iOS 17

Apple iOS 17 to Roll Out with Enhanced Accessibility Features

On the mark of the 12th Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Apple is working on new cognitive assistance for people with hearing and speaking disabilities. The iOS 17 marks a feature that will increase the accessibility of the software and help people have the best experience when it comes to using their Apple devices. 

Leak Highlights

  • The sneak peek of the iOS 17 is here with exciting new features
  • The live speech will allow aphasic users to write during calls
  • Users at risk of aphasia can record 15 minutes of audio to create a voice similar to their voice
  • The point and speak allows users to read the text label with the help of the magnifier app
  • Apple will also be working on enhancing the voice control for a better user experience 

Features of the iOS 17

Users with cognitive impairments can take benefit from Assistive Access. It will help people with better interface with basic functions and features of applications to enhance the experience. The new feature will help reduce the cognitive load on the user.

iOS 17

Consumers can now enter the words and let the phone say them out loud. The live speech will work even during phone and Facetime calls or can be used for face-to-face communication. 

Moreover, users can use randomly generated text prompts or record their audio in the upcoming Apple iOS 17. And the device will help create a voice similar to theirs. The Personal voice feature would be very helpful for users at risk of aphasia. 

Users who are blind or have low vision can benefit from the Point and Speak feature. Apple will be taking help from the input of the camera and lidar sensor, combined with device-side machine learning. The magnifier app will help users read about text labels for added usability. 

iOS 17

Voice control features will help consumers help in text editing through voice suggestions, and help have an easier interface with the devices. There will also be a guide for tips and tricks so users can get the most out of their iPhones. Consumers will be able to resize the text on different Apple devices. Furthermore, Siri’s speed can also be increased and decreased depending on the users in the next iOS 17 update.

All these new features of the iPhone make it a better and more enjoyable experience for users with hearing and seeing disability. Apple is working hard on making its next big update, iOS 17, the ultimate choice for every user.

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)