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10 Best VPN Apps Available on iPhone | 2023 Edition

Apple is known to be the most secure mobile phone out there. It has some of the best security features to prevent unethical people from getting into your phone and stealing your data. However, this base level of protection might not always save you. There are still some chances of getting your data leaked and your activities tracked. 

To make things even more secure, one can take benefit of a VPN. But in the sea of VPNs and ultimate choices that we have. Choosing the best VPN might be tough, but don’t worry; we have covered you with the 10 Best VPN Apps Available on iPhone. 

What is a VPN?

VPN iphone apps - what is vpn

Starting this list with what does VPN mean? The word VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and provides a secure network connection whenever you connect to the internet. It helps you encrypt your internet traffic and disguise your identity as someone else. It makes it difficult for third parties to steal your personal and private data. 

Basically, a VPN works by hiding your real IP address and letting it redirect through a configured remote server run by a VPN host. When you use a VPN server, it becomes your source of data. It restricts even your service provider from looking into what websites you are opening and what you are doing. The VPN turns or encrypts your data, making it useless for anyone else.

Why do we need VPNs? 

As discussed, a VPN connection helps you disguise your online identity and saves your data. Not only it helps you be safe from any unethical hackers. It also has some other benefits to it.

Services and websites often make only viewable content from some parts of the world. Regional content is not accessible if you log in through your simple connection. Therefore, one needs VPN to alter their country and easily view all the regionally restricted content. There are chances you need to access some important files through the internet. And it can only be done through a VPN, as it is way more secure than your local service provider. Even so, some pieces of information and data often need a VPN connection for access.

How We Ranked This List?

1. Ease of Use

The easier something is to use; the more users will be comfortable using it whenever they need to download a VPN. The first thing one should look at is the UI/UX. If the interface is easy to use, self-explanatory, and gets the stuff done quickly. Then the VPN is considered a safe option.

2. Performance/Speed

When it comes to VPN, everyone wants fast results in less time. The VPN should work as soon as users click the button. Moreover, if the connection weakens, the VPN should be able to change countries in the background for an optimal user experience. Wireguard Protocol is the latest advancement in VPN and has proved to be a ground-breaking technology for optimal user experience. Any VPN you choose must have the latest and greatest protocol support.

3. Privacy

The core reason for choosing any VPN is to secure your data and surfing. One should always look into how secure the VPN is. It should take care of your privacy to the full limits. One way to know about it is by looking at the past performance of the VPN. If there were any security breaches in the past, and how serious were they?

4. Connectivity

VPNs should work seamlessly in the background so users don’t have to worry about connectivity after a while. One way to do so is by supporting port forwarding. It is a way of redirection of connection using a router. The router allows specific ports for your connected device and forwards data most efficiently. 

5. Payment options

Whenever you are looking for a VPN, ensure it has the most secure and efficient payment options. Make sure that the VPN of your choice allows your payment mode so you can enjoy the services without any hassle. 

10 Best VPN Apps For iPhone For 2023

VPNsEase of Use (Out of 5)Performance (WireGuard Protocol)Privacy (No Logging Evidence)Connectivity (Port Forwarding)Payment Options
Mullvad5/5YesYesYesBitcoin, Paypal, Credit Card
IVPN4/5YesYesYesCash, Monero, Bitcoin
OVPN3/5NoYesYesPaypal, Bitcoin, Monero, Credit Card
AirVPN3/5YesNoYesPaypal, Credit Card, Google Pay, Amazon Pay
Atlas VPN4/5YesYesYesCredit Card, CryptoCurrency, Paypal
SurfShark4/5YesYesNoCredit Card, Paypal, Google Pay
Nord VPN5/5YesYesNoCredit Card, Bitcoin
IP VANISH5/5YesYesNoCredit Card, Paypal
Express VPN5/5NoYesYesCredit Card, Online Payments
Pure VPN4/5YesYesYesCredit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin

1) Mullvad


Mullvad has become one of the most loved VPNs of all time due to its ease of use and secure connections. It has a record of more than 10 years without even a single data breach, making it a fan favorite. Moreover, it comes with features like port forwarding for seamless connections and no logging evidence, so no tracking of your internet usage. Also, it was one of the earliest adopters of WireGuard protocol. The protocol has forever changed the game of VPN connections. 

One more thing that makes the VPN so easy to use is consumers don’t need to put in any kind of information to get started. All they have to do is download the VPN and start enjoying secure surfing.


  • Supports WireGuard Protocol
  • No Logging Evidence
  • Port Forwarding Connections
  • 10 Years of No Breach of Data


  • The user interface might be too simple
  • No Support for Video Streaming

2) Atlas VPN


The Atlas VPN is somewhat of a new service and was recently bought by Nord Security, a leading brand when it comes to security. Thus, the Atlas VPN is destined to provide some of the greatest results. It offers free services and a paid version as well. The service even offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the services. 

Premium users can access the service on various platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc. Moreover, consumers can access geographically banned content with the help of this service.

It also keeps no evidence of your activity and supports P2P file sharing. 


  • No Logging of Sensitive Data
  • Free Servers
  • Kill Switch to Save Your Data


  • Technical Issues
  • Data Cap of Only 5GB for Free Users



For anyone who wants a simple yet effective VPN, IVPN is a good choice for them. It comes with very affordable subscriptions that are flexible for optimal user experience. The service comes with a Multi-hop system that works in the background to connect to different servers. It has privacy features like transparency and uses WireGuard technology.

