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AliExpress Black Friday 2022 Guide | Coupon Codes | Date

AliExpress 11.11 sale is one of the best times of year to get your hands on your favorite products at a lower price of the year but in case you missed it no worries, the Black Friday sale on AliExpress also brings you some of the best deals you can avail. We will save you from the hustle and walk you through the guide to get the best discounts from $7 to $30 dollars.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. Retailers typically offer steep discounts during this annual shopping holiday to kick off the holiday season. Black Friday has become one of the busiest shopping days of the year. It’s common for retailers to offer special promotions online and in-store on Black Friday.

What Is the Date For AliExpress Black Friday 2022?

AliExpress Black Friday 2022 will start from 25 November to 29 November. There’s also the teaser/warm-up date when the prices and discounts of products on Black Friday are revealed which is 20 November to 24 November.

AliExpress Black Friday Vs 11.11 Single’s Day – Which One Has Better Discounts?

For AliExpress specifically, 11.11 Single’s Day has the year’s best discounts with exclusive coupons. You can read my previous 11.11 Guide and see the products price of the stores I have mentioned in that guide. Just to save you time here’s the difference:

Product11.11 PriceBlack Friday Price
Xiaomi Mi Band 7$34.69 USD$33.30 USD
EDIFIER TWS1 Pro$27.23 USD$35.99 USD
UGREEN USB C HUB 4K60Hz$24.06 USD$26.61 USD
QCY 65W GaN Quick Charger$14.43 USD $16.36 USD

Though Aliexpress usually increases 11.11 product prices so that coupons + $5 off on every $30 can be applied along with cashback and coins. Still, 95% of the time, you will see 11.11 prices way better than Black Friday.

As for coupons and promo codes:

11.11Black Friday
Exclusive CouponsYes, manyYes, limited
$3 off every $30Yes ($5 off on $30 this time)Yes ($4 off on $30 this time)
Special Store CouponsYesYes
Promo codesYes (better discounts)Yes
Special Game & Its CouponsYesYes

What’s New This Time on Aliexpress Black Friday 2022

We have four promos going on to get a product for the best price this Black Friday. These include:

  1. 90% off on specific products
  2. $4 off on every $30 spent (max $12)
  3. GoGo Match (football edition)
  4. Exclusive Aliexpress Black Friday and Store Coupons
  5. Coins & Cashback (this time only in specific countries)

1) 90% off on specific products

Similar to every year’s Black Friday, we have many products promoted on Black Friday. They aren’t actually 90% off in reality but the price of these products are almost similar to ordinary days. Aliexpress is notorious for increasing product prices a few days before the event. You can track the price of a product throughout the entire year on (it’s around 70% accurate) but gives you an estimate of the price trend.

2) $4 off on every $30 spent (max $12)

What makes this event special isn’t the 90% off but instead the $4 off on every $30 spent (last year it was $3 off on $30). This can be stacked up to a max of $12 off on a bill total of $90. After that, you can put another order to take the advantage of the promo again.

Note: To remember that this promo is only available on products that are featured on Black Friday. You can see if it’s applicable on the product page.

3) GoGo Match (football edition)

The candy crush ripoff called GoGo Match is themed for Black Friday and Fifa World Cup 2022. It’s the same as the normal one but instead has a football which you have to drop to the bottom to earn extra 1000 points (just better focus on your game instead of that ball).

Aliexpress Black Friday 2022 Gogo match game

GoGo Match is available which is offering:

  • Aliexpress coupons ($1 off on $5 and $5 off on $50) (limited)
  • Store coupons
  • 99% off discounted items
  • Coins

You have reached specific points to redeem any of the four options. The steps can be refilled by doing some quick tasks.

In 11.11, the 99% off items were sold too quickly (within a second) and the Aliexpress community was furious on Reddit. So you can be super lucky if you get one but most likely it’s not possible. There are bots just for that specific action.

My recommendation would be to get Aliexpress coupons instead of 99% off discounted times.

4) Exclusive Aliexpress Black Friday and Store Coupons

Finally, apart from the $4 off on $30, what makes the Black Friday event special is the exclusive Aliexpress coupons and store coupons.

On AliExpress we have two types of coupons: AliExpress and Store.

Let’s start with the Store coupons. Stores do provide exclusive coupons for this Black Friday. They are similar to the coupons shown below:

UNGREEN Flagship Store

Combining Aliexpress coupon codes and flat coupons along with in-store coupon work in mysterious ways. Last time on 11.11, I tried to get the lowest price for products while applying the combination with the $5 off on every $30. On a few products, the coupon codes were not working. The reason was either “all being used” or “below the total amount needed for the coupon to apply”. You can try combining them in any way possible with different coupon codes.

Tip: Look for coupon codes in images provided by sellers on a specific product page.

5) Coins & Cashback

Coins are rarely applicable on this Black Friday until this year’s 11.11 and the same goes for the cashback. It should also be noted that cashback is only available for limited countries such as the US, Spain, and France.

