Dimensity 8200 Ultra

Dimensity 8200 Ultra With Enhanced Image Processing

The Xiaomi Civi 3’s Dimensity 8200 Ultra has the most features targeting image enhancement. The open architecture is connected to Xiaomi’s imaging brain, increasing the user experience related to the camera. It has increased the speeds of various camera app functions so users can enjoy the upcoming phones and their lenses. 

Release Highlights

  • The Xiaomi Civi 3’s Dimensity 8200 Ultra has been released with image-enhanced features.
  • More than 38 functions and 30 operators have been implemented.
  • The speed of the portrait has been increased by 35%
  • It now runs the night scene by 57%, and HDR is increased by 153%
  • Users can take continuous photos with an increased 235% speed

Specification of the Dimensity 8200 Ultra

The enchanted version of the Dimensity 8200, the Dimensity 8200 Ultra, comes with unmatched features for better image processing. It has an open architecture directly connected to Xiaomi’s imaging brain. The cross-platform middle layer will help the processor perform even better.

Dimensity 8200 Ultra

As for the features, it has more than 30 operations and 38 functions being implemented. The speed of opening portrait mode on the camera is increased by 35%. It will now be able to process the night scene by 57%. The speed of processing HDR is increased by 153%. It will allow the users to take continuous photos with an increased speed of 235%. 

The camera is considered to be of the key aspects of any smartphone. Dimensity has worked mostly on improving the camera experience. Do you think it would be a nice processor for your next phone?

Source (Weibo, in Chinese)