Apple iPhone SE 4

Apple iPhone SE 4 To Remove The Iconic Home Button

Today, industry insider Analyst Ross Young revealed that the Apple iPhone SE 4 is planned to be 5.7 and 6.1 inches in two sizes, possibly upgraded to an OLED screen.

Based on Ross Young’s information, Apple Hub drew the iPhone SE 4 rendering. Compared with the iPhone SE 3, the biggest change of the iPhone SE 4 is the upgrade to the bangs screen, so the iPhone may completely say goodbye to the Home button era.

Using the 6.1-inch OLED panel in the iPhone SE 4 can certainly be a more premium option as that’s the same display technology used in the iPhone 14 models but that will mean apple would have to raise the price. But Apple is still undecided regarding which display type and size the next-gen iPhone SE should be.

iPhone SE 4 Display

As we all know, since the iPhone X, Apple has been using the bangs screen solution in order to be able to achieve 3D face recognition. Inside the bangs notch, Apple has a built-in infrared lens, a floodlight sensor element, a distance sensor, an ambient light sensor, a speaker, a microphone, a front camera, a dot matrix projector and many other precision parts.

The dot projector draws your unique face by projecting more than 30,000 light dots invisible to the naked eye onto your face, while the infrared lens reads the dot pattern, pounces on its infrared image, and then sends the data to a secure compartment in the A-series bionic chip to confirm a match, and if it’s consistent, the iPhone will unlock, which is the much talked about Face ID feature.

Now the iPhone SE 4 will also use the bangs screen solution and may implement Face ID. because Face ID is more costly than Touch ID, so do not rule out the possibility of Apple cutting Face ID on the iPhone SE 4.

In addition, the main focus of the iPhone SE series is the low price. Referring to the iPhone SE 3 3499 yuan (480USD) pricing, iPhone SE 4 price should also hover around 3499 yuan (480USD). with Apple’s A-series processor, it will definitely have an impact on the Android models at the same price.

iPhone SE 4

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