Android Q Beta 4 Featured

Android Q Beta 4 Releases – Adds Essential Phone, API Freeze

This morning, Google released Android Q Beta 4, the latest beta after the May 3 I/O Conference Beta 3 went live. This version freezes the API (level 29), which means that application developers can fully test the functionality, compatibility, and stability of the app based on this version.

According to the previously announced timeline, after Beta 4, Q3 also has two beta versions of Beta 5 and Beta 6. The official version is expected to meet with you in August.

Android Q Beta Timeline Release

At present, the Android developer’s official website has launched a factory image (APP4.190502.018) for all Pixel phones (including Pixel 3a/3a XL) and pushes related smartphone users who have registered the Beta project. Interestingly, The Essential Phone has also been awarded Beta 4.

 Android Q Beta 4 screenshot

In terms of change, Android Q Beta 4 added native face unlocking, gesture navigation added rotation lock floating button, bottom strip lengthening, notification management to introduce priority prompt icon, status bar notification message can be cleared from any direction, and so on.

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