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11 Best Features of iPhone 13 or Are They?

Every new generation of Apple’s favorite smartphone, the iPhone developers equip it with powerful and innovative features and pack it in a stylish package. It would seem difficult to surprise fans and users every year – but the creators from Cupertino have once again succeeded. So, we propose to get acquainted with the cool chips, which designers and engineers endowed the 13th generation of the iPhone. We will highlight the 11 best features of the new iPhone 13.

Best Features of iPhone 13 – Let The Count Begin!

1) Reduced bangs

At first glance, such a change in the design of the novelty is completely unnoticeable. But still, the engineers decided to increase the size of the speaker and narrow the “bangs” by 20%. Such a step will affect the display of the top line, and maybe even allow you to show the percentage of the remaining charge without having to open the control panel.

Honestly, we will be waiting for the day when Apple completely eliminates the ugly front bang. For now, at least it’s reducing in upcoming generations.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 bangs comparison - features of iPhone 13

2) Scanning a document in Notes

Probably every one of you has faced a situation when you urgently need to scan a certain sheet of paper. Any modern iPhone with a camera will easily allow you to take a photo of a document for work. However, if you need to scan a piece of paper, homework, an essay, or any other work to then print, you should resort to a little trickery. You can also pay for essays to avoid wasting time at all on reformatting and writing essays and other assignments for students.


– Launch the Notes application and create a new note.

– Click the Add Photo icon and select Scan Document.

– Take a photo of the document and apply the appropriate filter.

You will end up with a scanned copy that you can easily print in the future. To avoid wasting time on reformatting and writing essays and other assignments for students, you can also pay for essays, pay for essays

scan documents with iphone 13

3) Apple A15 Bionic processor

Every year, developers from Cupertino improve the proprietary chips in smartphones, tablets, and computers of their own production. The updated Apple A15 generation is able to boast a new level of performance and processing power. Paired with the latest version of the operating system iOS 15 – we get a great smartphone with amazing performance and speed of super complex processes.

iphone 13 a15 features

4) Design in a new color

Tender as a tea rose petal – pink iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini was a pleasant surprise for users. But the company’s designers successfully changed the other colors of the new generation of gadgets. The colors became more calm and pleasant, unlike the variants of the 2020 release. The right decision was to choose a noble and elegant shade of pink, rather than the dynamic and almost “neon” color that was often found on the concepts.

iphone 13 color options

5) New camera placement

Apparently, the developers thought about how users will distinguish between the 12th and 13th generations, and that’s why they changed the location of the cameras in the novelty. There are no other obvious reasons for such a step yet. Still, this decision adds freshness and zest to the 13th generation model.

iphone 13 features

6) Cinematic mode

 A cool feature that struck many connoisseurs and professionals of mobile photography is the new Cinematic mode. This option allows you to successfully focus and quickly switch focus between subjects. Clips shot with this feature on iPhone 13 look like stills from an Oscar-winning Hollywood movie. For the most stunning effect – adjusting the intensity of the blur is available, as well as additional focus lock.

7) Sensor-Shift Stabilization

For the smoothest, sharpest, most detailed footage without sudden movements or quality jumps, the improved Sensor-Shift Stabilization feature is available. Previously only available in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, users can now get new emotions from cool videos in the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini models.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 differences

8) Smart HDR 4 The HDR technology

we are so familiar with have received another upgrade to Smart HDR 4. This generation of technology improves image sharpness through deep analysis of multiple frames. The finished frame becomes several times deeper in several parameters – sharpness, contrast, and color saturation.

iphone 13 features hdr 4

9) Smart Editing Styles

 In addition to an upgraded main camera with many useful features, users can diversify their own photo and video shooting experience thanks to new smart filters. Filters can help change the appearance of the background or surrounding objects without distorting the skin tone of the main character.

iphone 13 camera editing

10) Improved battery life

As noted by Apple developers, the battery life of the iPhone 13 compared to the models of the previous generation iPhone 12 will increase by 2.5 hours. And in the compact version, the time will increase by 1.5 hours, if compared to the iPhone 12 mini. Such an increase in autonomy is quite enough for full use of the gadget throughout the working day.

11) More Storage

Representatives of the company realized that for the modern user 64 gigabytes is not enough for optimal use of the smartphone. That’s why the new iPhone 13 model is presented in three capacities – 128, 256, and 512 GB. Now you don’t have to worry about the remaining space to store vivid videos, funny photos, or pictures of your pet.

iphone 13 storage settings


The new iPhone 13 is indeed a good upgrade in comparison to iPhone 12. Apple is notorious for bringing a few but important upgrades to each generation. Did we forget to mention another feature of the iPhone 13? Do let us know in the comments.