Android 11

Android 11 Gets Root By Magisk APK Author John Wu

Today, on April 20, after 60 days of waiting, Android 11 finally broke through and was successfully ROOT. Andriod 11 root was done by Magisk APK author ‘John Wu’, which was first released in the Canary version. It seems that it still needs to be repaired and improved.

Wu said that this time ROOT is suitable for Pixel users who have installed the Android 11 Developer Preview v2.1 version. However, some Pixel 2 users have reported that ROOT has failed.

Android 11 Magisk Root

Later, John Wu confirmed that Android 10 SAR devices also have ROOT errors. After all, it is the Canary version. The developer promises to follow up to solve the BUG and release the update as soon as possible.

However, Wu Great God also mentioned that after Google introduces SafetyNet hardware certification, ROOT will be difficult to perform and reach to the user.

Currently, Magisk is a widely-used ROOT APK. At the same time, it is similar to Xposed and supports a large number of personalized frameworks and tools.

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