Apple TV 4K design and remote

Apple TV 4K Released – A TV Box with 4K HDR Playback and A10X SoC

Today, in Apple conference, the second product released after Apple Watch series 3 was Apple TV. Although it may sound like an Apple Television, it’s not. Apple TV is actually Apple’s new TV Box.  The TV comes in two versions: Apple TV Simple Version and Apple TV 4K.

Apple TV 4K design and remote

Like the rumors, the greatest highlight of the TV Box is the 4K and HDR support. Apple TV is equipped with an A10X processor. The CPU / GPU performance is 2X in comparison to the previous generation.

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K collaborates with Netflix for 4K media and will release Amazon Prime Video support this year. In simple words, Apple TV connects with iTunes to buy and rent HD, HDR, and 4K content. Moreover, it also introduced high-definition broadcasting as well. The two HDR standards include:

  • HDR 10
  • Dolby Vision

Apple TV 4K home

The best part is that if you own a Full-HD movie, Apple will automatically update that movie to 4K resolution without any charges.

The new Apple TV has a Siri remote control integrating a somatosensor to play somatosensory games.

In short, Apple plans to take over home media category.

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Apple TV & Apple TV 4K – Price & Availability

The new Apple TV will start booking on September 15 and the official sale will begin on September 22. Here are the different versions along with pricing:

  • Non-4K Version for $149 (32GB)
  • 4K Version for $179 (32GB)
  • 4K Version for $199 (64GB)

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