Comment Policy (Community Guideline)

The Phone Talks is solely dedicated to the trending phones and tech stories. It’s the best place for all the techies out there to gossip and know more about phones, tech, and gadgets. We welcome our readers as a part of the family. This is the home for the techies, and that’s why we want everyone to witness a home-like environment. We have never visited your home, so we don’t know what your home is like, but we do know that how things can get ugly. That’s why we want people to behave like the way we want to. Summing up, we have the right to delete any comment and ban any user to keep the comment threads a clean and orderly place.

Comment Policy (Community Guideline)

Comment Policy (Community Guideline) – The Rules & Regulation

The First Rule of Our House is: Keep it civil aka Don’t be a jerk!

Wanna hear what type of users we credit and want to share the tech stuff with? Here’s what we expect the comments to be like:

  • Add in some extra whether it be a creative idea, helpful information which can contribute to the post
  • There’s no shame in criticism as long as it’s useful and constructive. Did you spot a typo or an error? Maybe incorrect information? Let us know! There’s no such thing as perfect! We will gladly appreciate it and fix that as soon as possible.
  • Consider everyone equal and respect their ideas: We are a family. In a family, we consider everyone equal and value their ideas. Disrespecting a family member is like disrespecting the whole family. Don’t devalue someone otherwise; the whole family will kick you out.
  • Be THAT Guy by sharing your precious intelligence, wisdom, and humor we know you possess.
  • Never feed a troll: We don’t like to involve in a hot talk which brings no valuable outcome. Some people would start an off-topic talk and provoke the users. Instead of following them, downvote and flag such comments.

However, we can’t be everywhere at once so here are some comment types which will be marked as spam and directly be removed even before it passes someone’s eye:

  • No Self Promotion of Brand, Blog, or Product: Have you made a phone which runs for a year? Or maybe a flying car with no fuel consumption? Let us know in the contact form and let the whole world know it instead of shouting and wasting time in the comment box like a mad cow.
  • No Abusive Language: You think you look more manly by speaking some shitty words, well then to prove your manliness get in the UFC ring or defeat a tiger while being trapped inside a cage.
  • Comments that are completely out of the topic: Trust us we don’t want to know what you are doing, how a gorilla got into your house or some garbage like that. Slightly straying from the topic is another thing but getting completely off the board is pure bullshit.
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia: Consider as internet police, internet law. Comment such things and you shall taste it. And by taste, we mean deleting the post and banning the user.
  • Again no trolls, please.

The Comment Policy (Community Guideline) is strict but it’s for the best of the users. We hope you will have a great time with us.