Apps to enhance academic papers writing

4 Effective Apps to Enhance Your Academic Papers

Today’s era has allowed us to obtain multipurpose apps for the optimization of any process. There is no trouble in installing programs for time management and planning. Writing apps exist too but for some reason mentioning them is a rarity. 

Are there apps that compose essays with 0 effort from the user? Well, no. However, versatile applications that can edit anything exist and serve students well.

You won’t need to pay for them. The free parts of their rich toolbars will suffice to help you compose the best essays. And we have at least 4 options you can make use of during work on your academic papers of any kind. 

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Why Use Those Apps While Working on Academic Papers? 

Momentous detection of errors 

These apps highlight all the mistakes. Moreover, they provide options that can replace the problematic component. 

Better wording 

Sometimes we write huge and complex sentences without noticing. Those apps can offer simpler alternatives for wordy phrases. 

Easy to work with 

When you exhaust yourself, you stop noticing small issues. Gladly, all those apps are user-friendly. They make editing swift and effective without sucking your energy out. 

Passive writing enhancement 

When you let the same errors happen and correct them a great many times you become more literate. And soon you’ll notice the improvement by taking a look at scores from those apps. 

Best Essay & Academic Writing Apps 2021

1) Hemingway App

hemingway app

The Hemingway Editor is a simple-use editing application that will make your essays clearer. It gives ideas on how to form better expressions and simplify wordy sentences. Also, it automatically creates statistics on the text of any complexity. It will highlight everything that the user can enhance in one click. 

The great thing about this app is that it has no restrictions on text length. Your essay can be 2000+ words long but this paper writing app won’t mind. It will still work without missing any spots. 

Unfortunately, it won’t deal with structuring and building logical bridges for you. Additionally, it won’t suggest extra materials to back some of your ideas up. But it’s a powerful editing instrument that won’t ask even for a dime. 


  • Available for Windows and Web only
  • Dedicated to clarity and readiness in professional writing
  • Best detection and professional grade writing
  • Industry’s best sentence detection
  • Rates and grade an article
  • In-depth article information (words, characters, paragraphs, sentences, letters)
  • Highlights different problems with different colors
  • Totally FREE! (no need to sign up)


  • Missing Android, iPhone, and Mac Support

2) Grammarly

grammarly app writing

This app deals with anything. It provides all-around writing assistance. That means, it checks the correctness, clarity, and even the degree of interestingness. 

It will help the user make their essay more engaging and positively sophisticated. And this all goes with condensing the main idea in a smaller number of words. Students who use this app for improving their writing notice that their delivery of ideas becomes more effective. 

Even if you refuse to lay the cash-out, the suggestions are still good, and the statistics are clear. You can unlock extra features by paying but it’s not necessary. 

Like the previous one, it won’t do the actual writing. It’s not a cheap essay writer that will compose the best essay around your main idea. It’s mostly another useful app to edit your academic paper. But it will have enough capacity to assist you in creating literate, clear, and profound papers. Thus, it’s still one of the best essay writing apps.


  • Available on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Web. Even integrates in different browsers and MS Word
  • Checks clarity, tone, structure, other
  • Allows to select different tones and styles, and scan writing according to that tone and style
  • Has free and paid version
  • Synonnym checker
  • Has a plagiarism checker as well


  • Plagiarism checker and advance errors are only available on premium version

3) ProWritingAid


You can’t call it just an essay app. It’s a whole platform for content creators of any kind.  And the finest thing about it is that there is a specific system for enhancing academic papers. It gives detailed reports on any kind of text and also provides extra materials for improving your essays. And whatever operation system there is, it will function properly.

We can describe it as an all-around hub of ideas for anyone who writes anything. Its essay writing program can seem complicated because it detects even microscopic flaws. But it’s effective at its finest. 

Again, it has the free version but you can unlock extra features for the money. By the way, no need to buy it instantly! You can try the free trial that will last for 14 days. And if you understand that you don’t need the whole functionality of this paper writing app, you can use the basic version. 


  • Incredible in-detail report concerning an error
  • Professional level detection
  • Has both free and paid version
  • Cheaper than grammarly (for yearly subscription), also has one time payment option (use forever) option


  • Slightly expensive than Grammarly (for monthly subscription)
  • Lacks some features like plagiarism checker, tone, and clarity checker found in Grammarly

4) EverNote 


This is not particularly an essay writing app but it’s a great extra instrument for writing your essays. Its main purpose is to organize your notes but it’s also great for everyday management.

The main drawback here is that it has limits for uploading. You can upload only 60MB of information per month. Yet, its toolbar will be the perfect fit for occasional writing and organization of your ideas. 

The Verdict 

There are several apps that enhance essays. Yet, it’s almost unrealistic to find a good app that writes essays for you. Even if a thing of this kind exists, it will ask for cash and probably won’t write good papers. It’ll be more effective and overall better to ask for help from Pay for Essay Cheap. 

But if your essay writing mostly needs a bit of editing to become perfect, then proposed apps will be the best choice. And you can combine their usage for ultimate writing perfection!

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Does improving sentence structuring in Academic papers matter?

Yes, an academic paper is required to be free from spelling, grammatical errors and must have proper sentence structuring.

Do apps enhance academic writing?

Apps do improve academic writing up to 80% by correcting almost everything including spelling grammatical errors, poor sentence structuring, clarity, and tone. Try using a combination of these apps for the best results.