Babahu X1, World’s First AI Toothbrush Will be Launched Next Week

We are excited to inform you that Babahu X1 will be launched on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo next week. You can get the super early bird price at 58% discount, which is only available for the first 300 subscribers to babahu newsletter. Don’t miss the opportunity, grab your first AI smart toothbrush now.

Babahu X1

Specifications Of Babahu X1 (World’s First AI Toothbrush)

Babahu X1

The Babahu X1 adopts the cutting edge AI technique for both kids and adults to brush their teeth efficiently, and correctly! It comes with a U-shape mouthpiece design, all you have to do to squeeze the toothpaste and put the mouthpiece in your mouth, then power on to start automatic brushing, the strong sonic power is 12x as powerful as traditional brushing.

It can totally free your hands and get 360°deep clean in just 20 seconds, and enables you to make a cup of coffee, check out today’s news or deal while brushing your teeth!

Babahu X1

The most unique and key feature is that it is built with innovation intelligent partitioning algorithm, the mouthpiece divides your teeth into different areas, like incisor, canine or molar, and then brushes them at different frequencies in the right way.

Moreover, Babahu offers 3 different sizes of mouthpieces for 3 different age ranges (age 2~6, 6~12, above 12), and it intelligently identifies the different mouthpiece solutions for kids and adults, providing the most suitable level of comfort for you.

Babahu X1

The Kids’version built in Audio Alert, good reminders design for brushing. In terms of brushing method, babahu X1 inbuilt with the well-known Bass Technique, which recommended by more than 80% of the dentists worldwide. 6D super soft bristles cover your teeth from 6-side with a specific 45-degree angle. Brushing teeth correctly and scientifically become so simple! The whole toothbrush is anti-drop & IPX7 waterproof which can work well even if you drop it in water.

Babahu X1

Charging not a breeze for the most electric toothbrush, to solve the problem, X1 featured with Qi wireless fast charging, and the standby time incredibly 30 days on a 2-hour charge.

Main Highlights Of Babahu X1 (World’s First AI Toothbrush)

  • Intelligent Partitioning
  • Scientifically proven Bass technique.
  • IPX7 Waterproof and Anti-drop technology.
  • 30-day standby power

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