The Best Study Guide & Online Apps For Students

The Best Study Guide & Online Apps For Students

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Every one of us has been in this situation: we need to prepare for an exam, but we are not satisfied with the quality of our knowledge and the speed at which we get it. When we sit down for lessons, we don’t know where to start. We bring you a perfect study guide where we will enlighten you on how to spend the study time in a useful way and how to organize the study sessions at home.

Study guide

How to make a study guide

To prepare for exams or organize the study process at home, you need to make an effective study guide. To do this you need to:

  1. Organize yourself. First of all, do not skip classes, participate in class discussions, and do not ignore homework.
  2. Take notes. Take notes in class in a notebook or notebook, for example, if something seemed important to you or you didn’t understand something. Clarifying what you don’t understand and writing down what is important will help you remember and absorb information better.
  3. Don’t hesitate to ask. If you don’t understand something, ask the teacher, try to ask him for a list of topics that will be on the exam.
  4. Take notes. It may seem boring and unnecessary, but notes will help you put your knowledge into a brief form, in addition, written repetition of already studied will reinforce the information obtained.

The best online tools for organizing the learning process

To help you be more efficient, and to properly separate leisure and work, we’ve put together free online best study tools to help you get more work done and save you time to spend on yourself.


This is an app that simplifies your work with lots of features. Blinkist helps you choose the right book by giving you a 15-minute summary. You can also choose the types of books you want to read and mark them for future reading. This way, the app selects books based on your preferences, which can save you time navigating and searching. Over time, you can spend more time reading and learning.


The best helper in organizing your work. The app allows you to save notes, attach files, manage tasks, and share messages with friends.

Write Monkey

It will help you get away from distractions and focus fully on your studies. The program runs a full-screen mode that blocks programs on your computer so they don’t distract your attention. It also contains dictionaries, encyclopedias, word statistics, and spell checkers, as well as information about the subject you are writing about.


If you need to share learning materials you’ve downloaded or created, or you just want to keep them separate so you can access them at any time, then use Dropbox. The service will allow you to store all of your files up to 2GB for free.


This program was made in order to help you download and organize the information you find online. Instead of thousands of paper notes all in one program.

Movavi Screen Recorder

If you have ever wondered how to record video on pc, this program will come to your rescue. Need to create a video for college? Need to record a lecture or something from websites? Movavi Screen Recorder is great for those tasks. You can record your whole screen or just part of it. With this program, your lectures will always be at your fingertips.


If you need to recall any study information from any resources, use this app. You can use it to create flashcards on various subjects, tests, quizzes. All this will help consolidate your knowledge.


If you’re for web study and like to work with someone in a pair or group, or just want to find a study partner, then use this program. In it you can easily collaborate on projects with partners, save notes, study guides and track your progress.

Marinara Timer

Remember, you can’t learn without end. Our brains aren’t programmed to work all the time, and at some point, they just “shut down.” Marinara Timer will help you organize your learning process in time. For example, you can work for 25 minutes and then take a five-minute break.


If you are unsure of your grammar and spelling or just want to check your text, use the free Grammarly tool. It will correct gross errors as well as tell you how to make your text more digestible.

The best offline tools for organizing your learning process

But it’s not just apps and programs that will help you increase your productivity. Here are some tangible things that will make the learning process easier.

Earplugs or headphones

If you get distracted by extraneous noise that keeps you from concentrating when you’re studying, use earplugs or put music in your headphones. Just don’t include songs – you’ll be constantly distracted by them. It is better to find a selection of non-distracting music that will just play in the background while you write your notes or do your homework. But if you are distracted by even distracting background music, you can use earplugs.

A stand for your tablet or phone

If you often watch lectures or other videos outside the home, a special stand will come in handy. You won’t have to hold your device with your hands, and they won’t get tired. Plus, you can take out your notebook and start taking notes.

A Water Bottle

You have probably heard that it is good to drink a lot of water. Water not only helps to “moisten the throat,” but also provides the body with nutrients and improves brain function. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a bottle of water with you. 

Self-adhesive stickers

Write important terms or a task that needs to be done on them and hang them around the apartment. That way you’ll always remember what you need to know. It’s really useful for your study plans.

It’s not enough to learn everything you need to know in order to stick with you forever. Information that we do not use, over time, goes from the active memory to the passive memory, where it is not so easy to get. So if you don’t want to lose your grip, don’t just memorize, but use the new knowledge in practice. Even if they are purely theoretical, you can have discussions with colleagues and other students, revise notes, read or even write articles on your topic, etc. And free study tools will help you better organize your learning process and increase its efficiency.