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eMMC 5.2 / UFS 3.0 Standard Exposure – Coming Soon

eMMC 5.2 / UFS 3.0 are such commonly used memory component in smartphones and memory cards. The most recently till date are eMMC 5.1 and UFS 2.1. Currently, eMMC 5.1 flash read and write speeds are 250MB / s and 125MB / s (theoretical maximum 400MB / s), respectively. Meanwhile, UFS 2.1 is currently up to 1166MB / s.

eMMC 5.2 / UFS 3.0

According to NPU reports, eMMC 5.2 / UFS 3.0 are the next-generation storage solutions. The former standard is still under development, and the theoretical bandwidth of UFS3.0 reaches 2.4GB / s. This is twice the speed of the current UFS 2.1.

eMMC 5.2 / UFS 3.0

According to the original plan, eMMC 5.2 is scheduled to debut in Q4 (Nov or Dec) of this year. On the other side, UFS3.0 has been scheduled to debut early next year.

UFS 3.0 / eMMC 5.2

The latest eMMC 5.1 hasn’t even able to surpass UFS 2.0 reading and writing speed. We hope that eMMC 5.2 might beat UFS 2.0 performance. However, the bandwidth of eMMC 5.2 will still be less than UFS 2.0.

Moreover, some sources claim that eMMC 5.2 is also likely to be cut off, the SSD dispute is still controversial. Let’s hope eMMC 5.1 / UFS 3.0 will allow data transfer to reach the next level.


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