12 Cool Gadgets Every College Student Should Have

12 Cool Gadgets Every College Student Should Have

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One of the most significant changes that have ever occurred in college is using smart gadgets by students. These devices help college students get ready for classes, stay focused, and rest after the classes.

Online and remote education is impossible without smart gadgets. You should look for those that will be suitable for your lifestyle and habits. They will make your life more comfortable if you want to leverage the capabilities of modern technology. Are you confused about making a choice and don’t know what latest smart gadgets for education you should buy?

We have completed a list of the best smart gadgets for students with overwhelmed schedules. These gadgets are helpful and necessary. Some of these devices are more than affordable and to buy some, you need to save some money. For efficient studying, you may need to buy some or all the smart gadgets from this list.

Wake Up Lights

If you can’t call yourself a morning person, the sound of your alarm clock in the morning is probably not the most pleasant thing you hear throughout your day. But it’s easy to solve with a special wake-up light. This gadget makes your morning wake-ups much more comfortable as it creates a sunrise effect. Even if you were up all night because you needed to write my essays for me, waking up is no longer a problem. A red-tinted light is turning into white light. For an even better effect, you can also combine the light with white noise or music to wake you up. Besides, you can also use it as your bedside lamp and night light.

Xiaomi wakeup light student gadgets

Mobile Phone Charging Case

If you are tired of carrying your power bank or your cable and always forget to charge it, a special case is much more convenient. Academic life is a fast-paced one. Students are always in a hurry between classes, internships, on-campus meetings, extracurriculars, and many others. You should keep your mobile phone safe and fully charged all the time. The charging case prolongs your battery life twice. The charging will stop automatically to save power. Apart from all this, the case will protect your phone from obstacles.

Gadgets college student should have - phone battery case

Portable Hard Drive

The only thing that looks more stressful than receiving an excellent argumentative essay for sale is losing it and being unable to recover the file. This often happens due to spontaneous tech problems. Hence, you need to back your work regularly with a portable hard drive. Such hard drives have 1TB, 2TB, and 500GB options so you can safely keep all your media there. Besides, you can store all your photos and music using only one small device.

SecureDrive KP Hardware Encrypted Portable SSD Review

Coffee Maker

As much as we try to plan all our activities, all-nighters are unavoidable. When this happens, you should have enough fuel to stay up all night. Modern coffee makers won’t require you to go to the kitchen every time you need a new cup. They are connected to the app on your smartphone and start working as soon as you want it. You can be anywhere -in your bed or coming back home, the coffee maker works remotely and you can control it.

Apart from a coffee maker, you can also buy a special mug that keeps your coffee hot and tasty wherever you are. You can heat your coffee using a USB cable while you are at college. Another advantage of these gadgets is that you don’t spend money in coffee shops.

Portable coffee maker

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite is one of the must-have tech gadgets that are extremely helpful for students. Kindle is considered the most convenient and efficient gadget for taking notes. With Kindle Paperwhite saves you no longer need to lug heavy 500-page books around. All it takes to read every book is simply to download it on the device. With this gadget, you can read wherever you are. To buy a Kindle, you may need to save some money for a while. Investing in a Kindle Paperwhite will pay off as you no longer need to spend money on books. On top of that, downloadable books are usually much more affordable.

The Kindle offers outstanding features like the front light that won’t harm your eyes the way your mobile phone or tablet does. Students often buy it because it is convenient and light. It is easily adjusted for reading books in a dark room.

Kindle Whitepaper

Smart Watch

A smartwatch is one of the most helpful tech gadgets in 2022. As a college student, you spend most of the day sitting. You can use your smartwatch to track your everyday activities to keep fit and healthy. You can see how many steps you make, how many calories you burn, and what your blood pressure is. With a smartwatch, you can receive notifications and calls, and even enable reminders for upcoming deadlines. You can also see the quality of your sleep.

When you find yourself overwhelmed with tasks to complete, you can set timers to finish all of them on time. Yet, if you feel that you can’t deal with all of them, you can always go to the essay writer website to get everything done flawlessly. 


Headphones with noise-canceling

As well as free access to WiFi, college hostels are very noisy. It’s not distracting when you want to talk to someone. Yet, if you have an essay writing paper deadline is a few days away. Listening to your favorite music on noise-canceling headphones feels much more comfortable to concentrate on studying. If you are struggling to start an essay because of the noise around, you can use these and stay focused on what’s important. It is also a useful tool for online lectures and courses. 

Xiaomi Gaming Headphones featured

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are another useful gadget for college students. It produces high-quality audio. A good speaker is essential for students who enjoy listening to music. Keep in mind that you should choose an ideal speaker for your room. It shouldn’t be too loud so as not to disturb your neighbors. If you want to buy something like JBL, it can be expensive to afford right away. 

Xiaomi MDZ - ZB - DE AI Portable Speaker

Surge Protector 

Although it isn’t a smart gadget, this power strip can secure all your tech friends. On top of that, a surge protector boosts the reach and capacity of your much-coveted outlets. You can choose between having four and six outlets. What makes a surge protector even more convenient, is that it is bending to fit different plugs and adapters. 

No matter how much money you spend on the latest devices, it is critical to keep them safe from unpredictable situations. 

xiaomi power strip cool gadgets for college students

Laptop Backpack

As students need to carry their laptops everywhere, such a backpack is a great investment in your everyday comfort. Even rucksacks have become more advanced and packed with numerous benefits. They are equipped with built-in USB chargers to keep your phone or device charged all the time. For your safety, there is a special anti-theft pocket in the back. Such bags have enough space to pack all your lunch boxes and textbooks. You can choose between different models of smart backpacks with different functions. 

Xiaomi reflective backpack gadgets for college students

A Portable Printer

There are lots of printers on college campuses, but they are also being used all the time. An attempt of printing out your paper right before a lecture when a computer lab is full is a real exercise. After a few unsuccessful attempts, you may consider buying your own printer. You don’t need to purchase a fancy printer; a portable and basic one will also be a good fit.

If you are having second thoughts because a printer takes too much space, there are many portable models available. You no longer need to rely on a library printer. Most printers have a WiFi connection, which even makes them more convenient. Get your written essay or paper on time with this gadget.

Xiaomi portable photo printer gadgets for college students

Adjustable Laptop Stand

As a student, you’ll need to spend countless hours in front of your laptop when you write essays and conduct scientific research. For this, this adjustable laptop stand will be your best friend. It is suitable for almost every laptop and tablet device. Moreover, it has an ergonomic and adaptable design that allows you to find the most comfortable angle for work. It’s needless to say how much your health will benefit. Feel the relief from neck pain and improve your posture while you are working on your laptop.

Portable laptop stand gadgets for college students

To Sum Up

With these useful gadgets, you can make your life at college a lot more convenient and easy. Sure, you don’t need every single gadget from this list to survive. And you don’t need to buy the latest models of everything. You can search for more affordable alternatives on marketplaces. Define your critical and nice-to-have needs. Having even a few of these gadgets can help you concentrate on more crucial matters. You will definitely feel the difference in your comfort.