How To Get The Ultimate Discount on Aliexpress Black Friday 2022?

You can apply this formula:

90% Black Friday products + $4 off on every $30 spent (max $12) + Aliexpress coupon and/or In-store coupon + cashback (if available) + coins (if available) = THE ULTIMATE DISCOUNT

Landing Pages For Aliexpress Black Friday 2022

Recommended Tech Stores for AliExpress Black Friday

Disclaimer: Below are affiliate links to the product. We might earn a small commission if you purchase from the links below. This will help this blog keep running.

For phones and smartwatches

  • HongKong Goldway:  Xiaomi phones & products.
  • YouGeek Store: Best prices of some Redmi phones and smartwatches
  • Shenzhen Pophong Store: For almost every brand flagship phones for the best price
  • Poco Online Store: The best price for some phones, Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro and Mi TV stick 4K.
  • Fantacy Technology: Xiaomi smartphones and accessories-related store. Selling all the latest Nothing, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco phones for the best price.
  • Amazfit Official store: (Amazfit only products) Coupons of $15 off Coupon on $15.01, $90 off on $100.
Amazfit official store

For electronics

  • TookFun Appliance Store: (Xiaomi, Mijia, and other Xiaomi partners products), $40 Off Coupon on $400, $5 Off Coupon on $300, $2 Off Coupon on $150.
TookFun Appliance Store

For Earbuds

Edifier Online Store


QCY Official Store

For Phone Accessories

  • UNGREEN Flagship Store: $5 off coupon on $69, $5 off coupon on 5.01, $4 off coupon on $4.01. Good phone accessories
UNGREEN Flagship Store
BASEUS Global Store

Aliexpress Black Friday 2022 Coupon Codes


ValueMinimum spendCode Name
US $6$50BFS6
US $13$110BFS13
US $22$180BFS22
US $30$250BFS39
Available for countries EXCEPT shipping to RU, UZ, AM, KZ, TJ, BY, MD, AZ, TM, KG, GE, ES, FR, BR, KR, US, SA, BH, KW, OM, QA, AE


Promo page

Key Benefits:

  • 10% cashback
  • US$3 off every $30 spent (max $9)
ValueMinimum spendCode Name
US $7$50BFUS7
US $15$100BFUS15
US $30$200BFUS30
US $60$400BFUS60
Available from December 24th to December 29th


Promo Page

Value for money

  • All for R$16,9: Choose any 3-10 to enjoy free shipping
  • Under US$50: Get top items at affordable prices
  • At a minimum: 50% off Shop amazing items with a mega discount
  • Spend & Save: R$15 off every R$150 spent (max R$45)
  • Cashback

Faster Shipping:

  • Bestsellers with 5% cashback: Get up to 90% off during our sale
  • Faster Shipping with 5% cashback: Shop items that ship within 24 hours

Top Brands

  • Maximize your savings with up to 90% off


  • Soccer fever: It’s game time—save up to 70% off
  • Top Christmas Picks Shop merry deals for the holidays
ValueMinimum spendCode Name
Valid during 2022. 11.24 5:00:00 – 11.30 4:59:59 BRT


Promo Page

  • Spend & Save: Save $4 on $30, $8 on $60, $12 on $90
  • 3 to 10 days delivery
  • Top Christmas Picks
  • Top Brands
ValueMinimum spendCode Name
Valid from Nov. 21 at 09:00 to Nov. 30 at 08:59 (Spanish peninsular time)

Below are coupon codes for these pages only:

Essentials for this winter: Winter fashion | Winter home | winter appliances

ValueMinimum SpendCode Name


Promo Page

Key Benefits

  • Up to 90% off
  • 3€ off every 25€ spent
ValueMinimum SpendCode Name

Below are coupon codes for the Winter venue page only:

ValueMinimum SpendCode Name
From 11/01-11/30 23:59:59 PST

For UAE (AE, OM, KW, QA, BH) and Saudi Arabia

ValueMinimum spendCode Name
US $2.1$8Arab8
US $4$38.6Arab15
US $7.9$77.6Arab30
US $11.8$45Arab45


ValueMinimum spendCode Name
US $5$40KR1124
US $7$60KR1125
US $15$100KR1126
US $18$150KR1127
US $30$200KR1128

Below are for this page only.

ValueMinimum spendCode Name
US $3$20AEKR3D
US $5$35AEKR35D
US $7$50AEKR7D
US $12$80AEKR7D
US $18$120AEKR18D

Q/A Section

When is Aliexpress Black Friday 2022?

Aliexpress Black Friday 2022 will start from November 25 to November 29.

Does Aliexpress have a Black Friday Sale?

Yes, Aliexpress does have a black Friday sale every year.

Hope you all love the article. If you have more coupons and deals don’t forget to share them here in the comments. Happy shopping!