10 Best Up-to-date Transcription Services

10 Best Up-to-date Transcription Services

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When you are trying to reach a certain goal, you should do it properly. It is the only rule you need to memorize. No matter your occupation, you have to perform the best work to succeed. It is true about using the best transcription services as well. It is not important why you need transcription services in the first place. If you need to transcribe video or audio files, you need to find the best service available.


When deciding on the best assistance of text transcriptions, pay attention to every detail. Thus, you need to have detailed information on the chosen service from the start. Avoid making rash decisions. If you want to have everything under control, make sure to check the following list of top modern transcription services. Check the features they offer, pricing policy, customer support, etc. Everything is important to make the right final choice.

ServiceTranscription TypePrice
TranscriberryAutomated + AssistanceAutomated: $0.25 per minute
Assistance: $1.25 per minute
RevAssistance$1.25 price per minute
TranscribeAutomated$20 annually
TrintAutomatedStarter plan: $48 per month
Pro plan: $68 per month
DescriptAutomatedFree version available
Creator: $12 per month
Pro: $24 per month
Express ScribeAutomatedFree version available
Basic: $39.95
Pro: $49.99
OtterAutomatedFree version available
Business plan: $20 per month
SonixAutomatedStandard: $10 per hour
Premium: $5 per hour + $22 per user (monthly)
DragonAutomatedMobile app: $15 monthly or $150 annually (1-week free trial)
PC software: $500 (one time)

1) Transcriberry

Transriberry is the up-to-date transcription service that gathers the biggest attention of modern users. It offers the professional assistance of expert transcribers. The platform brings highly accurate and fast transcription services. You can order both professional assistance of expert-transcribers or use the automated transcription option. The company also offers assistance with subtitles. It supports various languages and allows downloading transcripts in different formats. Expert transcriptionists can deal with various accents and with recordings with background noises. The rational pricing policy brings even more attention to the service. The automated software option costs $0.25 per minute. The professional assistance of expert-transcribers costs $1.25 per minute.

  • The best option if you want the most accurate and cheapest transcription via a professional human assistance

2) Rev

This is an up-to-date transcription company that offers the qualified assistance of skilled transcriptionists and translators. The company can turn any recording into a well-written and formatted text. Once getting a prepared text, you can download it in any format you need. The system offered by the website is quite convenient. You can easily upload your video or audio file. The professionals will transcribe the uploaded file. The website also offers efficient built-in editing tools. In general, it takes about 12 hours for transcriptionists to provide a final paper. The price per minute is $1.25. Rev can deal with recordings with background noise or different accents. The service also offers the assistance of professional subtitlers.

  • One of the best options for faster delivery

3) Transcribe

This is one of the modern transcriber tools that pay huge attention to users’ privacy. It offers advanced automated services. Thus, you can upload your recording and get it transcribed automatically. You can upload and transcribe any files. It includes music, podcasts, meeting recordings, etc. Transcribe brings a unique audio player that allows decoding audio files effortlessly. You can also use the tool to get decent subtitles. The service is famous for its ease and convenience in use. It is really easy to get your transcription at this secure transcription website. You do not need to pay for transcription per minute. You can subscribe to the service for a year. The annual subscription costs $20.

  • The cheapest option if you have lots of audio/video files to transcribe.

4) Trint

Trint is the choice of Mac users mostly. Still, Windows users can also use the service since it does not require any installation. This is a well-organized transcription and editing platform. It offers a fast turnaround time. It supports a wide variety of languages. What is more, it can be effectively used to edit texts. The service is popular among users due to quick automated transcriptions. The AI-based transcription is the core of the service’s work. To get the ordered transcription services paid, a user needs to select a payment plan. You can use monthly or annual subscription plans. The starter plan costs $48 per month, the Pro plan is $68 per month.

  • AI based, Mac users top choice for fastest transcription

5) Descript

This AI-powered service offers a simple and convenient instrument to edit and transcribe various files. The tool brings an advanced transcriber to deal with your recordings. Besides, it is automated transcription software that allows dropping your files into the editor. Next, after your recordings are transcribed, you can edit the final text. Descript is one of the modern tools that are good to use in collaboration. It offers all the implements needed for a team that works on a single project. You can use a free plan with limited features if you do not want to pay for services. If you need more options available, you are free to choose among two paid plans for $12 and $24 respectively.

