Flyme Android 10 Internal Beta Update

Flyme Android 10 Internal Beta Changelog – Force Enable 90Hz Refresh Rate

Today, several Meizu phones including Meizu 16s Pro and 16s received the Flyme Android 10 Internal Beta update.

Sadly, Meizu 16th Plus and 16th was still experiencing an abnormal restart problem. Thus, it cannot be released as scheduled. Flyme Android 10 Internal Beta update is now expected to release this week for them. The remaining models are scheduled to be released at the end of July.

Flyme Android 10 Internal Beta Update

Update notice
Android 10 adaptation involves framework modification. After updating to this version, some functions will not be available or there will be abnormal usage. Please read the relevant information in the system update App carefully before updating, and decide whether to continue participating in the update.

Flyme Android 10 Internal Beta Changelog – What’s Changed?

1. Dual wireless network acceleration

2.4G and 5G networks are connected and seamlessly switched at the same time, creating a network environment with no delay in playing games and zero loading when viewing pictures

2. Camera

Added a variety of filters such as hidden corners and dark night gilding, and supports multiple import methods at the same time. From then on, you can feel the freedom of filters and easily shoot high-level pictures.

3. Desktop shortcut menu

Long press the application icon to call out and select to execute, which simplifies the operation steps from the home screen to the application. Some applications support dragging options to the home screen to form an independent icon in one step.

4. Music notification

The notification bar and the lock screen page are better adapted to the cover effect of the music album, support for switching between upper and lower songs and control of the progress bar, the audiovisual is integrated, and the appreciation is deeper

5. Multitasking

Adjust the arrangement and detailed animation of the cards, pull-down or click the top icon to select the lock, blur, and split-screen operations to improve operation convenience

6. Dark mode

The night mode is renamed to the dark mode. The visual effects are re-adjusted and the darkening is reduced. It is also applicable during the day

Intelligent switching between sunrise and sunset according to the current geographic location, it can also meet the usage habits when traveling or traveling in different places

Path: Settings_Display and Brightness_Dark Mode_Enable Dark Mode regularly

Adjust the animation effect of starting and closing dark mode, the transition is more delicate and soothing

8. Game mode

The application display in the game panel follows the sort setting of the small window menu, and the game process can also enjoy convenient operation to meet various needs.

9. Force Enable 90Hz Refresh Rate

The internal beta testers also found the ‘Force Enable 90Hz Refresh Rate’ option in the developer settings. However, they said that as of now thee option doesn’t work at all.

Flyme Android 10 Internal Beta Force Enable 90Hz Refresh Rate

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