20 Best KLWP Themes of 2019 That Are a ‘MUST’ And Completely ‘Free’

If you have tired of seeing the same style and design of the interactive system of your Android phone, do not suffer anymore! Today is your lucky day since we bring you the 20 best KLWP Themes 2019 which are free and are a ‘must’ to try.

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What is KLWP?

KLWP is primarily a manufacturer of live wallpapers for mobile devices which customize the style and design of the home screen. Similar to KLWP, there is also a term called KWGT that refers to the Kustom Widget Maker for devices on the Android platform. This is an editor with lots of templates and tools to create a 100% custom wallpaper.

Next, we will see some of the best KLWP themes 2019 available to customize our Android phone, which comes from the hand of the Custom Industries company, showing that this is the perfect application for those who want to create their live wallpapers (With this we refer to moving or changing wallpapers).

20 Best KLWP Themes of 2019: The best options just for you!

1) MT Style

MT Style


Starting our list of 20 best KLWP themes 2019, we have the MT Style. Focused on the screen highlight, it has six layers of different colors to get the right light in the style you want to use. Also, it has a basic level of options for personalization whose system is user-friendly, and it is also very easy to modify, making it ideal to handle.

2) Material Home

Material Home

Its main feature is the Google assistant, this is because the entire screen layout focuses on that assistant. At the bottom we have the google assistant button, below these is the search bar, sliding the main menu to the left we will find the Google Now, which will allow us to see news and events. Finally, turning left again will have the general display settings to modify at ease, this design is minimalist and simple.

3) Minimalist Experience

Minimalist Experience


As the name says it is a minimalist style, but it is also a first-class one. Among its features we have 9 different screen backgrounds, three languages offer vav bar support for configurations and present current weather information. In the entertainment area, it offers a music player and includes an RSS feed to keep updated. Truly a Minimalist in the list of 20 best KLWP Themes 2019.

4) Minimal Home

Minimalist Minimal Home

This theme does not have an application icon on the main screen. However, this quality perfectly represents the minimalist and best klwp themes 2019 definition. One of its limitations is that you must have KLWP Pro to activate it. The main screen is super clear, it only shows date, time, and weather information, and below there is a button for the application drawer.

It has an icon on the right side for direct access to the camera, mail, messages, etc. The right arrow button allows access to the calendar, weather, and music. Sliding to the left we can see the profile of our applications, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. And dragging the down arrow button you will get the general display settings, navigation bar, and WiFi, Bluetooth settings, etc.

5) Sleek Home

Sleek Home

It presents two visual themes, black and white, which allows you to apply the theme on the phone’s home screen, unlike others. At the same time, it allows you to modify the background of Android Home, in addition to customizing the font and color of it and making adjustments on the user screen. It has a card style for quick access, the main page has the search bar at the top the rest of the options are in the dock. The Plus button presents a clear animation of options: calendar, weather, music, profile, etc. Each option is presented freely in a different window. The profile tab allows you not only to access it but also to other applications that use quick settings, camera, gallery, etc.

6) Slice Cards

Slice Cards

This theme has an opposite approach to those that have been presented previously, its principle is to fill each space on the cover, it also has slides to navigate among other tools. The main screen has the search bar, startup options, settings, and social networks. For options such as music, camera, weather, etc. It comes in small cards that can be slid from right to left, allowing you to modify freely. The social option found at the top presents its animation that displays a new page with all social networking applications. This presents features that nominated him among the best themes klwp 2019.

7) Black Mount

Black Mount

It presents an elegant and classic style for android phones, allowing you to customize the home screen. The main screen shows the date at the top, below it you will find a bar layout of the weather, calendar, and time applications, which when selected, display a window on the same screen. At the bottom of the screen, we will find the google search option and a search box, which when selected show applications such as the camera, card, and networks. Also at the bottom, the message, telephone, and mail options are shown simply.

The theme allows you to adjust the calendar and time in a creative design to access it with a quick configuration, and as a special quality, the climate changes can be an additional feature of the Live Wallpaper, giving a more vivid experience.

8) Unix


At the top, you have applications such as Home, Music, Calendar & Email, as well as quick access options to facilitate user interaction, by selecting any of the options shows the windows displayed throughout the screen. Like previous topics, the option gives access to the main applications making it easier to use, since it requires few tools to handle, and it is possible to change the applications as desired.

9) Grades


This is a Live Wallpaper Maker unlike the previous ones, it comes in a solid black color. This background allows the configuration of three screens with design tools, also has different frames arranged at different angles creating a rounded design in the center. They are distributed as follows: left side screen with weather updates, right side screen with calendar, and center screen with battery options. The color of the rounded design changes when it is moved from one page to another. This design gives a direct basic look without any customization for users.

10) Flash


Based on a premium appearance, it adapts customization of the android to a complete and new interface. It is characterized by high graphics for the screen, accompanied by the Full Note application whose configuration can enjoy new wallpaper styles. At the top it shows a profile with our photo, below it we will find the calendar and the weather, and finally, right in the center, we will find a button that displays all the applications, next to a bar with options such as phone, messages, camera, etc. The only drawback is that this theme needs a mobile startup application for its operation.