However, the one downfall is not having many servers to connect to. The service is still developing and might not be the best choice for a heavy user.


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Multi-Hop System
  • Secure Transparency


  • Only Support Few Connections
  • Account ID Might be Confusing



Security is a main concern when using any VPN; although OVPN doesn’t use WireGuard, it still comes with 256-bit encryption. It protects against any kind of middleman attacks and safeguards your data. The VPN has firewall compatibility and can use any port for safer searching. Combined with forward secrecy, hackers can’t read your data as it is presented in a gibberish form.

Moreover, it has a free plan that is very easy to use and provides most features, such as giving free access from two clients.


  • Support for Various Platforms
  • Forward Secrecy
  • Cost Effective


  • Complex Manual Configuration
  • Limited Number of Servers

5) AirVPN


Suppose you are looking for online freedom and want to do anything legal. Then trying out AirVPN might be a good choice. It allows users to use strong encryption protocols and transparent connections and helps them reach decent speeds. 

The one thing that the VPN lacks is its user interface. It is not as fancy as other VPNs and might require some time to get used to. However, it allows manual configuration to a good extent. 


  • No Login Policy
  • Anonymous Account Buying


  • Limited Customer Support
  • Not Easy to Use for Beginners

6) SurfShark


The SurfShark might not be the oldest VPN available, but it has surely made a place in the hearts of consumers in no time. It allows one of the leading server connections in the market while being affordable compared to other VPNs.

The VPN allows multi-hop connections, safe and secure connections, smooth streaming with enhanced speeds, and more. It also has global servers so consumers from anywhere worldwide can take advantage of the service. 


  • Multi-Hop Connection
  • Smooth User Experience
  • Affordable and Flexible Pricing
  • Good Streaming Speeds


  • Not Good Customer Service
  • P2P Behavior

7) Nord VPN


If there is one VPN that you can use without thinking twice, it has to be Nord VPN. It falls under the security mammoth Nord security. The service has more than 5000 servers ranging in around 59 countries. It has top-notch secure connections and doesn’t keep customer activity logs. Allowing them to roam around the internet without any worries. 

NordVPN also uses PGP keys to protect customers’ account information. They even encrypt the communication between the service and the consumer. Moreover, the smart kill switch terminates communication if the server drops. 


  • No Logging Activity 
  • Top Notch Security 
  • Advance Kill Switch
  • Connect Multiple Devices


  • Support for Torrents on Few Servers
  • Slow Server Connections


IP Vanish is based in the US and hence is not the greatest option regarding security options. However, after its change in ownership in 2017, the company has seen some positive additions. The VPN service has good availability all over devices and has good server backups. It owns most of its infrastructures, hence the connection speeds are stable most of the time. 

The service also has forced 256-bit encryption, kill switch and choices of protocols. Users can take control of how they want the service to work. Moreover, it has some of the most affordable subscription options and doesn’t lock you in for longer durations. 


  • Good Availability across all platforms
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Kill Switch


  • Privacy Issues
  • Not Good Customer Support

9)Express VPN

The Express VPN has to be one of the oldest secure VPNs and has never let down its customers. It has a long list of features that make your data secure but users must pay a good amount. The Network Lock allows the secure connection to turn off as soon as the network drops. It also comes with no logging activity, so you leave no digital footprints behind whenever you hop on the internet. 

The service also has split tunneling which allows one device to access the internet with and without VPN at the same time. Furthermore, it has the best speeds when it comes to connections. The choices for various protocols allow you to set up the VPN as you like. 


  • Various Payment Methods
  • Privacy and Secure Connections
  • Split Tunneling
  • Huge Server Locations


  • Expensive Pricing

10) Pure VPN


Pure VPN’s headquarters in Hong Kong isn’t subject to international surveillance. It means that even the government can’t ask the VPN company for consumer data. The company has more than 6500 servers in over 140 countries, that provide good connections to the users. It has one of its kind worldwide presence, which increases reliability.

The service comes with a kill switch that prevents data leakage even if the connection drops. Moreover, it allows torrenting through dynamic IP addresses. You can enjoy surfing the internet and downloading any legal thing you want.  


  • Allows Location Changing
  • No Data Logging Policy
  • Various Features


  • Inconsistent Speeds
  • Slow Locating of Servers


Are VPNs Legal?

VPNs are privacy tools and are completely legal to use. Users can use the services to safeguard their data and benefit from the internet. However, if you wish to do illegal activities through VPN, it is considered illegal, and stays away from it. 

Are VPNs Worth It?

The services of VPNs can be easily bought for reasonable monthly subscriptions. Investing some dollars in the VPN is worth it if you wish to safeguard your data and privacy. Moreover, it can also let you view regional data and make the most out of services.

Can VPN Change IP Address

The base purpose of using a VPN address is changing your IP address. It makes you look like you have connected to the internet through a different location while you sit in the same physical location.

Can VPN Protect You From Hackers

VPNs are considered to be the safest option when it comes to protecting your data from hackers. It makes the data look gibberish to even your internet service provider. Moreover, as your location changes, it becomes impossible for anyone to track you. 

Can VPN Protect You From Viruses

VPNs do not work as conventional anti-virus software; they can only safeguard your data from hackers if you visit phishing websites or download corrupted files. VPNs can not stop you from downloading them or scanning them beforehand. 

Can VPN Increase Internet Speed

VPNs can increase as well as decrease internet speed depending on what services you are using. Some IPS like to artificially throttle or slow down data when they face a specific type of data. If you use a paid VPN, they are most likely to increase your internet speed due to their vast servers.