Flyme 7 Beta Featured

Flyme 7 Beta is Official Now – Here’s How to Install Flyme 7 Beta!

Finally, after a wait of 15 months, Meizu updates Flyme 6 to Flyme 7. On April 16th, Meizu officially launches the official Flyme 7 Beta version. The update, however, is a closed beta version. This means it’s available for the limited users. Users who want to get Flyme 7 has to undergo online registration. In return, they will be the first to enjoy new Flyme 7 features. Meizu will announce the models and time of update at the upcoming conference.

Flyme 7 Beta Version Released

Flyme 7 Beta – How To Install the Update

Here’s a step-by-step to get and install the latest Flyme 7 Beta on your Meizu smartphone:

Step 1: First update the system to the latest version.

Step 2: Log in to your Flyme account and download the “Flyme Community” app.

How to install Flyme 7 Beta

Step 3: Enter the required information on the registration page.

How to install Flyme 7 Beta step 2

Step 4: Flyme community will automatically identify the current smartphone serial number and IMEI.

How to install Flyme 7 Beta step 3

Step 5: Click Submit to complete the registration.

How to install Flyme 7 Beta step 4

Step 6: After approval, you will receive an OTA system update


  1. Make sure that the device is on the latest version of the Flyme 6
  2. The device that that has been rooted (current state rooted) cannot obtain the update push
  3. Devices that are not updated in time between multiple consecutive versions will not receive follow-up beta releases.
  4. If you qualify, the Flyme developers will start the system update directly. Please pay attention to the “System Update” App, without further notice.
  5. The time and model getting the beta version will be announced at the upcoming conference.

Note: Meizu M6 Note users can manually download the Flyme 7 registration specific version from here.

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