Aliexpress Black Friday 2021 Sale

AliExpress Black Friday 2021 Date | Promo Codes | Guide

Missed 11.11? No Problem, We Still Have Black Friday!

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Right after 11.11, we get Black Friday and Cyber Monday events around the world. AliExpress also promotes these two events. If you somehow missed the year’s greatest sale ‘11.11’, you can still get thumping discounts on these two events, especially on electronics. Right now, AliExpress is going to start its 2021 Black Friday sale and I have some coupon/promo codes available and the best guide to get discounts from $7 to $30 dollars.

Do bookmark this page so that you can easily apply Aliexpress Black Friday 2021 promo codes and coupons.

What is Black Friday?

The Friday which comes after Thanksgiving is termed Black Friday. It is the day when most stores and malls offer items at a stupendously high discounted price. It usually starts at Midnight after Thanksgiving and is the US busiest shopping day of the year.

When Is AliExpress Black Friday 2021?

AliExpress Black Friday 2021 will start from 25 November to 29 November. There’s also the teaser/warm-up date when the prices and discounts of products on Black Friday are revealed which is 20 November to 24 November.

AliExpress Black Friday Vs 11.11 Single’s Day – Which One Has Better Discounts?

For AliExpress specifically, 11.11 Single’s Day has the year’s best discounts with exclusive coupons. You can read my previous 11.11 Guide and see the products price of the stores I have mentioned in that guide. Just to save your time here’s the difference:

Product11.11 PriceBlack Friday Price
Xiaomi Mi Band 631.99 USD 31.99 USD
Edifier TWS1 Pro29.99 USD35.99 USD
Edifier X319.99 USD20.99 USD
iPhone PD 20W Fast Charger7.11 USD9.64 USD

As you can see, some of the product’s prices remain the same while for most products, 11.11 was better than Black Friday.

As for coupons and promo codes:

11.11Black Friday
Exclusive CouponsYes, manyYes, limited
$3 off every $30YesNo
Special Store CouponsYesYes
Promo codesYes (better discounts)Yes
Special Game & Its CouponsYesYes (much easier)

Money Hop | 11.11 Game Continues

The same 11.11 game ‘money hop’ continues this Black Friday. The objective of the game is to land successfully on titles. This time the game’s tiles are much bigger than what they were in 11.11. I managed to land 99 tiles on a single try.

Aliexpress black friday 2021 Money hop game
Tiles are bigger in Black Friday’s Money hop

You can exchange the number of successful hopes with coins, coupons, and items.

  • Coupons (up to $10 off on order above $100 inexchange of 1000 hops): $5 off coupon for $10 is a must which gets sold out quickly. Be sure to get it if you find the
  • Items: Exchange hops for items + under $1 price to order the item. Similar to the $0.01 items in the normal coins section of AliExpress App. (limited to only selected items)
  • Coins: Exchange hops for coins (1 hop = 1 coin)

Landing Pages For Aliexpress Black Friday 2021

Recommended Tech Stores for AliExpress Black Friday

  • HongKong Goldway: (Xiaomi phones & products) Coupons of $20 off over $20.01 and more, Mi Band 5 ($27.99 USD), Xiaomi Buds 3 Pro ($91.99 USD), Mi TV Box S 4K ($56.99 USD), Mi Band 6 ($31.99 USD), Mi Watch Lite ($45.69 USD), lowest price of Poco and Xiaomi phones on Aliexpress.
black friday aliexpress hong kong goldway
  • Amazfit Official Store: (Amazfit only products) Coupons of $10 off on $40, $7 of on $7.01, Amazfit GT 3 Pro ($239.99 USD), Amazfit Stratos ($69 USD), Amazfit Blip S ($45 USD), Amazfit Blip S Lite ($39 USD)
black friday aliexpress amazfit global store
  • Tookfun Appliance Store: (Xiaomi, Mijia, and other Xiaomi partners products), $5 off coupon, $10 off coupon, $30 off coupon over $30.01, Oclean X Pro Toothbrush ($49.58 USD), XIAOMI MIJIA Portable Juicer ($21.70 USD), XIAOMI MIJIA Portable Anion Hair Dryer ($22.89 USD), Roborock S5 Max Robot cleaner ($343.74 USD).
black friday aliexpress Tookfun


black friday aliexpress Edifier
black friday aliexpress Wooeasy
  • LC Audio Store: Selling Blon, KZ, HZSOUND, TRN earbuds.
  • QCY Official Store: Phones accessories and tech store offering $3 off of $30 complete store, QCY T13 ($20.03), T17 ($15.99).
black friday aliexpress QCY
black friday aliexpress Tronsmart

Smartphone Accessories

  • UGREEN Official Flagship Store: Smartphone accessories including iPad, iPhone PD 20W Fast Charger ($9.64), 3A Magnetic cable ($0.86) USB C HUB 4K 60fps ($25.99), 4 ports GAN 100W charger ($45.83).
black friday aliexpress Ugreen
  • Baseus Global Store: 30,000mAh Powerbank ($23.99 USD), 15W Wireless Charger ($12.79 USD), 100W GaN 4 Ports Charger ($34 USD), 8 in 1 USB Type-C Hub ($12.79 USD)
  • kuulaa Official Store: 130W Power bank 20000mAh ($79.99), 65W GAN charger ($15.19), Metal Alloy Case for iPhone 12 and 13 ($12.75)

Let me know about more worthy stores to be added offering good Black Friday discounts on products.

Aliexpress Black Friday 2021 Promo Codes & Coupons

$7 off on orders over $50
$12 off on orders over $100admitadBF12
$18 off on orders over $150admitadBF18
$23 off on orders over $190admitadBF23
$30 off on orders over $250admitadBF30
$10 off on orders over $100 (Black Friday special)Available at any product page coupon section
$5 Black Friday coupon off orders over $10This Page
  • Valid period for promo codes and coupon is November 25 to November 29.
  • Available countries for promo code: Global (except ES, FR, BR, RU, UZ, AM, KZ, TJ, BY, MD, AZ, TM, KG, GE,PL,SA,KR)

For the Month of November

  • For this page only.
  • For countries not in CIS, FR, ES, BR, PL, SA, KR
Code nameTypeDiscountMini Spend
11NOV3All Buyer430
11NOV08All Buyer860
11NOV11All Buyer1190
11NOV015All Buyer15130
11NOV20All Buyer20170
11NOV27All Buyer27230

New Coupons of Black Friday 2021

$7 off on orders over $50
$12 off on orders over $100BFCM12
$18 off on orders over $150BFCM18
$23 off on orders over $190BFCM23

Q/A Section

When is Aliexpress Black Friday 2021?

Aliexpress Black Friday 2021 will start from November 25 to November 29.

Does Aliexpress have a Black Friday Sale?

Yes, Aliexpress does have a black Friday sale every year.