8 Language Learning Apps for Students

Not Just DuoLingo: 8 Language Learning Apps for Students

Looking for a mobile application that will both give you the desired results and save you time while learning English? Well, that is a typical situation for students who are trying to expand their opportunities by mastering an extra language or improving their English. Apps for learning English or any other language are especially relevant for foreign students who have or will have, at some point, to complete different kinds of written assignments.

However, paper writing is not the biggest problem one might face. At least, it can be solved by addressing the professional paper writing service EssayPro and delegating some assignments to its writers. Finally, that is what most students do when they have got no extra time for research and writing. Yet, the delegated tasks may look suspicious if you can barely speak the language it is written in – the orders are handled by pros only. So, you will still need to polish up your grammar and expand your vocabulary.

Of course, there are a bunch of platforms you may try your luck with. You can also download DuoLingo to be sure of the quality of learning – that creepy owl is indeed a good teacher, isn’t it? However, there are many more options to try out, and we have compiled them in this article. Let’s dive in!


Drops Language App (1)

The minimalist design is one of the catchiest things about this app. There are no extra pictures, colors, or complex algorithms. As you start, the easiest exercises are given to you over and over again, so at some point, you may get bored. Still, the process of learning can be accelerated if you remove the words you know for sure from the list. Memory cards, quizzes, and writing exercises are the main instruments here.

The time given for studying a language is limited to 5 minutes per day if you use the free version. However, even with such a load, you will be surprised at how easily new words get added to your vocabulary. What is more important, if you study Chinese or another hieroglyphic language, you also get to practice writing the symbols.

Drops Language App 1 (1)

Available for:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Ukrainian
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Spanish


HelloTalk Language App

With the help of this application, you can practice the language with native speakers from all over the world. More than 150 languages are available.

HelloTalk Language App 1

HelloTalk considers where you are from as well as your native language. There is a special button that matches you with a partner who can help you learn the chosen language. And if you purchase the HelloTalk VIP package, you will also be able to connect with the people who live nearby, which means that you do not have to travel anywhere to get in touch with a native speaker in real life.

AnkiDroid Flashcards

AnkiDroid Flashcards

AnkiDroid is an open-source app that helps one memorize new vocabulary with the help of old but gold flashcards. Namely, there are basic ones, cards requiring the answer to be typed, and cards with gaps to be filled.

As you go through your lesson, you can rate the complexity of the card as well as look through your mistakes that include even letter case errors.

AnkiDroid Flashcards 1


  • highly valued among language learners whose career is connected to foreign languages, it is a time-proven, highly-effective tool, and one can export the collections


  • no gamification
  • requires some time to get adjusted to
  • very simplistic interface
  • one needs to create the lists themselves


Lengo language learning app

This one has a lot of exercises in stock:

  • multiple-choice questions
  • memory cards
  • speaking
  • listening
  • testing

Create your own vocabulary packs and revise the words based on how good you remember them: there are Strong, Medium, and Weak tabs designed for this purpose. One more thing that makes the app special is how much attention is given to the grammar aspect. In addition to the theoretical background, one is also provided with explanations when it comes to tests. For those who need their motivation to be upheld constantly, there is a feature for tracking their learning progress.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone language learning app

RS is a premium app with the basic exercises being provided for free but with some extended learning activities for those who are ready to pay for the subscription. The platform is very user-friendly and goes beyond learning new words.

Rosetta Stone language learning app 1

Each lesson consists of several core lessons and exercises for improving one’s pronunciation, grammar, speaking, and vocabulary. There are also short revision sections to make sure you do not forget the previous material. Audio exercises are the top feature of the app. The voice recognition functionality helps one to practice pronunciation and perfect it.


DuoCards language learning app
DuoCards language learning app 1

DuoCards is one of the fastest ways to improve your grades in the language of interest since it helps you set up your schedule. And if you are good at time management or simply not in a hurry, you may go at your own pace. Also, there is a feature that allows one to add new words from movies and other videos available in the app. The same goes for articles that might even include some peer-reviewed research papers.


Lexilize language learning app 1

Lexilize allows its users to create their own dictionaries of words and categories as well as add subcategories to the already existing ones. Moreover, if you already have some collections stored somewhere else, there is no need to type in each item manually. Simply import them as Excel files. Also, you can edit or add such fields as gender, transcription, example, and image when clicking on a word.

Lexilize language learning app 2

Gamification is the core principle of this app which works in line with the space repetition system – this helps one to retain the information in their long-term memory. Auto-player mode is one more perk that does not require any actions from you. It is a good option for drivers, commuters, or those who deal with texts on a daily basis. Just choose the collection of words you would like to hear or translate without looking anywhere or saying anything out loud.

English Grammar: Learn & Test

English Grammar_ Learn & Test language learning app

If you are a foreign student who recently relocated or came to another institution within the framework of a student exchange program, your grammar needs a lot of attention. Sooner or later, you will be assigned an essay or a paper. And to be able to focus on the specifics of academic writing, you need to be a fluent English speaker. Otherwise, even with sufficient knowledge, you may lack points to get a pass. With English Grammar: Learn & Test, you can polish your grammar skills in the following areas:

  • commonly confused words
  • common mistakes
  • tenses
  • word order
  • parts of speech

To make it easier for you to focus on the hardest aspects, there is a Wrongs tab where you go through the questions you did not answer correctly.

English Grammar_ Learn & Test language learning app 1

The recently added quiz format, followed by detailed explanations and theory, offers the users about 10 000 questions and two levels of proficiency: intermediate and advanced. So, be sure, after taking this course, your English grammar will become immaculate!


These were the 8 language learning apps for students. Some of them are all about gamification and keeping the learners motivated. Some are nothing but effective tools suitable for those who are dead set on learning a particular language and do not require additional encouragement. Therefore, you will definitely be able to choose the best app for yourself based on your needs!

FAQs Section

Are language apps effective?

Not all language apps are effective and help you learn quickly. It is believed that apps that have a syllabus divided intelligently into tasks, games, and puzzles are the most effective.

What are the best language-learning apps?

Duolingo, Babble, HelloTalk, and many other apps are one of the best language-learning apps out there.

Can you learn a language from an app?

Of course, you can. According to a study, people are able to learn languages much more effectively than traditional methods.