Guest Posting welcomes guest posts that provide valuable insight into technology and gadgets. Everything shared on this site was designed to provide maximum value and information to the visitor and is unique in some way or another.

We have set some standards for the submission of guest posts because of the increased number of posts we have been receiving lately. The standards are intentionally high (mentioned below).

Quality and the presentation of the topic is the No.1 determining factor for all posts published here.

This tech blog gets around 40,000 to 80,000 pageviews monthly. The content is shared on social media with over 80,000 followers.

Guest Post Topics To Write On

The guest post should be 100% relevant to this blog and the reader base. Famous topics are:

  • Smartphone (Press Release, Comparison, Reviews)
  • Wearables
  • Audiophiles
  • Consumer Electronics (Smart home appliances, projectors, and other gadgets)
  • Software & Applications (which actually help people)

We also love to hear your personal experience regarding any product. If you have something unique and exciting do let us know.

Uniqueness is the top priority for selecting a topic. If we found out that the same topic exists on any other tech blog, your post probably doesn’t belong here. Your topic must be clear and specific, unique and interesting.

Note: The content must not be related to anything outside the given topic. Adult or gambling/casino content is strictly prohibited.

Some Information about Guest Posts

All the guest authors need to come prepared with at least a few topics in mind. The guest post requests which do not include a specific topic and is not clear shall not be considered. And because of the large number of guest posts we receive, we might not be able to respond to these submissions.

Most importantly, we are looking for posts that are more than 1,500 words. A longer piece of articles is also acceptable as long as the content remains helpful, clear, and valuable. It shouldn’t get out of the topic.

What about the Links?

The very first link you add must link internally to another post on this blog. You are permitted to add a couple of links (1-3) linking to your site. These links should be added naturally in the article and must not sound that you are selling something.

We reserve the right to include rel=”nofollow” in any links included within the guest post. “No follow” links discourage search engines from “following” and counting the backlink.

Source all statistics to credible outlets and always include citations for images that are not CC0 or in the public domain (you must also have legal permission to use all images in your post). and are two popular websites that offer CC0 images that can be used for any purpose.

Use proper headings (e.g h2, h3) within the content. A guest post without headings will not be considered.  Moreover, write in small paragraphs whenever possible.

Last but not least, though we are editors and edit the guest posts to be suitable for this blog, however, we are not your primary editors. Guest posts should be edited for spelling and grammar before they are submitted. Posts that contain numerous errors will be disregarded.

We hold the right to modify or delete any guest post and its internal linking.

Where to Submit Your Guest Post Idea or Guest Post?

You can mail your guest post on our email “thephonetalks(at)Gmail(dot)com” or you can submit the topic by filling in the form given in this link.

After Your Post Is Published

Once your post is accepted and publish, we recommend it to share on your social platform as well. There are no minimum numbers of shares, however, if the post gets popular, it will drive more referral visitors to your website.

You are more than welcome (and encouraged) to respond to any comments that the guest post receives.

You may NOT republish the guest post on any other site, including your own website. If we find that it has been republished somewhere else, the post will be deleted and your chances of publishing another guest post in the future will also be removed. Guest posts should ONLY and ONLY be written for this post.

  • For General Questions and request, please see our contact page
  • If you are interested in writing a sponsored post, please see this page.