5 Best VPNs of 2023

Myth Buster | Does VPNs Make Your Internet Faster?

Virtual Proxy Networks are good for security and help you unlock the true potential of the internet. VPNs allow you to connect, view and enjoy content that might be restricted to you. Moreover, it gives you an extra layer of security, making your surfing more secure and enjoyable. However, one question that people often have is, do VPNs make your internet connection slow? Does connecting to other countries make your internet connection slow and make the user experience less enjoyable?

VPNs and Slow Connections

VPNs work by connecting your connection to some other region or country. It helps you change your location with just a click. You could be sitting in one country and be connected to some other country, unlocking content and providing security. But it might take a toll on your connection speed. Let us explain.

If you connect to a further country or region, the internet speed might be affected. As the distance increases, the data transfer becomes slower taking a toll on your speed. The best mobile VPN service always allows you to connect to a close region.

However, it is not always the case. If you are using some high-quality paid VPN service, it might increase your internet speed through ISPs. Users might enjoy ISP throttling that increases the streaming speeds for YouTube, Netflix, and much more. 


Tips To Get The Best Speed With Your VPN

Protocol Settings

The protocol settings are one of the most important things when it comes to getting the best speed out of your VPN. Some protocols might increase security, but take a toll on your speed. Make sure you choose the protocol that is most suitable according to your needs. WireGuard is the leading protocol that might save you in every situation, providing reliable speed and security.

Multi-Hop Feature

Turning on multi-hop is a very efficient way of getting the best speed from your VPN. Make sure your VPN of choice does support this feature. It allows VPN to change locations according to the needs of the consumers. If one country is showing slow speed it will automatically hop on to some region for optimal user experience.

Restarting your Device

Restarting your device or router is such a simple solution for getting speed, and is often looked at the most. Just simply rebooting the device will make things a lot better for you. At times, the complex encryptions might confuse the device and router. By restarting the device and router, things start fresh. And, it can help boost the speed of the VPN. 

Turning off Security Wall

One not very healthy way of increasing speed is, by turning off the security wall. The security wall filters everything that comes on your way. By turning it off, the connection becomes smoother and welcomes anything that comes our way. But one issue with turning off the security wall is the malware attack. It doesn’t stop any attacker from entering your system, which itself defeats the purpose of the VPN. However, it is not something we suggest you do.

Final Thoughts

We recommend you always use a high-quality VPN service and connect to a country that is closer to your actual location. Only connect to a further location for some specific reason. And before buying the best mobile VPN service, make sure it has boosted internet speed through ISPs.