Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 835 – The Best of 2017 vs 2019!

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Welcome to another war between SoCs and this time we have 2019’s Snapdragon 765G taking on the 3 years old Snapdragon 835. Snapdragon 765G is quite popular since its release in the new Redmi K30. Meanwhile, Snapdragon 835 was considered the most powerful Android SoC in 2017 and was quite a hit when it was introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S8 series and the Note 8 series. So, let’s see how the newly released upper mid-end SoC (SD 765G) will perform against the best of 2017 (SD 835) in this Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 835 SoCs comparison:

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Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 835 – Release Date Comparison

Starting the comparison with when these SoCs were released. The release date allows us to judge the technology used to create the SoC that year and what was trending at that time.

It is obvious that Snapdragon 765G has a great advantage. The SDN 765G on December 7, 2019 (yeah we can also count it as 2020’s SoC). The Redmi K30 first featured this SoC. The 2019 and 2020 is the year of gaming phones and AI, so that is why we see incredible gaming optimization and AI upgrading in SD 765G. Moreover, we also have support for 5G networking. This is what the Snapdragon 835 is missing.

Snapdragon 835 release date was November 17, 2016 (though the mass production started early in Jan 2017 and in April we had the first phone). Two years back, the 10nm process performance defined the new era of SoCs and SD 835 was the first Qualcomm SoC which was based on it. This is when we witnessed a 2x performance increase from the previous generation (SD 820 and 821) because of the octa-core configuration and better multi-core score. The dual camera started to become hit back then. AI and dedicated gaming phones were absent back then.

Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 835 – Specs Sheet Comparison

Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 835 – Process Comparison

The difference in release dates becomes more noticeable when we compare the lithographs used in both SoCs. The Snapdragon 765G takes the lead with a 7nm LPP EUV process technology, while the Snapdragon 835 has just 10nm FinFET. The smaller size in the nanometers makes it possible to build smaller chips but with greater power, and the new EUV technology helps it manage energy consumption much better.

Two years ago, the 10nm process was considered the best in the market, which meant that smartphones that used that processor were at the forefront of technology. Although both processes are from Samsung, there is currently no fair comparison between a 7nm and a 10nm SoC, at least in terms of size and efficiency. So, the winner is Snapdragon 765G.

Winner: Snapdragon 765G


  • SD 765G 7nm LPP EUV is way better than SD 835’s 10nm FinFET.
  • Both process technologies are manufactured by Samsung

Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 835 – CPU Comparison

Snapdragon 765G uses a Kyro 475 CPU based on a seemingly odd tri-cluster design (1+1+6) which is new in this 7 series. It hasn’t moved to Cortex-A77 but consists of the one high-performance processor which is the new Kryo Prime CortexA76 running @2.4GHz, another Cortex-A76 but based on Kryo Gold running @2.2GHz and six energy-efficient CortexA55 cores running @1.8GHz. In comparison to SD 765, the G version has a slightly higher upper core.

Meanwhile, Snapdragon 765G featured a Kryo 280 octa-core custom CPU with a dual-cluster design (4+4). It consists of 4 high-performance cores at 2.45 GHz (Cortex A75) and 4 power-efficient cores (Cortex A55) at 1.9 GHz. The upgrading from quad-core design (SD 820 and 821) to octa-core brought one of the best performance increase from the previous generation we saw in Qualcomm history.

Now in terms of raw performance, Snapdragon 765G is a slight improvement over Snapdragon 730 since it has a prime core while the rest cores remain the same. Combined with the 7nm EUV process let us say that it’s a 10% improvement in the CPU performance.

Qualcomm Planned To Make SD 765G The Most Power-Efficient SoC

Comparing the two CPUs, a higher frequency of SD 835 (0.05 GHz of upper cores and 0.1 GHz of lower cores) doesn’t mean higher performance here because the two cores (upper and middle) Snapdragon 765G uses the Cortex-A76 which is the next generation of the Snapdragon 835’s Cortex-A75. The Cortex A76 has 40% better power efficiency and a 35% increase in performance when compared to A75. Moreover, the process plays the most important role in determining the efficiency of CPU and we have already seen that 7nm EUV is far more superior than 10nm FinFET.

The number of cores does play a role. The SD 835 have more numbers of performance cores than SD 765G (only one). However:

More Higher Cores and Frequency Does Provide Incredible Performance But At The Expense of More Power Consumption and Heat Generation

Even if the SD 835 starts at a higher speed than SD 765G, over time it will slow drastically because of the heat generation, meanwhile, SD 765G will remain stable.  The difference could have been enormous if Qualcomm decided to use the same dual-cluster design as of SD 845 or increase the numbers and frequency of high-performance cores in SD 765G. However, making 7-series the powerhouse is not what the company planned but rather making the SoC the most energy-efficient SoC is what we witness. So, here the winner again is Snapdragon 765G. The benchmarks will also prove this point.

Winner: Snapdragon 765G


  • SD 765G is octa-core with tri-cluster (1+1+6) design, SD 835 is octa-core with dual-cluster design (4+4)
  • SD 835 have more performance cores (4) and SD 765G (1)
  • SD 835 have more frequency than SD 765 (0.05GHz and 0.1 GHz difference)
  • However, SD 765G has the next generation (Cortex A76) of SD 835’s Cortex A75
  • SD 835 might beat SD 765G in the start but will suffer heat spikes over time
  • SD 765G is highly power-efficient and will have better performance than SD 835 overtime

Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 835 – GPU Comparison

Moving to the GPU part of this Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 835 comparison, SD 765G has upgraded its GPU from Adreno 618 to 620 which is also overclocked. The 765G’s overclocked Adreno 620 GPU has 35% better performance than the Adreno 618 in the 730. This is much better than the CPU improvement we just talked about in the above section.

