A Perfect Guide To Choose The Best Essay Writing Service Intelligently

Essay writing services have gained enormous popularity in recent years, and because of that, there are a very large number of them available, so it is a bit difficult to choose the right one. Because of that, and to help you a little, we are going to give you the best tips and advice in this perfect guide to choosing the best essay writing service in the most intelligent way!

Some introduction if you are new to online writing.

What is an essay writing service?

As its name may suggest, academic essay writing services are a field of work and web platforms where you can see professional writers and content creators creating written materials for users, mostly students, according to the orders that are made or with the specifications. that are given to them. These services can be used at different levels of education, as well as high school, university, institutes, masters, and more.

Are essay writing services legit?

Without a doubt, and as expected, there is a certain amount of essay writing services that are illegitimate, however, if a good search is made following certain criteria if it is possible to find legitimate services of this type.

Hiring a person to write vs hiring a writing service company

Although it can be seen as identical, the reality is that the difference between hiring a specific person and a writing service company is huge. Although writing services have gained enormous popularity in recent years, the reality is that the people working in them have many responsibilities to fulfill in a generally short time, which could result in essays that may not be as detailed or as good quality.

On the other hand, when hiring a person, on Fiverr or Freelancer, for example, is much better, since not only can you have a totally direct connection with them, but you can also take the time necessary to not only write the requested paper but can also be perfected hand in hand with the user’s demands, thus resulting in a very good quality work.

Why go for a person to write:

Freelancer on Fiverr or FreelancerWriting Company
Pros1. Direct contact
2. Much more in-depth writer’s portfolio and reviews
3. Gives dedicated time to your work
4. Payment protection on Fiverr, Freelancer, or Upwork
5. Can be cheaper than writing companies (since there’s no company to take commission)
1. Professionalism (timely submission,
2. Writers’ portfolio is 100% verified by the company.
3. You don’t have to worry about selecting a writer. The company can do that for you.
Cons1. The portfolio might not be verified
2. Some cases of unprofessional behavior (not timely submission, poor quality)
1. Expensive
2. High chances of getting scammed (there are many fake writing services on the internet)
3. Fake reviews everywhere except Reddit

When to go for an essay writing service?

This depends a lot on the user looking for the service. In some cases, people often use essay writing services due to a lack of knowledge about a topic, or because of little information related to what they have to write. However, they can also be used by people who do not have much time available to do the essays and need a little help to get out of trouble. Some people say that I need help to do my admission essay, do my assignment essay, or do my work essay. Without a doubt, each person’s case is different, and they will seek the help of these services when they deem it convenient and useful.

Consider going for a writing service if:

  • You have not enough time
  • You have don’t have proper skills to write a piece of information
  • You need a helping hand

Please don’t consider a writing service if:

  • You are assigned a work/assignment/homework which is only meant for you so that you can improve your skills

Hiring writing services to complete your homework, thesis, assignments, or work is completely unethical and might result in bad scenarios (firing, cheating, negative marking, rustication) if you are found doing so. Instead of asking to write a complete article ask the writing services to help you write a piece of information. You can even write something with your ideas in it and ask the writing service to rewrite/proofread it. This way you will be credited for your ideas and the work will be professional.

Read our “Hiring Online Writing Service To Write Essays | Cheating or Not?” article to know more about hiring online writing services as unethical, cheating or not, and discuss with us.

Instead of asking to write, ask them to help you write

Writing vs Rewriting/Proofreading

Pros1. The only option if you don’t have the slightest idea about a topic
2. Least hard work required by you and the most by the writer
3. The only option if you don’t even know how to write
4. The highest quality is possible
1. Your ideas are retained
2. You know what the content is all about
3. It’s your work but much improved
4. Least writer’s biasedness or totally unbiased
5. Much faster than writing
6. Chance of comparing your old work and the newly written work and learning from it
Cons1. Writer can be biased
2. Your ideas are not present
3. You have the least idea what is written in the content
4. Expensive than rewriting
5. Can take some time
1. Can get the highest quality but at the expense of eliminating crucial things or as said by the proofreader

How to choose the best essay writing service?

Check 1: First check whether they are authentic or not

To achieve this, a series of recommendations can be followed, among which are the following:

1. Check review websites: Trustpilot and Reddit

By using websites specialized in reviews, you will be able to obtain a more general vision of how service works, as well as its pros and cons. In addition to that, independent reviews are better than collective reviews, since they tend to speak with a higher level of honesty and, therefore, provide a more objective, credible, and reliable response.  

2. Time on the internet

This, while it may be a bit subjective for some people, is undoubtedly one of the biggest points to consider when choosing a good essay writing service. Yes, the best service is the one that offers a better quality of writing, more options and everything in the provided time, however, the time it has been in the market gives it a huge advantage over the most recent services, since it can find a higher level of experience and, therefore, better results. The more time on the internet, the better the results are going to be.

