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[Exclusive] Android 11 Beta 1 Chat Bubble Feature Is Already Present in 2 Years Old Flyme 7

On June 11th, Google officially launched Android 11 Beta 1. One of the features is the Android 11 Beta 1 chat bubble floating on the screen. 

Getting in detail, Google has added a floating chat bubble in Android 11 Beta 1 update and the notification bar at the top provides a dialogue notification option. When the notification arrives, the user can open the bubble and create a conversation shortcut on the home screen or set a reminder.

Flyme 7 Chat bubble small Window mode
Android 11 Beta Chat bubble feature

The surprising aspect we notice is that this chat bubble feature is already present in the two years old Flyme 7 UI of the Meizu smartphones. The feature is called small window mode in the UI.

Flyme 8.1 Small window mode 2.1

Though it’s the start of this feature in Android 11, however, in Flyme, Meizu has already updated it to small window mode 2.1 in the latest Flyme 8.1. In this update, Flyme adjusted the outgoing method, optimized the operating experience in WeChat, and even grabbed red envelopes in small window mode.

Small window mode 2.1 is supported by WeChat, QQ, DingTalk, TIM, and other chat applications.

How Meizu’s Flyme Window Mode 2.1 is Much Advancer Than Google’s Android 11 Beta 1 Chat Bubble Feature?

Quoting WeChat as an example, when reading the public number/browsing the circle of friends, you can also actively call out WeChat to send a message without interrupting the current operation. As for the Chinese red envelope, you will automatically enter the small window when you receive the red envelope, without jumping out of the current page.

The small window mode support double-touch to exit. It also selects the exit method according to the user’s habits, effectively reducing the false touch rate. These features are not present in the Android 11 Beta 1 chat bubble feature.

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