360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review – Is It Worth Spending $460?

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Even the world of vacuum cleaners has its corresponding updates. It may not seem so, but since there are cleaning robots, competition is tough. Xiaomi, for example, has several in the market. However, it is not the only brand, and today we will show it to you by introducing this 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S7 review.

360 is a brand that makes practically everything. Not only does it have its own highly recognized antivirus, but it also markets gadgets. The vacuum of the day is not the first; in fact, it is the evolution of a series that is already long. How much can a vacuum improve? Well, you will be surprised to learn that the commitment to the 360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner was necessary. Keep reading so you know this new revolution in both hardware and software.

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360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review – Finally A Smart Vacuum Cleaner With Better Practical Features

Design & Appearance

We start this 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S7 review saying that the robot maintains a standard design among cleaning robots. Its rounded shape with ABS plastic construction makes it a lightweight device. The upper part is formed by a protrusion where the sensors that help it map the route (quite remarkable thanks to the 360 ​​logos), buttons, and a division into two sections are located since the back is a lid that will allow us to remove the dust compartment. For its part, the water compartment is thin, which allows it to be without problems in the lower area of ​​the device.

360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review - Featured

Its dimensions are 35.00 x 35.00 x 10.00cm, and it weighs 3.80Kg. The sides are made up of different proximity sensors, and its front construction, together with the power of its wheels, allows it to climb slopes of up to 2cm, so we can easily adapt the route without removing certain obstacles.

360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review - Sweeping

Finally, we will have to settle for the white color, which is not bad when it comes to cleaning products.

Hardware & Features

The 360 ​​S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner demonstrates why it is a smart gadget. Next, we break down its main bets at the technological level.

1) Anti-Drop + Radar Control

Probably the feature that stands out the most is its ability to track obstacles and generate maps to create cleaning routes. Together with the LSD Lidar and anti-collision sensors, the 360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner builds a cleaning plan that covers all the spaces (which we can check from the application).

360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review - Bottom

A total of four sensors are responsible for preventing the robot from falling, previously indicating that it must change routes.

360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review - Laser Range

2) Three Cleaning Modes

One of the biggest novelties is the inclusion of three cleaning modes, which are based on the suction power each possesses. The first is the standard mode, which fulfills its work with a power of 1300Pa, and with a noise of 65.5 decibels.

The second mode works perfectly when the dirt is more complex and we want efficient work. It is a powerful modality with a power of 2000Pa. Do not fear, even with this force the robot makes almost no noise, being only 68 decibels.

Noise Test

Finally, it has a silent mode that reduces the power to 800Pa, so that the noise is controlled in the 60 decibels. The tests showed that with this mode the device could be comfortably used even when sleeping since it does not disturb the environment.

The 3 modes are quiet and powerful enough to clean

3) Alexa Voice Control

Although the application works great when it comes to controlling the vacuum cleaner, we also have the option to command it by voice. And, thanks to its compatibility with Alexa, we do not need to be close to give it an order.

It should be noted that this is not a new option when it comes to 360 vacuum cleaners, making them experts in this technology.

4) Auto Sweeping Mode

360 applied a function that facilitates the use of the vacuum cleaner. To avoid having to use additional buttons or commands, simply place the water tank so that the robot activates the mopping mode. As soon as we remove it, it will sweep again.

360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review - Cleaning Sweeper

5) Auto Increase Suction on Carpet

Another interesting function is the automatic use of its power when it needs it. By this, we mean that one of its sensors is exclusively intended to detect if a normal surface or carpet is being cleaned. When it detects a difficult surface, it immediately activates the 2000Pa suction.

360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review - Tank

Cleaning Performance

The overall performance is quite good. The cleaning speed is not exceptional since when faced with any inconvenience, the robot must reduce the speed to recalculate the route. The large parts are easily removable with its 2000Pa power, although in our tests the robot managed to clean everything in silent mode.

Cleaning Test s7 360

The ability to climb slopes of the gadget gives it extra points in its work since it can easily go through almost any surface.

Obstacles Testing

360 App Review

The other big news is definitely at the Software level. The 360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner integrates a powerful application ready to control and indicate the state of the robot at all times. Next, we review some of its qualities.

1) How To Connect

After turning on our vacuum cleaner (a process that takes approximately 10 seconds), we can proceed to connect it via Wi-Fi to the vacuum cleaner. With just having the application installed and open, it can connect.

We can find the application by scanning a QR code that is included in the package. Once prepared, we just need to place the vacuum in the connection mode, for which we must press both buttons.

360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review - Top

The vacuum will be ready as soon as blue light is seen. The APP will ask us for the Wi-Fi password. That is all; in less than 3 minutes, you will have the APP configured to use the robot.

