OPPO ColorOS !1 review

ColorOS 11 Review – 10 Best Features You Need To Know

Recently, OPPO provided ColorOS 11 global version update on September 14 afternoon. It’s one of the first systems to upgrade to Android 11. In a few words, the UI is fully customizable, and the system response speed has increased by 32%. Apart from the basic Android 11 features, there are some extra ColorOS 11 features which I will be revealing in this ColorOS 11 review. So let’s get started:

ColorOS 11 Global Review – The Most Personalized ColorOS Version

1) All Around Customization to All UI Elements

Starting the ColorOS 11 review, similar to its theme ‘Make Life Flow‘, the main feature of ColorOS 11 Global is that it provides customization to every element present in an Android OS. These include:

  • AOD screen display
  • Icons
  • Desktop
  • Wallpaper
  • System-level sounds
  • Fonts
  • Controls

OPPO ColorOS 11 review - All Around Customization

In comparison to the most personalizable UI which is MIUI 12, we do miss customization in some transitions and elements. But in comparison to the previous ColorOS 11, it has significantly increased.

2) Multi-Level Customizable Dark Mode

This is one of the ColorOS 11 features which you won’t see in either the stock Android 11 or any other UI. ColorOS 11 adds a Dark Mode which also has a custom selection, providing Black, Blue, and Grey Dark colors. Moreover, there are three multi-level dark modes with different contrasts:

  • Enhanced
  • Moderate
  • Soft

OPPO ColorOS 11 review - Dark Mode feature

This reminds us of the Windows 10 contrast theme option.

3) OPPO Relax 2.0

In this ColorOS 11 review, one of ColorOS 11 features is that it provides a humanistic approach as well. It upgrades to OPPO Relax 2.0 section to the UI. In this section, users can either:

  1. Hear the ColorOS team’s collection and ambient sounds in representative cities including old streets, subways, and seaports around the world. One can feel the early morning and evening in these cities including New York, Tokyo, Paris, etc.
  2. Mix ambient sounds like bird calls and rain sounds.

OPPO ColorOS 11 review - OPPO Relax 2.0

4) Much Faster, Smoother Than ColorOS 10

Another of the ColorOS 11 features is that from the bottom-level, in addition to upgrading to Android 11, CorlorOS 11 interface is smooth, specially optimized for the current flagship/high-end phones. OPPO has designed a complete set of solutions for such phones, these include:

  • ARUnit
  • CameraUnit
  • MediaUnit
  • HyperBoost
  • LinkBoost
  • AIUnit
  • FusionUnit

ColorOS 11 OS review - Fast Features

According to the officials, ColorOS 11 increases system resource utilization by 45%, system response speed by 32%, frame rate stability by 17%, and on every operation, you will feel the smoothness.

OPPO ColorOS 11 review - Speed Increase

5) Smart On Protection

Apart from the basic security and privacy features provides by Android 11, ColorOS 11 also has its own security and privacy features. One of those ColorOS 11 security features is ‘Smart On Protection’. With this turned on, the system can submit blank information for key permissions such as call records, contacts, and text messages.  This will not affect the use of the APP and ensure user privacy.

ColorOS 11 review - Scoped Storage

6) FlexDrop

Another feature in this ColorOS 11 review, that will arrive in October update is the FlexDrop. The FlexDrop resembles the Mini-window mode of the app, however, this time you can resize the window into any size. With this, you can watch movies, chat and play games at the same time.

OPPO ColorOS 11 review - FlexDrop Feature

7) 3-Finger Gesture Combined With Google Lens

Previously, we could take screenshots with the 3-finger gesture in ColorOS 10. However, in ColorOS 11, the screenshot is combined with Google Lens. This means that after taking a screenshot, you can even translate the image at the same time. Quite handy, isn’t it?

OPPO ColorOS 11 review - Google Lens 3-finger screenshot

8) Nearby Share

Android 11 has the Share sheet and App pin-ups, however, ColorOS 11 apart from this also has Nearby Share. Believe me, this is the ultimate solution for sharing any media between two phones. In a default Android OS, you have to turn the Bluetooth on first, pair the device, select the file, and then share it.

OPPO ColorOS 11 review - Nearby Share Feature

In nearby share, you just have to turn on Bluetooth, select media, and share. The system will automatically find nearby devices around you and you just have to tap on the device you want to share media with. It’s just like Shareit but without the Shareit app and those pesky ads. Even if you don’t have the Bluetooth on, the system will send you the prompt to turn it on while using the nearby share. You can do that directly from there and share it without switching any screens.

9) Super Power Saving Mode

This should have been introduced a year back in ColorOS and we have been seeing ultra saving and super saving modes in custom skins for some time. However, it’s never too late and the arrival of Super Power Saving Mode in ColorOS 11 is appreciated.

OPPO ColorOS 11 review - Super Power Saving Mode

With Super Power Saving mode turned on, a 5% battery (of a 4000mAh OPPO phone) can get you:

  • 90 minutes of WhatsApp Messaging
  • 1-hour of phone call

I know it’s not as good as the one provided by Samsung, but still, we do have this now in OPPO phones.

10) Private System

I’ll be honest that OPPO has simply renamed the basic Android 11 feature of having two profiles (personal and enterprise). With the phone switched to a personal system, if you have a company’s phone, the company won’t be able to track your phone usage.  If you are on work, simply switch to the work system and the company will track what you are doing. A perfect balance between work and personal space.

OPPO ColorOS 11 review - Private System Feature

The Private System feature will be available on ColorOS 11 phones in November.

This is the new ColorOS 11 overall. I hope you loved the ColorOS 11 review. In the 10 ColorOS 11 features which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

The update is available for 22 OPPO devices. Is your device on the list? You can check that on the official list provided by OPPO.