[+Coupon] Ninebot Segway ES2 Folding Electric Scooter Under $340

On this occasion, the Ninebot Segway ES2 Folding Electric Scooter is available on Gearbest for less than $350. It is a scooter with a beautiful and minimalist design that has been manufactured by the prestigious Asian brand Ninebot, which is associated with Xiaomi Mijia.

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Ninebot Segway ES2 Folding Electric Scooter

Ninebot Segway ES2 Folding Electric Scooter from Xiaomi Mijia

The Ninebot Segway ES2 is made for you if you are looking for a smart and efficient way to travel. It has a 300W engine and 3 modes of driving speed (3 different speeds): 10, 15 and 25 km/h, so you can go without effort at the speed you want or use the cruise control function. The cushioning of the front and rear wheels provides maximum comfort to the driver and the mechanical and electrical anti-lock brakes guarantee a safe braking distance. Its dimensions are 55 cm high, 27 cm wide and 41 cm long.

Ninebot Segway ES2 Folding Electric Scooter

Front and rear LED light to be seen and kept safe in low light conditions. You can also combine the colorful colorful environmental lights of the electric scooter with your personal style and stand out on the road. Thanks to the easy folding system, you can carry with you at all times; It also helps that his weight is only 12.5Kg. The wheels are solid and quite wide. Its size is 8-inches, which will make it much easier for the driver to drive on more irregular surfaces.

During the trip, the eco-friendly system assures you that you will not lose energy, being respectful with the environment. While the Smart Battery Management System monitors the performance of the battery. This one is a 187 wh lithium battery and offers an approximate range of about 25 km. But, a second optional battery will extend the maximum range to 45 km.

Ninebot Segway ES2 Folding Electric Scooter

With the touch control application, you can lock your vehicle with the anti-theft function, control the lighting settings, speed limit, and cruise control, get diagnosed on the condition of your scooter, learn to drive it and find other nearby scooters.

Selling Points

  • 3 modes of speed up to 25km/h
  • 300W engine
  • Anti-Theft
  • Cruise Control
  • Hazards Light + Front Light
  • Cushioning for comfortable experience

Ninebot Segway ES2

Deal on Gearbest

The Ninebot Segway ES2 Folding Electric Scooter is currently in stock at the Gearbest store for only $339.98 thanks to a coupon discount. Do not miss this opportunity! We leave you the link and the coupon code below.