Grab Xiaomi Mi Band 4 For The Best Price of $21.84 + Free Shipping

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 was released this year and soon became much popular in comparison to Mi Band 3 thanks to the new updated color AMOLED display, 6 axis gyro sensor, 5ATM waterproof, and swimming mode added. In China, it is priced at $25 (179 yuan). However, the question is that can you get it for a much better price, globally. Yes, absolutely. You can get it for around $21.84 (Rs.1566 INR), which is the best price of Mi Band 4 and a perfect opportunity for those who are waiting for the smart band to release in their country.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review Design

A day back, I was searching for the best price of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 because I wanted to move from the third generation to the fourth generation of Mi band series. I checked most of the stores including Banggood, Gearbest, and Geekbuying. However, the price there was around $28 to $35, even on the flash sale. Then I searched for the health band on Aliexpress. Luckily, the ‘Brands sale‘ has just started and one of the popular sellers on Aliexpress was selling ‘the Chinese Version’ of Mi Band 4 for a price of US $24.84. Wait, I said $21.84 before that. Well, yes. $24.84 is still a good price, however, why not get the Mi Band 4 for the lowest price? So, here’s how you can get it for the price of only $21.84 (mentioned by the seller himself).

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How to Grab Mi Band 4 For the Lowest Price / Best Price of $21.84?

Step 1: Sign in / Sign up on Aliexpress. (There’s also $3 coupon (over order amount of $4.01) for the new users).

Step 2: Go to the ‘Brands Sale‘ page and get the $2 off Aliexpress coupon. If you are an old Aliexpress buyer, you can get a $2 coupon (over order amount 10) at the coupon exchange area.

coupon brands sale aliexpress

Step 3: Go to the seller’s store and under the price section, select the seller’s $1 coupon. Remember on Aliexpress you can apply both ‘seller’s coupon’ and ‘Aliexpress coupon’ together.

coupon brands sale aliexpress Mi Band 4

Step 4: Please select the CN version (in the last) in the color section.

coupon brands sale aliexpress Mi Band 4 1

Step 5: Add the product to the cart. Select both coupons at checkout. So, at checkout, your price would be $24.84 -$2 Aliexpress coupon – $1 seller’s coupon = $21.84 (excluding shipping cost)

About the shipping cost!

Mostly the shipping is free. But for some countries, there’s a small shipping fee. For me, it was $2 via Aliexpress standard shipping, in Pakistan. Still not bad as the total price was $23.84. Though it do takes 21 to 30 days to ship the product via Aliexpress, depending on your country and there’s the full refund backup as well.

Stores with Free Shipping!

Store 1:

If you want a Mi Band 4 with free shipping I suggest you take a look at this store which is selling Mi Band 4 for $23.80, after applying Alicoupon with free shipping. It also had the $21.80 price tag when one applied $2 seller coupon and $2 alicoupon. However, the seller coupon has been ended (you can try searching for it under the price section).

Store 2:

There’s the third store as well, which is selling it for $23.90 + free shipping.

coupon brands sale aliexpress Mi Band 4 2

So, even if the first deal has ended, you can still get the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 for the best price / lowest price of only $23.80 and $23.90.

The Chinese Vs The Global Version – What’s the Difference?

Let be honest here. For those of you who think that the Chinese version of Mi Band 4 will only have one supported language which is Chinese, then you are wrong. The Chinese version only has a box and user manual labeling in Chinese. The App and bracelet’s user interface can still be changed to multiple languages including English, Russian and more, In fact, this is a marketing trick from the Chinese sellers. That’s why I suggest you buying the CN version instead of the Global version which is above $30.


Note: The CN version in the featured store can only be shipped through China.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 – The Highlights

In case you are unaware of the features of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, here are the main highlights:

  • Increased screen size
  • Colored AMOLED screen
  • Improved wristband lock & main chassis
  • 77 clock faces added
  • Voice assistant added (NFC version only)
  • NFC version can control Xiaomi smart appliances
  • Upgraded to 6-axis motion sensor
  • 5 ATM waterproof
  • Swimming mode added Total 6 sports mode
  • Same old price as Mi Band 3 ((169 yuan/$25)

I would like to finish this amazing deal by giving you the link to the store in the button below:



If you face any problem, let me know, I’ll be happy to help you in getting the Mi Band 4 for the best price.