Alternative to Samsung Smart Switch

Elevate Your Device Switching Experience: Meet the Powerful and Fast Alternative to Samsung Smart Switch

If you are considering switching from another band to Samsung or want to upgrade to the latest Samsung device, you need a data transfer tool. Samsung users think that Samsung Smart Switch is an optimized solution to this problem. However, day by day, technology is evolving, and so are the tools. 

Thus, we will introduce the best alternative to Samsung Smart Switch to keep you updated with the innovative invention. The powerful alternative to Samsung Smart Switch that can also work as the best Android to Android transfer app is Wondershare MobileTrans. Thus, jump to the next part to discover more about these premium-grade tools.

How to Transfer the Data With The Help of Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung introduced Samsung Smart Switch, which you can access on both desktop and mobile devices. With this, you can transfer several data types, such as photos and videos. It also has the capability to transfer data with or without using cables. 

Above all, you are also free to transfer the larger media files by using this tool. If you are curious about the procedure of data transferring with this tool, the understated instructions will help you a lot:

Step 1: On your Samsung Galaxy, search for “Samsung Smart Switch” and launch it. Accept the “Terms and Services” and tap “Continue.” To grant permission to Smart Switch, hit the “Allow” button, and from your old Android device, select “Send Data.” 

Samsung Smart Switch Tutorial Data Transfer Step 1

Step 2: Next, hit the “Wireless” option, and from your new Samsung, press “Receive Data.” Select the “Galaxy/Android” option and choose “Wireless.” On your old phone, select ‘Allow” and establish a connection between both devices. 

Samsung Smart Switch Tutorial Data Transfer Step 2

Step 3: Select the content you wish to move and hit the “Next” option. Wait a few moments, and once the transfer is completed, select the “Go To the Home Screen” option. From the home screen, you can access recently transferred data. 

Samsung Smart Switch Tutorial Data Transfer Step 3

The Game-Changing Alternative to Samsung Smart Switch | How Does Wondershare MobileTrans Works

Wondershare MobileTrans is one of the most known platforms to transfer data running on the same and different operating systems. It supports over 6000+ Android devices, giving you great extensibility and options. The interface of MobileTrans is well-established and tidy, so you can use it without getting bored. The data transferring speed of this exclusive tool is blazing fast, so you can transfer data without waiting for hours. 

Wondershare MobileTrans supports 18+ types of data which lets you quickly transfer videos, photos, audio, contacts, messages, and other things. One of the best things for Android users is they can also transfer iCloud data to Android with this tool. Moreover, you can also use this tool to export essential data to computer devices. 

Key Feature of Wondershare MobileTrans

  • With MobileTrans, you can transfer every bit of data from your old to your new phone. It also lets you make selective transfers with full customization.
  • The App Transfer feature helps you to transfer app data so you will not lose track of your performance. The apps that can be moved with this tool are Viber, Kik, WeChat, and others. 
  • It also supports the Backup and Restoration feature. Through this, you can back up your essential WhatsApp data and recover lost WhatsApp data.
  • The playlist Transfer feature of MobileTrans is specifically designed to allow users to transfer the playlist from several platforms. 

Instructions to Follow for Transferring Data from Android to Android with Wondershare MobileTrans

If you want to make the data process easier, then follow the instructions guided below to transfer your entire data from your old Android to your new Android device:

Step 1: Open MobileTrans to Begin Transfer

When you open the MobileTrans application on your computer, continue to select the “Phone Transfer” category from the available options on the home screen. Move forward by selecting the “Phone to Phone” tool. 

Transferring Data from Android to Android with Wondershare MobileTrans - Step 1

Step 2: Ensure both Phones are Connected to the Computer 

Make sure to connect both of your phones to the computer by using the original data cables. After the devices are successfully connected, press “Flip” to adjust the “Source” and “Destination.” 

Transferring Data from Android to Android with Wondershare MobileTrans - Step 2

Step 3: Begin Selecting Files for Transfer 

Continue to select the old Android device content that you need to transfer. For this purpose, tick the respective checkbox of the individual data type. If you want to select the entire content list, press the “Select content to copy” checkbox. Once file selection is completed, press the “Start” button. The data transfer process will begin and therefore wait for some time.

Transferring Data from Android to Android with Wondershare MobileTrans - Step 3

Part 3: A Detailed Comparison Between Samsung Smart Switch and Wondershare MobileTrans

If you are confused about which tool to select as your Android-to-Android transfer app, check the following table because it will help you identify the best tool.

MetricWondershare MobileTransSamsung Smart Switch
Receive Data on Any Android DeviceYesNo (Only Galaxy Series Supported)
Restore WhatsApp Deleted DataYesNo
Transfer Data to iPhoneYesNo
Transfer PlaylistsYesNo
Transfer WhatsApp BusinessYesNo
Transfer SpeedExtremely FastMedium
Lag During Data TransferNoA little bit
Transfer Other Social Apps DataYesNo


You have discovered a powerful alternative to Samsung Smart Switch in the following article. The name of this alternative is Wondershare MobileTrans, and it offers many intuitive features. This Android-to-Android data transfer app offers many assistive features to users. By reading this article, you also learned the procedure of transferring data with both MobileTrans and Samsung Smart Switch.