Amazon Firestick issues in 2021

Top 5 Amazon FireStick Issues in 2021 Indicating The Need For A VPN

Issues with streaming devices are common to its users, and the Amazon FireStick is no exception. However, there are instances where the only thing you need to solve your problems is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN is a service that safeguards your internet access and online privacy. It encrypts your data, secures your online identity by masking your IP address, and lets you utilize public networks safely. And here are the top 5 Amazon FireStick issues in 2021 that indicate the need for a VPN.

Top 5 Amazon FireStick Issues in 2021

1) Limited Media Content

Top 5 Amazon FireStick Issues in 2021 - Limited Content

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is ideal for watching Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, and various other services. However, you may find that you cannot access a particular video or service since you are not in the correct location. Several items on that list need users to have a relevant membership. This limited media content is the most common in our list of top 5 Amazon FireStick issues in 2021.

Still, even viewers who subscribe to all of the mainstream providers aren’t granted access to each provider’s complete array of content. VPNs can help with that. When you connect to the VPN, it will assign you a new IP address depending on the servers it has located across the world. You merely choose an area and, as if by magic, you will appear virtually there. That implies that any website or service you access will detect your international IP address and display content based on your location. This IP front also means that your actual IP address and identity are concealed and unknown. 

Keep in mind that you’ll still need a valid membership to a premium provider like Netflix to watch videos that aren’t typically accessible in your area. Official VPNs are available in Amazon AppStore with free and paid subscriptions. However, when it comes to unblocking video, free VPNs may have no servers accessible in the area you want. Also, you only get a limited amount of data per day or month, which generally isn’t enough for many videos. As a result, paid VPN services are recommended for video streaming, as they all provide limitless bandwidth.

2) Unsatisfactory Gaming Experience

Top 5 Amazon FireStick Issues in 2021 - Gaming issue

Amazon Fire TV Stick offers not just video streaming services but also other features such as gaming software. Is VPN helpful for your FireStick gaming? Yes, VPNs do assist a lot with online gaming. Online multiplayer gamers are aware that many servers and groups are unavailable due to geo-restrictions. For the TV gamers out there, this is a major issue that is why it is listed in our top 5 Amazon FireStick issues.

It may seem strange, yet several countries like the United Kingdom, China, Germany, and Brazil prohibit video games, either because of the type of game or the content. Many of these nations restrict the sale, download, or play of specific games and impose tight restrictions on others. With VPNs, you may connect to any server and compete against players from all around the world. It is also typical for some DLC and additional material to be accessible only in some areas of the world. VPNs allow you to circumvent this restriction and view all available material. 

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Note: Amazon services do not tolerate copyright infringement. Users are highly discouraged from streaming or downloading unauthorized content. VPNs should be used to protect your privacy and not to get access to copyrighted information.

3) Internet Connection Issues

Top 5 Amazon FireStick Issues in 2021 - Internet Issues

Coming at number three in the top 5 Amazon FireStick issues in 2021 is that if Amazon FireStick customers are streaming from “unapproved” sources, several internet service providers will restrict their connections. In addition, consuming more than a particular amount of data in a single month, many ISPs will limit your connection speeds, also known as throttling. Using a VPN to improve your viewing experience may appear contradictory to what most people perceive. 

There is a notion that using a VPN slows down your connection speeds since it reroutes and encrypts your internet connection, adding to the connection overhead and resulting in a slower connection. However, suppose your ISP is restricting your internet connection while you’re streaming a video. In that case, a VPN can disguise your online activity from the ISP, preventing them from discriminating against your streaming methods. 

If you’re using a VPN, check if it utilizes the correct connection protocol for your Wi-Fi network. By default, most VPNs select the appropriate protocol. However, some users may inadvertently modify the setting, leading to FireStick internet connection issues.

4) Using Public Internet Wi-Fi and Unencrypted Network

Top 5 Amazon FireStick Issues in 2021 - Security

Since the Amazon FireStick is pretty handy and portable to use, it is most likely to be taken anywhere by its users during vacations or travel trips. Given the circumstances, plugging in your FireStick to a TV in a hotel room and connecting it through the building’s Wi-Fi may be unsafe. Many public Wi-Fi hotspots operate on unencrypted networks. This implies that the data between your FireStick and the router, hence the internet, is visible to anybody.

Your purchase and payments made online might also become vulnerable as public networks serve as honeypots for criminal users. That is why utilizing a VPN while connecting to public wireless networks is essential and that is why we have mentioned it in our list of Amazon FireStick issues in 2021 as well.

5) High Level of Data Security and Privacy


If you are still worried about your security online when you use your FireStick, you can use a VPN for a higher level of protection. Streaming gadgets like Amazon FireStick are always accompanied by intelligent surveillance. Since your privacy matters, this is why we have included this in our top 5 Amazon FireStick issues in 2021 as well.

Your media habits, like any other internet-connected gadget in your house, are susceptible to monitoring by your ISP, criminal snoops, or even by your government. Therefore, you must utilize a VPN to enjoy any form of internet independence. VPNs let you alter your IP address and consequently fake your location, as well as encrypt communications to conceal your online activities. This allows you to avoid government surveillance and criminals for possible hacking of your device when streaming with your FireStick. To keep things private and safe while also remaining anonymous, VPN is a must.

If you have an Amazon Fire Stick and are thinking about how you can get even more out of it, it’s worth considering the many advantages of using a VPN. However, not all VPNs are equal, and when it comes to finding what’s suitable for you, this guide on Fire Stick Tricks will come in handy.

Utilizing a VPN with your Amazon Fire TV Stick might significantly improve your experience of the device. You will have access not only to a broader range of information, but you’ll also be safe in knowing that you’re keeping secure and breaking no laws in the process.

Some Additional Tips To Increase Your Privacy & Security On FireStick

Here are some of the worthy mentions apart from using the VPN to make your FireStick secure:

  • The Router Part:
    1. Improve your Wifi Password: Use of CAPITAL LETTERS, use of symbols like @%, and use of numerics like 1,2,3,4,5. For example, a good password will be ‘[email protected]’ instead of ‘myfirestick’.
    2. Use WPA2 encryption: For modern routers, this is the default setting as well as the gold standard for data encryption. Hackers will find a hard time, almost impossible to encrypt.
    3. Don’t provide any information about yourself in your WiFi name for example your name like ‘Roman’s WiFi’ or your address or even your number.
    4. Strength your router’s login information: Most routers come with the default username and password written on the back of the router to log in on the router’s settings page. Most of the time, the username is ‘admin’ or ‘administrator’, so it is best to change these default login information to a new and strong one.
    5. Update the firmware of the router to the latest version
  • The FireStick Part:
    1. Install an Antivirus software or an App Checker on the FireStick: Though the Amazon App Store has its own protection like the Google Protect from PlayStore, however, it can’t scan apps from other 3rd party sources outside of the Amazon App store. First, it is suggested to avoid installing 3rd party apps at all. Or an alternative approach is to install an Antivirus on FireStick. Unlike PC, there are tons of Antivirus Apps which are totally free to use.
    2. Update FireStick Firmware to the latest version
    3. Delete and turn off autosave Wi-Fi passwords via Fire TV: Go to Settings→Network→Save Wi-Fi Passwords to Amazon→Delete
    4. Prevent Amazon To Track Your App Usage: Go to Settings→Preferences→Privacy Settings →Collect App and Over-the-Air Usage Data→Turn off.

We hope that this helps in fixing your Amazon FireStick issues in 2021 and make your device more secure. Let us know if we missed any issue or any security tip.