  • The only subscription service with the ability to add teams for a transcription

6) Express Scribe

Express Scribe is a modern transcription service with free options for users. It is a free player that can be used on any phone or private computer. It is also a great tool if you need to edit your files. The transcription tool works efficiently both on Windows and Mac devices. It offers a multichannel control and automated file management option. It deals easily with both digital and analog recorders. You can use the service for free. Still, you will have access only to limited features. If you need more options available, you can subscribe for Basic or Professional plans. They cost $39.95 and $49.99 respectively.

  • One of the free transcription services, good for the beginners to test how it works

7) Inqscribe

This transcription tool is one of the newest on the current market. It has appeared in the transcription market only recently. This is advanced software that ensures a convenient interface. Even new users can learn how to use it in minutes. Besides, users always get a detailed guide on how to use the tool from the very start. This is a modern cross-platform instrument that works with any video and audio file. You can also use it to play audio or video recordings. It allows fast and easy transcript sharing. Inqscribe supports various languages and export formats. You need to pay for an individual license $99 to use the tool effectively.

  • The transcription service with the best user guide/wizard

8) Otter

Otter is an up-to-date transcription tool that allows both recording audio or video and transcribing it. It works on iOS and Android-operated devices. The speech recognition software it offers can be used on mobile phones. The tool brings numerous options for users. It includes transcriptions of files, editing of transcripts, and even a speaker identification feature. Many businesses use the tool efficiently. Otter offers three payment plans with the specified list of available features. It also offers a free plan with limited options. The Business plan costs $20 per month per user.

  • One of the free transcription services with speech to text option as well as speaker identification feature.

9) Sonix

Sonix is an advanced and very accurate automatic software service. It can help you with the transcription of various files, including podcasts. This is one of the most used services these days. It has over a million users worldwide currently. The tool brings accurate transcripts for users. The background noises and various accents are not a problem with this tool. Also, it supports multiple languages and plenty of text formats. It brings custom dictionaries and word-wise timestamps. Users can choose among three main payment plans. The standard plan costs $10 per hour. Premium plan costs $5 per hour with an additional $22 per user monthly.

  • Bring your audio files with lot of background noise, the transcription will be super accurate

10) Dragon

Dragon is a relatively old transcription service if you compare it with the up-to-date transcription tools. Still, it remains popular even these days with flexible options for clients and accurate audio-to-text technology. Dragon is not that popular these days since it is mostly used on PC. Still, users can also download the mobile version of the Dragon app which is offered with an additional monthly fee. The accuracy of transcripts offered by Dragon is about 99%. The service is offered for $200 for its Dragon Home version. Dragon Anywhere app costs $15 monthly. The application also has a free one-week trial period.

  • The most accurate transcription service with an overwhelming accuracy of 99%.

BONUS – YouTube Studio With Subtitles Turned On

If you need a FREE transcribing service, you might want to take a lot at YouTube. The platform allows you to upload any video for free and also has a unique AI algorithm that provides a translation or subtitles under the video. You can later download that .srt or two other file formats and put it in MS Word or Google Docs. One might need to do some edits to the original file since YouTube subtitle generation isn’t as accurate as of the above-mentioned services.


When you need to transcribe any of your recordings, you can always choose the best service online to assist you. You need a few hours of your time to find the best available service. With our assistance, you can do it even faster. Our experts have already prepared the list of the best up-to-date transcription services on the market. You can check information about every service analyzed in this article. It includes the details about pricing policy, offered features, free and paid options, etc. You need to pay attention to the tool or service you chose. It depends on the service you have chosen how good your transcript would be.

Many transcription platforms offer both transcription and editing services. Moreover, the familiar services also provide subtitles if needed. It includes a foreign subtitles option as well. The most advanced transcription services work with different languages and offer various formats of transcripts. You can use the automated transcripts option or order the assistance of professional transcriptionists. Surely, the companies that offer manual transcripts bring more accurate transcripts. Check the detailed information on every presented transcription service and choose the one that fits your goals the most.


Which transcription service offers a free trial?

Dragon transcription service offers a 1-week free trial after which it charges $15 per month for the mobile app.

How do transcription services work?

They have unique AI algorithms similar to Google voice assistant, Siri, and Alexa which hear your voice and convert it into words.

How much is transcription service?

Each transcription service charges with different methods including monthly or annual fee (starting from $20), one-time fee (starting from $500), per minute/hour fee (starting from $0.25 per minute).

What is the best free transcription service?

YouTube studio without a doubt is the best free transcription service which doesn’t limit any features.