Vivo TWS Earphone

Vivo TWS Earphone Released: The World’s First Dual Core Qualcomm QCC5126 Chip

The report gathered during a press statement has it that Vivo on September 16 announced the official launching of Vivo TWS Earphone wireless Bluetooth headset. According to the brand, the quality smart headset, TWS Earphone has been under professional development for two years with remarkably advanced technology initiated as well.

The Blue version Vivo TWS Earphone with the aid of layer-process comes with a unique feature of light refraction. How this works is that the light is refracted between different thickness materials, bringing a variety of light and shadow effects like crafts.

Vivo TWS Earphone

Moreover, Several users before its official release had tested the TWS earphone and all necessary adjustments were made with regards to their comments to make for a perfect design and friendly user experience. Most interestingly, what makes the Vivo TWS Earphone awesome in its own way is the fact that it’s non-inductive and comes in a stunning design as well.

The 4.4g earphone has a 14.2mm large sound unit that’s in-built with a high-definition audio decoding technology, with Vivo senior acoustic team training, which brings outstanding music adaptability and appeal.

Vivo TWS Earphone

However, it’s worthy of note that the TWS Earphone headset is also the world’s first flagship wireless chip Qualcomm QCC5126, dual-core CPU architecture, performance increased by 100%, memory performance increased by 300%. The TWS earphone is compatible with the new wireless innovation. Speaking of wireless innovation, by achieving a minimum of 180ms delay, lower than the normal transmission technology by up to 44% delay and 30% power consumption, the earphone has solved two outstanding issues of Caton and disconnection.

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The control feature is also impressive as the TWS Earphone headset comes with a dual-capacitance in-ear sensing technology which very much powerful and effective. Also, it has adjustable buttons and controls for volumes and other touch operations. The Vivo TWS Earphone has a battery life of 4 hours max and is equipped with a battery pack for up to 24 hours of battery life support.

Vivo TWS Earphone is priced at 999 yuan (141.14 USD) and will be officially released for sale at 10 am on September 28.