About Us

The Phone Talks is a tech blog focusing on phones, gadgets, and consumer electronics. Created back in 2017, our aim is to provide global exposure to deserving products. So far we have successfully promoted some unpopular Chinese and other brands including (FIIL, Blackview, DOOGEE, Alfawise, Ticwris, and 100+). Our aim still remains the same to this day.

Moreover, we have created this blog to provide the most detail about a product along with its authentic vendors offering that product around the globe. As for the reviews and comparisons, we provide totally unbiased view of the products. In the review section, we have also allowed the product users to submit a review in the comments section as well which is visible to the global audience.

Our Location: Pakistan

Meet The Team

Roman – Geek For Life (Founder, Admin)

Roman is the first guy you should hit when looking for any phone, gadget, or electronics. He has been reviewing products for the last six years. While he is away from his geek life, this Pakistani boy is also a Registered Dietitian, a fitness expert, and an anime lover.

Mayank – The Explorer (Social Media Admin)

From childhood, Mayank was always fascinated by phones and gadgets. This craze allowed the Indian boy to visit different press releases, conferences, test countless products, and share all this on our social media platforms. The exclusive news and press releases you see here are all possible thanks to Mayank.

Gines – The Deep Thinker (Senior Writer)

This Venezuelan girl is providing you interesting information about phones and gadgets for the last two years 24/7. Gines loves to explore new products and write about them with the most details possible.

For our readers

  • Exposure to the best brands and products (irrespective of their popularity and manufacturing country)
  • List of authentic sellers selling the products to a specific region or globally (e.g Amazon, Aliexpress, Banggood and 20+ stores)
  • Freedom to submit their review and ratings on our already written product review
  • Ask anything about the product from us
  • We can help you finding the best price for your region regarding a product

For brands and vendors

  • Exposure of the product to 90,000+ global audience
  • Ad space available
  • Sharing of product on our social media platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter) and subscribers.
  • Request to add them in our list of vendors (only if they are authentic, good rating, and provide the best price for our readers)

How we cover our expenses?

  • Selling ad space
  • Affiliate earning (we don’t force our reader to buy a product. If a product is bad it’s bad and not worthy of spending even a penny)
  • Sponsored content (marked as sponsored)

We would appreciate if help us make this blog better by sending our thoughts about the blog on our email [thephonetalks(at)gmail(dot)com]