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Apple A11 Geekbench Benchmark Hits – 2X Points than Android SoCs

Two days back, we witnessed the release of three new Apple flagships: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. All of these flagships integrates the same new Apple A11 Bionic SoC. Two days after its release we already have Apple A11 Geekbench Benchmark, and the results are surprising.

Apple A11 Bionic Configuration

First of all, speaking about the configuration of the SoC, A11 is a processor based on a 64-bithexacore design. It consists of two high-performance cores and four low power cores.

apple-a11 Geekbench benchmark detail 1

In comparison with the previous A10 Fusion SoC, the high-performance cores are 25% faster. Meanwhile, the four low power cores are 70% faster than those of A11 Fusion SoC. When working together at the same time, all the six cores generate up to 70% greater performance for multithreaded workloads.

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Apple A11 SoC specs

Apple A11 Geekbench Benchmark

Running Apple A11 on Geekbench generates unbelievable scores. In comparison with the recent high-end Android SoCs such as Snapdragon 835, Helio X30, Kirin 960, and Exynos 8895, the performance of A11 is twice in single core and nearly twice in multi-core performance as well.


Looks like Android SoC manufacturer will again need a complete year, to cross Apple A11 SoC in the benchmarks.


Apple A11 Geekbench Benchmark
Grey: Apple A11, Purple: Exynos 8895, Green: Snapdragon 835, Red: Kirin 960, Orange: MTK Helio X30

In the Geekbench Benchmark, Apple A11 scored more than 4000 points in single-core performance and about 10,000 points in multi-core performance. Whereas:

  • Snapdragon 835 scored 2000 in single core and 6400 in multi core
  • Kirin 960 scored 1850 in single core and 6600 in multi core
  • Exynos 8895 scored 2000 in single core and 6800 in multi core
  • Helio X30 scored 1800 in single core and 5600 in multi core
SoCsApple A11Samsung Exynos 8895Snapdragon 835Kirin 960Helio X30
Single Core (may vary in every test)40612000200018501800
Multi Core (may vary in every test)99596800640066005600

In conclusion, Apple once again rules over benchmarks with 100% better performance in single core and 60% in the multi core.

The only high-end SoC left to release is Kirin 970, this year. Will it be able to beat Apple A11? We will find out soon.