5 Mobile Apps to Teach Students Through the Game

5 Mobile Apps to Teach Students Through the Game

It’s only natural for parents to carry a negative perception of video games. But you need to understand that today’s technology is a lot different compared to what it was in the past.

There is now a wide selection of amazing teaching mobile apps that can enrich the learning of your child. Whether your child has to wait at the doctor’s office or relax in the car while on a road trip, the apps here are some of the best games that are also educational.

1) Khan Academy

Khan Academy Kids

Many consider this one of the gold standards for educational apps because of the wide selection of courses it offers for children of all ages. It’s free too. Khan Academy has YouTube videos about different subjects. 

It offers science, engineering, math, humanities, arts, AP courses, economics, and even test prep. The only notable downside lies in its English Language Arts (ELA). But it does have some beta offerings for 2nd to 9th-grade students. Although this app doesn’t offer courses in foreign languages, it has instructions available in different languages for students all over the world.

2) HOMER Learning

homer learning

If you want to build your child’s confidence in school, HOMER Learning will help you with this. There are now more than 1.6 million families who have come to trust HOMER’s activities to aid their children in developing skills in math, reading, creativity, social-emotional learning, critical thinking, and more. Perhaps the best aspect of this app is that it requires just 15 minutes each day for children to increase their early reading scores significantly, which means that you can still limit your child’s screen time.

This app features a child-friendly interface that makes it easy for young ones to play and learn independently. This makes the app perfect for busy families. Moreover, this is completely ad-free and doesn’t require in-purchases. It’s a safe and ideal option for children, especially those who want to play games on their own.

Professional help for student gamers

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3) The Letter School

The letter school

You can download the Letter School app on iOS devices. It makes use of 3 simple modules for learning letters – tap, trace and write. In the 1st module (tap), your child will tap on the end of the letter to watch as the app draws the letter. In the 2nd module (trace), your child uses their finger to trace the letter. To make this activity more enjoyable, the app makes use of railroad tracks and other cute graphics.

In the 3rd module (write), your child will write the letter on their own, with some guidance from the app in case they go off track. The app offers both uppercase and lowercase letters along with numbers.

4) Prodigy

prodigy game

They can learn spells by answering the questions correctly and also get chances to fight monsters while moving through the different worlds.

This is one of the most popular math games available in the market today, mainly because it’s like a video game. It’s a fantasy-based app and web game that deals with math subjects and it’s suitable for children from 1st to 8th grade. Once in a while, instead of simply introducing math topics to your child, you can use your smartphone for doing assignments or reviewing math concepts. This app’s design will test your child’s knowledge. 

5) Awesum


Awesum is the perfect game for children who love math and puzzle games. It’s an incredible combination of Sudoku and Tetris. The game involves numbered cubes that fall from the top of the screen. Children need to match the numbers so that they would equal a predetermined sum. When the numbers line up correctly, the cubes disappear to prevent the wall from filling up the screen. 

You can download Awesum on Android tablets and phones. The game uses sound effects, color graphics, and awards to teach children mental math skills while having fun.


Mobile apps have changed how children learn in many ways. With these apps, you can turn your smartphone into a virtual classroom for your child to learn while having fun. These apps also awaken a child’s love of learning by making their education more interactive.