Here Are The Best 9 Features of Honor MagicOS 7.0

Yesterday, Honor launched its Chinese Honor lineup MagicOS 7.0 operating system. The OS not only greatly improved its intelligence and security capabilities but also made a lot of optimizations to the bottom layer. Plenty of features have been added. What are these features of Honor MagicOS 7.0? Let’s find out:

The 4 Highlights of MagicOS 7.0

Honor has focused this version of the OS on four aspects:

  • Smart interconnection
  • Smart service
  • Smooth performance
  • Privacy and security

MagicRing – A Trust Ring Technology

The best feature among all the MagicOS 7.0 features is the MagicRing which is a cross-device interconnection feature. MagicRing is combined with the platform-level AI capabilities of the Honor Magic Live intelligent engine, to provide auto-discover/auto-connect and ad hoc network connection capabilities for various devices.

It’s the world’s first OS that supports tablet, PC keyboard, and mouse sharing along with automatic orientation recognition.


As you can see in the demonstration above, after the keyboard and mouse sharing is completed, the device positions on both sides of the PC are exchanged. At this time, there is no need to manually switch the keyboard and mouse traversal mode. It will recognize the device’s position and switch the direction by itself.

Now it is possible to operate a phone, tablet, and computer with the same keyboard and mouse, and edit the documents of three devices at the same time.

At the same time, you can also drag and drop pictures, files, documents, etc. across the screen between the computer, phone, and tablet.

In addition, it can support notification sharing, call sharing, application connection, etc., and can be seamlessly connected on different devices.

Honor also announced the open trust ring MagicRing Kits to support more devices support this feature in the future.

Honor Notes – Now Based on MagicRing 

Honor has customized a personal knowledge center for office workers and students which is called Honor Notes. Based on MagicRing, it can support multiple content recording, editing, and collection modes.

Honor Notes also recognizes real-time synchronization and collaboration of data on phones, tablets, and PCs, and supports functions such as an offline collection of information and video excerpts, PDF document editing, simultaneous recording of recordings and notes, and card collection.

Magic Live Smart Engine Upgraded

Magic Live Smart Engine ushered in three major upgrades. MagicOS 7.0 can discover multi-scenario, more comprehensive, and multi-concurrent user perception and comprehension and intentional decision-making.

In short, it is to let the service take the initiative to find and understand users so that the longer the phone is used, the more it “understands you”.


YOYO Smart Assistant

Combined with the magic live smart engine upgrade, YOYO smart assistant can discover the smart check-in reminder function based on your geographical location and user habits. This can provide suggestions directly to the front home screen, eliminating extra steps and you will never forget to check in again.

Furthermore, there are movie viewing reminders, train travel reminders, charging reminders, sports events, and scenic spot recommendations, which can completely act as your electronic personal servant.


The Turbo X System Engine – 2X The Speed of MagicOS 6

This time we have the upgraded Honor OS Turbo X, GPU Turbo X, LINK Turbo X, and intelligent scheduling engine combination which provides a huge leap in performance, system fluency, and network fluency.

OS Turbo X (compared to MagicOS 6.0)

Thanks to AI preloading technology, MagicOS 7.0 has:

  • Application sliding freeze rate reduced by 43%
  • Application startup response delay reduced by 29%
  • In-app click response delay reduced by 22%
  • Desktop operation response delay reduced by 15%
  • Improved battery life (video chat is increased by 20 minutes, short video recording increased by 30 minutes, watching movies is increased by 1 hour)

GPU Turbo X

The GPU Turbo X AI graphics rendering engine based on scene recognition and intelligent scheduling based on scene load can achieve a higher frame rate and lower power consumption.

  • In high-end games at 90 frames, MagicOS 7.0 can reach 89.6 frames (average), and the jitter rate is only 0.11% (better than other Snapdragon 8 Gen1 phones.

Link Turbo X

  • The cellular data network jam rate has been reduced by 83%
  • Jam/freeze time when exiting the elevator has been reduced by 50%

Finally, the Turbo X system engine also launched Turbo X Kits, including four major solutions for games, network acceleration, intelligent scheduling, and fault diagnosis.


MagicGuard – Honor Security Protection System

This time Honor MagicOS is equipped with the MagicGuard Honor security protection system, which protects users in all aspects from the basic layer of Honor’s self-developed secure storage chip to the self-developed dual TEE OS trusted system privacy.

In terms of specific functions, it can accurately identify various fraudulent methods, set up anti-fraud protection, and effectively identify and intercept them, and in actual operation, users cannot make identified fraudulent calls.

For suspected fraudulent applications, the system will also mark them to remind you not to install them, even if they are installed forcibly, they cannot be used online.

Even after installing a suspected fraudulent application on the parent’s phone or even replying to the fraudulent text message, the children can receive the message immediately on their phone to prevent scamming the elder audience.


In addition, Honor’s MagicOS 7.0 for the first time has installed a bank’s U-shield into the phone, allowing the phone to transfer up to 5 million yuan in a single transaction.

Finally, the capabilities of the MagicGuard Glory security guard system will also be open to third-party partners to launch MagicGuard Kits, which Alipay has already connected.

Flow Design – Perfect Ally For Personalization

Speaking a bit about the design of this operating system, it also has a lot of upgrades in the interface and interaction, since this time it has a specific section to improve the visual part: Flow Design. When creating MagicOS 7.0, it was decided to use “Flow” as its main idea, plus that’s where the name comes from.

Not only does it have vibrant and eye-catching colors for users of all types, but the designs were also created to improve the available space on the phone’s screen. The plans can be changed whenever you want and are interchangeable with each other.


It also has the HONOR Sans font, which is easy to read, and claims to be the industry’s first font that supports double infinite variable weight and middle palace, so its quality is excellent.

It Will Be Open To Changes And Different Developers

Due to the highly competitive world of operating systems, HONOR decided to share its OS with developers worldwide, thus launching MagicRing, MagicLive, Turbo X, and MagicGuard to the global market.

This plan also has 22 kits that cover five main scenarios, offering the possibility of co-developing up to 32 new features.

In the same way, there are plans that state that a public beta version of MagicOS 7.0 is going to be used in up to 19 older models of the company, including the HONOR Magic V, Magic3 Supreme Edition, Magic3 Pro, Magic3, and V40, which will get it this month.


HONOR Health – Special Recommendations to Improve Health

In addition to significant advances and features, HONOR announced that this OS has unique cards related to exercise, being in the HONOR Health app. In these, you can find more than 300 suggestions for different programs, exercises, and movements to maintain good health based on various sports.

Here we present all the main highlights of the Honor MagicOS 7.0 system. Do you think the OS will be worth it? Let us know in the comments!