5 Features A Video Editor Must Have For Posting on Social Media

5 Features A Video Editor Must Have For Posting on Social Media

We all want our videos to look cool while we post them on different social media platforms. The videos should look promising, grab attention and provide value to the consumers. Only then can our videos stand out and help us make an audience. But it is more challenging than it seems. 

We need an optimal video editor that helps us achieve our goals quickly. Especially for social media apps. And do you know that there are specific, dedicated video editors just for content/video creation for social media? But which one is the best? What features must a social media video editor must have?

Worry not, as today we look into all the various options available in the market, their features and how they can help us make the best possible videos.

What is a Video Editor? 

A video editor makes changes after a sequence or video is shot, also known as post-production. They are responsible for making the videos stand out even more with the help of different techniques, such as add, remove, transitions, subtitles and much more. They need suitable video editing software with all the necessary options to perform their magic. Choosing the right editing software makes editing and producing something magical easy.

Video editing software is the software used to perform post-production of a video sequence. It may include modifying or manipulating the video with the help of different effects. There are various options available in the market to do so. As social media is booming and everyone wants their piece of cake. Choosing software that is easy to use and helps you get your tasks done is vital. 

Once a video is shot, it is the responsibility of a video editor to make it even better. The director’s vision must be seen in every shot, and cuts should be optimal. Colour grading is also an important role played by the software. It is the art of making colours pop and bringing everything to life. 

Are There Any Specific Video Editors for Social Media?

Social media is a high-speed platform with a much shorter attention span. In times like these, it is essential to hook the audience and not let them get away even for a minute. Viral videos have become the dream of every content creator. And one must ensure their video is eligible for becoming the next big thing.

Yes, video editors dedicated to social media do exist such as Vistacreate video editor for social media and even Davinci Resolve. What do they include? How are the unique from the basic video editors? We have explained what features social media video editors have which make them specific for apps like Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram.

Some things must be considered when choosing video editing software for social media. For instance, the software must have the option of adding transitions to make things look cool. It also must have a subtitling feature to make videos for a larger audience. Apart from all the necessary options, things like effects, audio addition, templates etc., make any software viable for social media. 

The Features That Are A Must In Social Media Editor

When choosing the best social media video editor for you, there are some features that you must keep in mind. The software must be able to do all these hassle-free so you can make content with a peaceful mind.

Basic Video Editor Functions 

5 Features A Video Editor Must Have For Posting on Social Media - basic video editing features

Any software you choose should have essential functions such as importing videos, cutting them as you like, pasting other forms or multimedia and various effects. Users should be able to add and cut as many videos as they want. Ensure your every cut is smooth and keep people hooked to the video.

Subtitles Generation or Addition

_5 Features A Video Editor Must Have For Posting on Social Media - Subtitles

Another great form of keeping the audience’s attention is by adding subtitles. The software must allow you to add text to capture a larger audience. Moreover, it must be able to edit that text by changing the font, size, colour, etc., to make the video more interesting. 

Audio/Music Addition

5 Features A Video Editor Must Have For Posting on Social Media - Music Addition

Music plays a vital role in making the videos better. The software must have the option of importing music of your own. Or allow you to extract audio from the video. It also must have the option of tweaking audio to make it crisper.

Video Format and Quality Converter

5 Features A Video Editor Must Have For Posting on Social Media - video format

Video formats play an essential role while editing the video. Sometimes the shot format is different than the support of the social media app. Thus, the software must allow changing the video format. Moreover, the editing software must allow you to change or enhance the video quality according to the social media platform to which you want to upload it.


5 Features A Video Editor Must Have For Posting on Social Media - templates

Sometimes the user is in a hurry and wants to apply a pre-made template to make things easier for them. The software must have many available templates to help you save time and create beautiful videos.

Bonus: Some Of The Best Video Editors For Social Media

Some of the best options for social media video editing software are mentioned below:

  • Davinci Resolve

Suppose you are a pro and want the best of the videos. Then choosing Davinci Resolve might be your best option. The software has all the advanced features like colour grading, correction, visual effects and much more. Remember that it is only available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

  • Vista Create

Suppose you like working with templates and do not want to create a video from scratch. Then Vista Create might be the best option for you. It has more than 25,000 templates to choose from. Moreover, it has more than 5000 animated templates and 2000+ animated objects. All these small add-ons make your videos more accessible and enjoyable for the audience. The interface is straightforward; some call it Canva for video editors. 

  • InShot

InShot is one the most straightforward video editing software available on Android and iOS. The app is free, hassle-free and super friendly for someone just starting editing. It can perform all the functions, such as colour filters, cut, crop etc., to make the following social media trending videos. 

  • FilmoraGo

As the name suggests, the FilmoraGo is a suitable option for people who want to edit on the go. It is a free mobile and desktop app that lets you create the finest media for your social media following. Contrary to the paid Filmora, the Go version is easy to ease and is known for its reliability.

  • VivaCut

Another great video editor for social media has to be VivaCut. The software is widely available on iOS and Android, with some of the best features. It helps create unique videos with its different dynamic effects and video styles.

FeaturesBasic Features(Import, Cut, Crop)SubtitlesAudio/MusicVideo Format/ QualityTemplates
Davinci ResolveYesYesYesYesNo

Wrapping it Up

Keep the length of the video reasonable for uploading on social media. It should be able to roll out the message, be in context and keep people on the screen. This way, you can make every video go viral and grab the audience’s attention.

We have discussed all the leading social media video editors and their features. Every software has its perks and should be chosen for them. Choose the one you like the most and get on making the best videos for your audience.