Sd 765 gaming

The Snapdragon 835 combines the power of the Kryo 280 CPU and the Adreno 540 GPU (737/686 GFLOPS) compatible with DX12. This offers better features compared to the Adreno 530 GPU of the Snapdragon 821. By having a more powerful GPU, the 835 chipset offers graphics representation up to 25% faster and a screen color 60 times larger compared to the Snapdragon 821. Both GPUs support the Vulkan API.

Honestly, Adreno 620’s graphical performance is way ahead of Adreno 540. It’s almost 10,000 points ahead because of the generation gap. However, if it would have been Adreno 640 (SD 845), then Adreno 620 would have been beaten easily by 40,000 points. However, that’s not the case. For long gameplays, SD 765G is recommended over SD 835.

Winner: Snapdragon 765G


  • Adreno 620 is a generation ahead of Adreno 540
  • Adreno 540 will suffer heat generation over time while Adreno 620 will not

AnTuTu Benchmark Comparison


With the release of Redmi K30 with SD 765G, we have its AnTuTu  V8 Benchmark with us. As you can see Redmi K30 scores around 302,847 points.

OnePlus 5 AnTuTu Benchmark Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 835

For Snapdragon 835 we have the OnePlus 5 AnTuTu benchmark with us on the previous version of AnTuTu. The SD 835 scored 185686 points. On AnTuTu v8, Snapdragon 835 is expected to score around 250,000 to 280,000 points, given the fact that SD 845 scores around 340,000+ points on the v8 version.

Winner: Snapdragon 756G


  • SD 835 has 185686 points and SD 765G has 302,847 points on AnTuTu
  • SD 765G beats SD 835 in every section including UX, CPU, GPU, and memory

Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 835 – AI Comparison

Snapdragon 765G incorporates the latest Hexagon 696 Processor for AI tasks and operations. Snapdragon 835 had the 3 generations’ previous version which was Hexagon 682. In terms of AI performance, SD 765G is better than Snapdragon 835 with a TOPs score of 5.3 and 2.5 respectively.

Moreover, 3 years back proper AI wasn’t introduced that is why we don’t see any AI features in SD 835 such as AI power management, AI game boost, AI camera and so on.

Winner: Snapdragon 765G

Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 835 – Connectivity Comparison

Snapdragon 765G supports 5G networking and is the first upper-mid SoC to provide this networking.  Snapdragon 765G integrating the X52 modem (internal) gives 5G download up to 3.7 Gbit/s and upload up to 1.6 Gbit/s. Moreover, it also supports Global 5G networking consisting of sub-6 GHz in Europe and Asia and mmWave 5G in the US. For 4G LTE, the download uses Cat 24 with a speed up to 1200 Mbit/s and for upload Cat 22 with a speed up to 210 Mbit/s.

SD 765

Along with Exynos 990, Snapdragon 765G provides global 5G Networking support. But Exynos has external modem and SD 765 has Integrated modem

The Snapdragon 835 offers advanced specifications with the X16 LTE modem. For download uses LTE Cat. 16 that offers speeds of up to 1.0 Gbps and for load makes use of LTE Cat. 13 with speeds of 150 Mbps. However, it doesn’t offer 5G networking which was in developing 2 years back.

Winner: Snapdragon 765G


  • SD 765G has integrated 5G networking
  • SD 835 doesn’t support 5G networking
  • SD 765G have the highest downloading and uploading speed on 4G LTE

Other Specs Comparison

SD 765 has Spectra 355 with 2x ISP and SD 855 has Spectra 280. SD 765 supports max single camera support up to 192MP, while for SD 835 it’s the only 32MP. However, Spectra 355 can record 4K HDR video capture with portrait mode as well as HDR mode which is missing in Spectra 280.

Winner: Snapdragon 765G

Price Comparison

Snapdragon 835 is not in production now so you will be getting a used one or rarely a new piece. If you are able to find a box packed SD 835 phone, it won’t cost higher than $120 to $250 depending on which phone it is Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or OnePlus 5.

Whereas, Snapdragon 765G which is the first upper-mid end 5G and 7nm EUV SoC might benefit the manufacturer and provide a reason for the price increase. Considering, those flagships such as Redmi K30 5G, the price range of a Snapdragon 765G phone is around $380 to $500, given that 5G networking is supported and it’s a gaming phone as well. Redmi K30 5G has a price of starting price of 2,999 yuan ($425). However, it’s the best price-to-performance phone right now as the prices of the smartphones increase this 2020.

Winner: Snapdragon 835

Our Verdict

In this Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 835, our pick is Snapdragon 765G. Why? Because it’s so much better than Snapdragon 835 in almost everything, whether it be gaming, AI, camera, CPU or networking. SD 845 would have provided a bit of competition. The performance is almost 2x than that of Snapdragon 835.

Snapdragon 765G (7 points) | Snapdragon 835 (1 point)

Overall Winner: Snapdragon 765G

We hoped that you loved our Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 835 comparison. It’s amazing to witness tremendous improvement in technology from 2016 to 2019.

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Snapdragon 765G vs Snapdragon 835 – The Best of 2017 vs 2019!
Snapdragon 765G is way better than Snapdragon 835 in every aspect whether it is CPU, GPU, AI, Connectivity, and Camera.
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SD 765G Over SD 835
Better Power Efficiency
Cortex A76
7nm EUV process
Better GPU
Better AI
Almost 2x AnTuTu score
5G supported, better 4G connectivity
Better camera support
SD 835 over SD 765G
Better Price
Total Rating
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