Being a replica of the old devices its dimensions are 47.97 x 36.20 x 16.50 cm and weighs 11.5kg. However, it combines technology and art, tradition and fashion, recall the past in a new era.

JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector Home Theater

Its design includes 72 details, 200 crafts, 500 creative collisions, creating a work of art “with soul”. It comes with an exquisite, thick sand casting base, which adds more weight to the mix.

If you want better immersion, it comes with manual adjustment, you can control the clarity, the focal length and the source of AV and HDMI signal. You can also adjust the adjustable vertical projection angle by rotating the lock button to set the angle and you can select the sound effects at will by using its 3-degree rotary knob. However, with the projector is also delivered a remote control that is very familiar compared with some others model of this brand.

JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector Home Theater

It has a high-precision instrument panel display, which shows the operation and heat dissipation. It has an efficient, stable and silent cooling system. Finally, its lens is molded glass with 98% light transmittance.

JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector Home Theater


In hardware’s terms, it is still a device with the quality that this Chinese brand has in all its products. The projector includes an optics with DLP technology with LED light source, native resolution Full HD of 1920 x 1080 pixels, optical zoom, contrast 4000:1 and a brightness of 1200 ANSI lumens that allow to have a projection of between 30 and 300 inches in a distance that goes between 1 and the 4m.

JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector Home Theater

This projector also has a pair of 5W stereo speakers integrated in the chassis, it has autofocus and automatic image trapezoidal correction. The SoC is Quad Core with 2GB of RAM and 16Gb of eMMc storage memory. Support mobile phone/tablet wireless mirroring.

JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector Home Theater


In this section we have Wifi aC and Bluetooth 4.0. And if we talk about the interfaces, there is a USB 2.0 port and another USB 3.0, network connector, 10/100, HDMI port, AV connector and an audio jack port that is also digital audio output.

JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector Home Theater

The operating system is JmGo OS (JMUI 3.0) based on Android 4.4.3 that allows the reproduction of files with 3D movies, among other basic things.


  1. Retro and beautiful design.
  2. Compatible with Wifi AC and Bluetooth 4.0.
  3. Projection of between 30 and 300 inches.


  1. Almost everything have manual adjustment.
  2. It is big and heavy.
  3. Price above $1000.

Our Verdict

Leaving aside that it is bigger and heavier than other devices on the market, the projector is beautiful and comes to break the barriers of the modern style going back to the past. In terms of functionality, it has nothing to envy other projectors of the market. So if you are looking for an excellent piece of decoration with latest generation functions, then the JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector Home Theater is fully recommended.

JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector Home Theater

Price & Availability

This is the best part of all. The JMGO 1895S LED Retro Projector Home Theater is economical for the quality it has, and for a limited time the online store Gearbest is offering an incredible discount on it (14% off), so you can buy it for only $1199.99.


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