7 Interesting Benefits of Using Mobile Proxy On Your iPhone

7 Interesting Benefits of Using Mobile Proxy On Your iPhone

Smartphones are the new daily device almost everyone uses for anything. Further, iPhones are the primary choice in the US, with more than half of US citizens using one. Need to check a new product price? Use your iPhone. Want to book a movie or hotel? Use your iPhone. However, with that came various risks, like hackers accessing your iPhone data to get confidential information. Read more about how US residential proxies can help protect your iPhone usage.

What are Residential Proxies?

Proxy servers are intermediary servers that conceal your device from the internet. Think of it as wearing gloves, where you don’t directly touch whatever you’re interacting with and thus leave no fingerprint behind. Residential proxies use IP addresses that ISPs directly provide, as it’s linked with home devices making them more secure.

As such, residential options are much safer than data center proxies and provide almost complete anonymity. A branch of residential proxy servers is mobile proxies.

What is Residential Proxy

Differences Between Mobile Proxy and Other Proxies

Mobile ProxyOther Proxies
More Dynamic IP address poolsLimited dynamic IP address pools or static
IP address changes way frequentlyIP address changes less frequently
Safer and More AnonymousNot that safe and anonymous

Mobile proxies often have more dynamic IP address pools, which means the IP address changes more frequently. You can consider it similar to a rotating proxy, except it doesn’t necessarily have to use a new IP address for each new connection. Mobile proxy servers are often much safer and even more anonymous than the usual ones, especially if they’re US residential proxies. 

The Benefits of Proxies on Mobile

We’ve spoken about what a mobile proxy is for iPhone users. Now, let’s dive deeper into the benefits iPhone users can expect when they use mobile US residential proxies.

1) Increased Online Security

The first and most apparent benefit is increased online security. These proxies hide your IP address, making it unlikely that hackers and other cybercriminals can track you through your IP address. 

It also helps prevent malicious attacks on your device, especially if you’ve clicked an obscure link or used a public network. Some of the best mobile proxies also block malicious websites, acting like a firewall.

2) Access Different Geo-Locations

You can set residential proxies to any location, and the same holds for the mobile variant. You can access other countries and see geo-blocked information. This feature helps you access shows, games, or any other data the authority restricts to that specific area. 

Accessing other locations also helps if you’re in a different country and want to check offers in other countries or back home. It’s also good to visit websites that only allow residents of a specific country to access the site. This way you can get the best prices and offers available.

3) Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

If you have a job that requires various social media accounts, you might have been struggling with managing these accounts from one device. That’s because many social media platforms, like Instagram, limit the number of accounts you can have on one IP. 

However, using a proxy means you can change the device’s IP address and thus access all of the accounts using just your iPhone. It makes it much easier to manage your social media, as you won’t get IP bans for having too many accounts on the same IP.

4) Accurate Price Comparisons

You can gather much more accurate information using web scrapers and other tools using mobile proxies. Part of it is finding precise price comparisons. Some products are much cheaper in other countries, like when a game releases in multiple locations. 

You can find the best prices for an item you want and see which option is ideal, especially since it gives you the costs in that location without the retailers changing it to fit your current location.

5) Access Localized Information

While you can use the proxy to access information in another geolocation, you can filter the results to only localized data. That means you get more accurate results that apply to you rather than information from an irrelevant location.

6) Faster Internet Connection

When you access sites, data is automatically cached. However, a lot of cached data can slow down your connection. Using a mobile proxy means it caches the data for you on the server’s side, ensuring you have a speedier connection and won’t clutter up your device and browser.

7) Block Cookies

Cookies track your online activity and remember your choices when you visit a website. It’s why when you visit an online store, go away, and return later; you’ll receive recommended items or a “pick up where you left off” notification. 

However, it also logs your browsing history, which you’ll have to delete if you want to browse anonymously. With a mobile proxy, it downloads the cookies but doesn’t pass them on to your device, so you don’t need to worry about wiping your history.

Use Proxies to Secure Your Mobile Browsing

US residential proxies and mobile variants are valuable because they help you stay safe online. While our phones are the primary device we use daily, it’s often the least protected device we own. We’re used to installing firewalls and proxies with a desktop, but the same risks to desktops also count for smartphones. 

Luckily iPhone users can easily use a proxy, controlling when it’s activated, to what locations it’s set, and what it filters. You can browse online safely and access geo-blocked content like never before,