Apple Vision Pro | One Of Its Kind AR/VR Headset

Apple has once again captured the eye of every consumer by releasing one of a kind device, Apple Vision Pro. It is the first VR headset with an insane cost of $3499. The device comes with compatibility for both iOS and iPad OS applications. However, it can even be used as an extended display for the Mac. 

Release Highlights

  • Apple has released one of its kind device, the Apple Vision Pro
  • It comes with built-in M2+R1 dual chips. 
  • The device comes with compatibility with iOS and iPad OS applications. 
  • It comes equipped with visionOS, which eye movements, gestures, and voice can use.
  • The device has a 23-megapixel 4K micro OLED screen per eye
  • It features 12 cameras, 5 sensors, and 6 microphones 

Specifications of Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s first head display with some of the most insane specifications. It comes with built-in M2 + R1 dual chips for smooth performance. The device has compatibility with both iOS and iPadOS applications. It can also be used as a Mac extended display. 


The Apple headset runs on visionOS, a new operating system developed for the hybrid display. It can recognize and run with the help of eye movements, gestures, and voice recognition. The device has 23 megapixels, 5 sensors, 12 cameras, and 6 microphones. Furthermore, it has a fan that can cool the computer. 


The headset has a glass front and an aluminum frame, making it feel premium from every angle. It has a headset mask, “Light Seal,” and a “Head Band” strap. The headset is cloth lined and can adjust itself to various face shapes and head sizes. The headband is ribbed and fits around the back of your head. Users can also swap different sizes and styles of mand to make them mode user-friendly. 

Price & Availability 

The Apple Vision Pro Apple has been released on Apple’s website. It has a high price point because of the premium device it is. 

It is priced at $3499

Apple is known for producing some of the greatest devices, and the headset seems like a promising product. Do you think it would be able to capture the VR headset market?

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)