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Guide To AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2023 | Coupon Codes

We are back with an AliExpress promotional event offering discounts and offers. This time it’s the AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2023. For the people new to Aliexpress, you should know that after the 11.11 event, the AliExpress Anniversary sale has the best discounts and promos going on. This time it’s even better with $4 off on every $20. I have managed to get up to $51 off on $300 dollars. In this article, I’ll be explaining to you how you can get the best discounts along with the coupon codes available.

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What is Aliexpress Anniversary Sale?

Like every year, AliExpress offers sales on the day when it was founded. This is what they call the AliExpress Anniversary Sale. This 2023, AliExpress has just turned 13 years old.

Aliexpress Anniversary Sale 2023 date and duration: 03.20.2023 – 03.26.2023 PST (7 days)

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What’s New This Time on AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2023?

Following the traditional format as in February’s Love Delivers Sale and November’s 11.11, we have four promos going on to get the product for the best price. These include:

  1. Discounts (up to 80% off)
  2. Spend & Save ($4 off on every $20 spent)
  3. Aliexpress In-Store & Site-Wide Coupons
  4. Coins discount
  5. GoGo Match

1) Discounts (up to 80% off)

I have been saying this before and again, these discounts are not real. First of all, AliExpress increases the prices of products 2 to 3 days before an event and then put a discounted price. Secondly, almost all of the products are on discount throughout the year with the original price (without discount) absurdly high. The discounted price is still higher than the MRP price of that product in China. I mean AliExpress wants to earn profit.

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You can track the price of a product throughout the entire year on (it’s around 70% accurate) but gives you an estimate of the price trend.

2) Spend & Save ($4 off on every $20 spent)

Thankfully, we don’t have the usual $3 off on every $30, but in instead $4 off on every $20. This can be stacked up to $16 off on $80. This means that small orders under $100 can take advantage of this promo. Though it isn’t as good as $5 off on every $30 from last year’s 11.11 still, at least small orders can get benefit from it.

However, it should be noted that Spend & Save promo is specific to the stores and products which took part in the Anniversary Sale. You can see the products which have this promo on the Anniversary event page.

Tip: Try making multiple orders to take advantage of the promo. There’s no limit on its usage on the number of orders.

3) Aliexpress In-Store & Site-Wide Coupons

Unlike the last month’s Lover Delivers event, we have Aliexpress site-wide coupons applicable to every order. Last time, I got comments from the readers that most of the coupon codes were not applicable and yes they were only applicable to a few products.

Another good news is that the site-wide coupons are also combined with in-store coupons, spend & save, as well as coin discounts. We have coupon codes up to $40 off. Isn’t that exciting?

AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2023 - Coupon Discounts

4) Coins discount

If you have some coins in your wallet (by playing games and using Aliexpress before), you can also get discounts on selected products. So far I have seen a discount of up to 2% with the coins. This time, the coin discounts are applicable on more products than in February.

5) GoGo Match (Anniversary Edition)

Aliexpress Candy Crush lookalike ‘GoGo Match’ has an Anniversary edition made for the event on the Aliexpress app. In this you have to collect points that can be used to redeem:

  • Coupons (up to $40 on $300) – one-time only
  • Store coupons
  • 99% off on featured items
  • Coins
  • Game powerups like props and energy

AliExpress has divided all five options into two sections. The first section is accessible throughout the event. While the other section is only available from 25 to 27 March. I would personally collect coins for site-wide coupons especially the $40 off coins (almost impossible and time-consuming). I don’t think 99% off items (the increased price of $10 items to $100 just to make it 99%) and store coupons are worth it.

Hopefully, we won’t see bots taking all the coupons away like in last year’s Black Friday. To decrease its impact, AliExpressis providing coupons in two sections/two time periods.

How To Get The Best Discounts?

Moving to the real thing, getting the best discounts will require you to search for items with spend and save coins discounts, and event discounts. You will also have to look for the total amount your order has. For example, if I have one item priced at $19.36 and the other at $23.99, why not combine them so that we can get up to $8 off from spend and save and then apply the $5 off on $45 coupons on the order screen? If there’s a store coupon as well, click to add it to your account, and then gets automatically applied to your order screen. A coin discount is also a bonus.

Discount on event page + $4 off on every $20 + Site-Wide Coupon codes + Store Coupon (if available) + Coins (if available) = Best Discounts of January 2023

Here’s how I managed to get the maximum discount on a product.

AliExpress Anniversary Sale 2023 - Coupon Discounts

Landing Pages For Aliexpress Love Delivers January Sale

These are the two main pages of the event that have promotional prices.

Aliexpress Love Delivers February Sale Coupon Codes & Promo Page


ValueMinimum SpendCode Name
US $5$45AN5
US $9$75AN9
US $18$150AN18
US $25$210 AN25
US $35$290AN35

The above codes can be used for orders to countries EXCEPT for RU, UZ, AM, KZ, TJ, BY, MD, AZ, TM, KG, GE, ES, FR, BR, KR, US, SA, BH, KW, OM, QA, AE


ValueMinimum SpendCode Name


ValueMinimum SpendCode Name
15€ 100€AEES15
25€ 150€ AEES25
30€ 200€AEES30


ValueMinimum SpendCode Name
13€ 100€AEFR13
30€ 200€AEFR30
55€ 300€AEFR55


ValueMinimum SpendCode Name
US $7$50HBD7
US $20$120HBD20
US $40$220HBD40

Looks like we have more coupon codes this time and with really good discounts.

Disclaimer: Below is the affiliate link to the product in the button. We might earn a small commission if you purchase from the links below. This will help this blog run.

Concluding this guide, we hope that you understood the promos in this anniversary sale. If you face any problems during this event let me know in the comments below.

Happy Shopping!