11) Gradient

Gradient for KLWP

It is the new gradient-based theme for KWLP, a simple but elegant style. Among its configurations, we have the pre-setting that includes two different screen versions, the 18: 9 and the 16: 9, giving a variety of styles to enjoy. For this topic, it is only necessary to move it to readjust the applications. It contains three application screens with clear and simple animations, one from Home with the search bar at the top, followed by prominent applications, then presents the time in a rectangle, below in smaller boxes you have options such as call, message, mail, etc. On the next page are the applications presented in the form of circles and on the last screen is the music player. It also contains a sidebar with application shortcuts, which can be modified to a smaller bar.

12) Drop

Drop KLWP Theme

This application allows us to customize the Android home screen, showing a simple style with simple colors, on the main screen as the first display we have the time and date, and a Plus icon that when touched it displays mini versions of applications as search engines, messages, editing, quotes, etc. At the same time to present messages or appointments of the day. It has a special screen mode for the music player, it also has three-screen configurations for better interaction.

13) Orion

Orion - 20 Best KLWP Themes 2019

This theme was specially designed for Samsung devices and is also compatible with any Android device. By accessing the global tab we can modify colors, backgrounds, and others, it has multiple presets which are updated every day. This application offers you the innovation of change every day making its use a new experience every time.

14) Marbles

Marbles - 20 Best KLWP Themes 2019

This design is fun and enthusiastic, it is based on Marbles and Strings to place on the Homescreen. The design of the main screen looks like marbles that hang from the top of the screen, these are the applications of your choice, such as time, date, and weather in bright, soft, and pastel colors. When sliding to the right the calendar is presented and at the same time, an animation of the marbles moving along with other applications can be appreciated.

15) KLWP Live

KLWP Live - KLWP Themes Best 20

Considered the most popular among personalization themes, it includes a Live Wallpaper Maker to let your creativity fly. This gives you the freedom to choose your theme and adjust to your tastes and needs, with the aforementioned tools such as mini icons, sidebars, shortcuts, and tablet buttons. Their designs are very varied and colorful, and you can go from a screen with shortcut buttons and multiple accesses to three screens with defined applications. It is ideal for any user because the design is imposed by you, it is not surprising that it is among the highest ratings and downloads, defining itself as one of the best klwp themes 2019.

16) Tidy

Tidy - 20 Best KLWP Themes 2019

Google Play brings you this premium product, which is capable of effectively organizing all your tools. Its design is simple and practical, it comes in a style of light and dark colors of black and white, its style focuses on circles that represent the applications. In the middle of the screen, we will find a circle with the time, and below it, we will see smaller circles with other applications such as camera, contacts, music player, and others. When sliding to the sides other applications such as the battery, alarm, settings, and weather are presented in the central part. The main idea of the topic is to make the order of your applications efficient, so by selecting the small circles, applications related to the aforementioned topics are displayed.

17) Drylk

Drylk - Free KWLP Themes

This theme presents a modern style with dark and reddish colors, the configuration is compact of a screen with four tabs. The main screen is clear with only the application bar that appears at the bottom and simulates the style of a PC. In this screen, we have the time and date in a minimalist way, with mini versions of usual applications such as search engines and social networks. Touching any application displays the application on a full screen, such as a music player, weather, among others. When sliding down we have the configuration options, network, Bluetooth, etc.

18) MS Kustom PACK

MS Kustom PACK - 20 Best KLWP Themes 2019

The biggest feature of this theme is that it allows you to create live wallpapers, to combine and use up to 20 themes of your choice. With this theme you can change a theme according to your taste, each theme follows the principle of having the applications at the bottom and being mini versions of the original. It also has sidebars and shortcuts for more efficient use.

19) Fuel UI

Fuel UI - 20 Best KLWP Themes 2019

This theme combined with the Mobile Launcher application works perfectly and is available on Android. It has the peculiarity that requires making minor changes to the Dock so that it can be used. It has a full-screen digital style, in its design you can see all the relevant applications at the same time with frame divisions. It is a puzzle-like style because each tool is compressed and expressed on the main screen, while once the application is selected it will be displayed on the entire screen.

20) Dark Fantasy IU Kustom

Dark Fantasy IU Kustom - 20 Best KLWP Themes 2019

Last but not least, in our list of free 20 best KLWP themes 2019 is Dark Fantasy IU Kustom. This allows the customization of three pages, gives the freedom to choose and easily add widget instantly. It comprises an elegant and classic style, the main screen is divided into two parts, the wallpaper, and the application bar, in the middle of these, is the calendar. In the lower part, there are applications that when selected are displayed in the middle of the screen and presented in a sliding animation. When selecting a certain application, it is presented on the whole screen, as in the case of Google +. Finally, the navigation bar can be rotated according to the user’s requirements and can be turned off if you wish.

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Our verdict

These were some of the best KWLP themes 2019, we hope you like them and enjoy it. We also encourage you to try them to experience the capabilities that each one offers since tools such as shortcuts and sidebars are very useful in everyday life. This list does not have a default order.