2) Intelligent Mapping For Cleaning

One of the novelties that 360 has included in this new gadget is the creation of smart tours. That is, not only can we create our cleaning path, but also the robot, learning from past uses, will remember the places where it should not go.

360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review - Restricted Area

From the application, we can also control other things, such as the number of times the robot will pass through an area, or prohibited areas.

3)  Restricting Mopping Area

Not all areas can be cleaned in the same way. There are parts of the ground that cannot get wet, and this is a problem when it comes to automatic systems. However, the 360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner saves different cleaning maps, so you can create areas where it cannot pass if it has the water tank installed. It is ideal for wooden floors where we only require sweeping.

S7 App Mapping

4) App Interface

The design of the application is intuitive. In it, we can see all kinds of statistics, such as operating time, distance traveled and cleaned, battery percentage, among other data. It will also draw the route map. The latter is done very quickly, almost in real-time.

360 S7 App Preview

The application will also be responsible for giving us notifications of the state of the robot, as well as if there is an obstacle for us to take into account the next time we use it.

Battery Life & Charging

The battery of the 360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is 3,200mAh, which gives it an average lifetime of 90 minutes before recharging. This is located below what other versions of the brand offer, but we have to consider that the S7 has much more power.

Like other vacuum cleaners, it automatically returns to its charging base when the battery is low (approximately 20%), and it takes 3 hours to reach 100%.

Improvements Over S6 Vacuum Cleaner

  • Increased suction power
  • Improved capacities of both dust and water tanks
  • The design of the cloth has been improved, in addition to the fact that the Velcro used for its adhesion is stronger
  • The construction of routes is much more precise
  • There are no problems with the charging base

Improvements Over Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Better Suction Power
  • More Water Tank Capacity
  • Less Noise
  • 2-in-1 Automatic Sweeping + Mopping Mode
  • Area Restriction
  • Precise Floor Mapping
  • More Features (Anti-Drop, Anti-Collision)

Pros & Cons


  • 2-in-1 Sweeping and Mopping (Auto Switch to Mopping When Water Tank is added)
  • Anti-collision, Anti-drop
  • 2 cm climbing limit (crosses wires, slippers)
  • Three cleaning modes
  • Easily Passes From Obstacles
  • Easy to Use App with Area Mapping and Restriction
  • Automatically recharge and resume
  • Automatic Switching to high power 2000Pa suction mode when on carpet
  • The Cheapest Vacuum Cleaner With The Most AI Features which are Practical


  • Doesn’t work on confined areas (an area which is the size of the vacuum cleaner)
  • Restricted Area only for Mopping. Sweeping will work there

Our Verdict

Ending the 360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner review, for the users who want to upgrade from the first generation robot vacuum cleaner need to move to this intelligent robot vacuum cleaner. Why? For a price below $500, this robot vacuum cleaner is the only one in the Chinese market which provides full functionality and tremendous practical features which can be operated via the App as well as voice.

I know there is other cheaper alternative to laser-guided robot vacuum cleaners. However, after doing some research and asking from users, I found that none of them offers a 2 cm climbing limit, nor the accurate App mapping of the area with the precision of 2 square meters. Even if there are some none of them can guarantee to automatically work when you are outside.  Either they will be stuck in something or lying somewhere with no charge. The 2 cm height limit allows 360 S7 to cross small obstacles, LDS Lidar and SLAM algorithm allows it to have more efficient cleaning routes planning on a maximum area of 180m2. Thus:

360 S7 is the only Robot Vacuum Cleaner to Feature The Most Practical  & intelligent Features In The Market Under $500 Price Tag

Price & Availability

You can purchase 360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner on Gearbest for a promotional price of $459.9 $509.92  Moreover, there’s also a discounted price of $399.99 and a free $30 gift for the first 200 units if you apply the coupon code:


Here’s the link to the store:

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360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review – Is It Worth Spending $460?
If one is planning to upgrade from an old 1st gen robot cleaner, the 360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner should be first on his/her list thanks to the numerous practical and intelligent features it offers with a fully automatic cleaning, mopping, and charging.
Design & Appearance
Cleaning Performance
App Control
Battery Life & Charging
Reader Rating2 Votes
2-in-1 Sweeping and Mopping (Auto Switch to Mopping When Water Tank is added)
Anti-collision, Anti-drop
2 cm climbing limit (crosses wires, slippers)
Easily Passes From Obstacles
Three cleaning modes
Easy to Use App with Area Mapping and Restriction
Automatically recharge and resume
Automatic Switching to high power 2000Pa suction mode when on carpet
The Cheapest Vacuum Cleaner With The Most AI Features which are Practical
Doesn't work on confined areas (an area which is the size of the vacuum cleaner)
Restricted Area only for Mopping. Sweeping will work there
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