3. Essay writing service’s location of operation and writers’ locations matter a lot

Although it is a bit difficult to understand, the place where a writing service is located, as well as the places where the writers are from are of the utmost importance; This is because, depending on where they live, they will have a better or worse knowledge of the languages they are going to write in. For instance: Indian writers < British writers for English UK writing o Panama < Spain for Spanish writing.


Check 2: Check the quality of the articles

 1. Ask for a sample article related to your subject and do a plagiarism, spelling, grammar check.

This will not only help you to confirm if it is a real writing service, but it will also give you an idea of what the essay requested would be like officially. Also, and thanks to that little “preview”, you will be able to see how the page works in general, as well as the way to communicate with the writers.

2. Check the list of writers offered by that essay writing service.

In general, essay writing services, within all the information they provide to users, place a list of the writers who work there. Thanks to this information, you will not only be able to see the number of people working on the website, but it will also allow you to search for information about them, and check if they are the people who claim to be on the page, as well as your employment history.

3. See the writer’s qualifications

This point goes very hand in hand with the previous one. The qualification of a writer can be seen on the same website, however, you can also search on the internet to see the work done, and the opinions that people have had about them.

4. Always select one from the list of writers which is specific to your field/subject or writing style.

On websites of this type, an enormous number of types of papers are offered, as well as subjects with which they can be worked. Also, in general, these have people specifically prepared or trained to write about a specific topic, so, to obtain the best results, the idea is to choose a writer who is specific to your field or subject or even a specific writing style. This will not only result in a good essay but by choosing the writing style, the result could be seen more naturally, as if it had been written by the user himself.

5. Also see the reviews of the customers regarding that writer.

As mentioned before, people’s reviews of a certain website or writer are of the utmost importance, and they will be very helpful when choosing the person who will write your essay. This can be done through the same reviews on the website, although you can also search specialized sites such as Trustpilot and Reddit.

Check 3: Check the deadline and match it with the essay writing time of delivery

The best essay writing services must follow certain guidelines, however, one of the most important is the punctuality with which they deliver the papers. Being punctual not only indicates responsibility, that a deadline was set for both the writer and the person who requested the service, but it also shows the user that there is professionalism. Thanks to this, the possibility will be created for the user to return to the service requesting more papers.

Check 4: Don’t be a cheapster!

As in many aspects of life, you have to be very aware of the fact that the cheapest is not always the best. The industry standard is set from $15 up to $50 per page or 500 words, in whatever style is needed, including delivery time, writing type, revisions, and quick response from the writer to the user. Because of this, anything below $15 must be reviewed carefully, precisely because of the aforementioned premise.

Having said that, services are offering to write a page for a price as low as $5, and while it is possible that they can provide quality results, you must always remember that quality>price. If you are not satisfied and the quality is even poor, it’s not worth paying even a single penny.

We have also created the list of high-quality yet super-cheap essay writing services on the internet. Be sure to give it a check.

Check 5: Do they provide free revisions?

A good essay writing service must provide revisions free of cost or at a low cost. This is a huge attraction on the part of websites for users since it will give them the possibility of not only learning about the subject but also correcting any flaws that they have overlooked.

Check 6: Look for multiple contact options, response time, and 24/7 service, and note the time they take to respond.

Before you choose the best essay writing service, try contacting them on their given contact options, such as phone number, WhatsApp, email, Skype, Facebook, or live chat, to see if they pay attention to requests by these means, as well as how quickly the responses are obtained. If they are a trustworthy and quality website, they will respond in a short time, and they will be completely willing to help you.

We have also compiled a list of the best online essay writing services the internet has to offer, just to save your time and prevent getting scammed.


A Checklist for finding a fake writing service

1. Non-HTTPS websites

In case you find yourself with a non-HTTPS writing service, it is most likely that it is not secured. This not only has the result that, most likely, it is a false website, but also, and if the user gives personal information, this may be in the public domain, thus putting the person at personal and cybernetic risk.

2. Poor reviews or fake reviews

This point is pretty self-explanatory. Reviews with very low or no rating exist for a reason, and you have to pay close attention to them, not only because of the low rating they give to the writing services, but because they also usually explain the factors why the malfunction of the website, or they were not to their liking. Also, and on the review pages, you have to be aware of fake reviews, which are usually too positive and placed by the website itself to improve its reputation.

3. Does the website redirects you to another website?

If the answer to that question is yes, then there is an enormous, not to say that it is the only possibility, is that it is a fake writing service. Not only that, and the pages that do this are usually completely infected with malware. You might end up getting some notifications and pop-ups on the screen of something troublesome like your Windows is corrupt call this number. This is all fake. A page on the internet can never harm your system unless you install the software they provide.

4. Check the design of the website and see if there’s any grammatical or spelling mistake, and poor sentence structuring.

The website design tells a lot about the professionalism of the service. Chinese, African or Indian scammers which contribute to almost 90% of the fake websites have a lot in common. A poorly written content with lots of grammatical errors, sentence structuring, and spelling mistakes on their websites is an example of that. Moreover, this also reflects the content quality of authentic writing services as well.

Be sure to check every page and see if there’s any poorly written sentence or paragraph. Be sure to check the writing language to match whether it matches the service location. For example, A UK-based essay writing service has some words written in US English that might be fake.

Grammarly, MS Word, and other editors are your best-helping hands for this task.

5. Contact the service

This can be done through certain options provided by the website itself, however, the best option is via phone, since this way you will be able to notice their accent and speaking skills. Also, another very important option is on chat, since you will be able to check the sentences that they place and if they have grammatical errors or not.


6. Contact via phone is a MUST

Without a doubt, and within all of the ways, this is the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to communicate. The contact via phone not only gives the possibility to respond anywhere but also at any time, since we have it with us all the time, something that does not happen with, for example, a computer. Moreover, this will also us to check the accent of the contact person whether the accent is similar to the service’s location.

For example: By contacting a writing service based in the UK, you hear the representative on the call speaking broken English or an accent similar to the Chinese or the Indian. You will have an idea that the service is not what they claim to be because the employees are not native speakers and even native writers.

7. Service should offer an agreement first before asking for payment

These agreements can be advanced payment for starting the work, 50% payment for reaching and submitting half work, 100% after the work has been completed and delivered and the customer is satisfied or more, all depending on the agreement in which the user reaches and the writer in question. It is worth noting that the agreements will be different depending on the case or the essay writing service.

8. Payment options must have PayPal

Paypal is an online payment method that is accepted almost everywhere. It’s free, it’s quick, it’s secure, and most importantly it has no limit or hidden charges. Consider a writing service accepting payments via Paypal. Other options must be there too like MasterCard, and Visa because there are still some countries that don’t have Paypal.

9. Domain origin/registered (optional)

Concerning this, and to ensure that it is a trusted essay writing service, you must make sure that the domain origin or registration matches the location of the writing service. If this is the case, it is a true page, but if not, then it is fake. This step might not be fully accurate because website owners can hide that information via paying the registrar a small fee also known as Protect ICANN information. As a result, you might see the name and address of the registrar instead.

You can check about domain’s detail from ICANN Lookup.

10. Look for the price offered

Just as mentioned before, the industry standard is set from $15 up to $50 per page or 500 words (2021), in whatever style is needed, including delivery time, writing type, revisions, and quick response from the writer to the user. Prices below or above that standard could be a bit suspicious. Individual writers are much cheaper than this taking only $5 to $30 per page or 500 words.

checklist for checking a writing service if it's fake or not

Whether it’s a writer or a writing service, we have also written an extensive guide on how to prevent getting scammed from fake essay writing services.

What to ask from the writing service?

1. The writer’s information, as well as how it relates to and works with your field/subject or writing style, along with valid documents that confirm their qualities, knowledge, and work history.

2. Information about the website itself, such as where is located and the years it’s been on market, and double-check from their own website. Also, you can check the age of the domain via any domain checker and see the registered country and year of registration. A really important point is that, if the domain age is greater or lesser than the said age, then don’t consider that website, because there is a huge possibility that it might be a fake website that might have repurchased an old expired domain.

3. Payment options and agreements. You will not only be able to see the payment possibilities but also how writers can be paid in a specific way. Moreover, reaching an agreement is a must. For example, if half of the work is done, 50% payment is released. On 100% complete the remaining payment is released.

Content Quality Checklist

Check 1: Go for plagiarism at first

The very first step is to do a plagiarism check. You can find the internet full of plagiarism checkers both free and paid. Why go for a plagiarism check at first? Because doing some grammar and spelling checks might reduce the plagiarism percentage and even some crucial lines which might be the only way to find plagiarism.

Plagiarism can be of two types:

  1. Direct match (same to same sentences)
  2. Paraphrasing (same sentence structure but synonyms used), not considered plagairism but can compromise quality

We have compiled a list of the industry’s best plagiarism checkers (free and paid)

Check 2: Go for a spelling and grammar test

The second step is copypasting the given content in an editor like Grammarly, Microsoft Office, or any other and finding the spelling and grammatical errors. Remember to set the language to the desired one. If you are submitting content in the US, go for English (US), if the UK then English (UK). Certain words have two or more spellings because of the language difference and might end up in your spelling report. Moreover, checking these words can also help you judge the writer’s writing language as well.

Some common English words which have two spellings are color (USA) vs colour (UK).

There are some editors which also have the capability to check the tone as well. We would recommend Grammarly (free and paid) which is also used by us. This editor literally has everything you need for a quality check. Just be sure that none of the editors out there are 100% correct.

If you find any errors be sure to ask the company/writer why there are this many errors.

These two checks are the essential ones for the quality of the content.

If you don’t want to spend your time searching for the best writing service, we already have created an unbiased comparison of the top 10 writing services in 2021.

Do you think this guide has helped you choose the best essay writing service intelligently? Do you think we lacked any advice or are there better and more effective ways to do it? If so, tell us in the comments!