11.11 Aliexpress Guide

A Foolproof Guide To AliExpress 11.11 Sale 2021 | Does It Really Provide Year’s Best Savings?

Trick to get the best saving!

Every year, we have this 11.11 sale by AliExpress offering thumping deals and discounts on the products.

What is 11.11 exactly?

Marked as the shopping day of the year isn’t actually what 11.11 is. Opposite to Valentine’s day, 11.11 is marked as the world’s single day for the single people out there. The date 11.11 as marked by only ‘1’ in the day and month, indicates single.

Alibaba back in 2009, made Double 11 or 11.11 shopping commercialized with huge advertisements and irresistible discounts and deals.


What’s New This Time in AliExpress 11.11 2021?

AliExpress has simplified the 11.11 event of 2021. Instead of multiple games and countless store visits for coins collection, we simply have five things to rock-bottom a product’s price:

  1. 11.11 Product Discounts (upto 70% off)
  2. Spend & Save ($3 discount on every $30 spent)
  3. AliExpress and store coupons ($5 off on $10 spent)
  4. 11.11 Game > Money Hop (get coupons, coins, and discounts for a number of hops)
  5. Lowest price of the year (11.11 discount + spend & save + coupons or promo Code)
maximium discounts

I’ll be explaining each of the five below:

1) 11.11 Product Discounts

Following the classic marketing strategy of putting large discounts on items, this 11.11 will again follow this strategy. This time AliExpress claims discounts of up to 70%. However, there’s a catch to this.

Have you ever seen products on AliExpress which do not have a discounted price? Rarely, right. These discounted prices are always there even if there’s no event to put a discount on. The trick is to make the customer believe that the product is at a discounted price, even if the price is the same or slightly low throughout the year. The result is skyrocketing sales!

discounted price of mi band 6
Since when Mi Band 6 price reached $61.09 and then Aliexpress gave 45% discount on it. Everyone knows that the price of Mi Band is around $33 to $40. Nonetheless, the 11.11 discounted price is 32.99, a mere difference of 0.39 dollars.

Another thing with the 11.11 only products, AliExpress, and other stores would simply increase the price of the product before 11.11 and mention both the pre 11.11 price as well as the 11.11 price with a difference of around $1 to $5 on under $100 items and up to $30 on items above $100. Don’t believe me, just wait 10 days after 11.11 and you will see the original product price which is barely more than that on 11.11.

Does the price of a product decrease at all?

Surely, it does. But not as much as AliExpress reflects it to the customers. It’s only a difference of $0.1 to $5. For the people looking for small discounts, it’s good as you will later have the option to use coupons as well as

For example, the pre 11.11 price (the lowest price) of Xiaomi Mi Band 6 I checked 1 month back was around $33 to $35. Now it’s $33.56 and the 11.11 price is $31.99 to $34. There’s a discount of $1 on 11.11 concerning Mi Band 6. Not that much but at least the price is reduced.


  • Always follow and buy products from famous sellers on AliExpress (official stores and some third party sellers like Goldway). You can always see the number of orders on the product. More the orders > reliable seller > best product price on AliExpress.


95% of products do have a discount but not as much as AliExpress claims. But instead, merely $1 to $5 or 1% to 10% of the original pre 11.11 price.

2) Spend & Save ($3 discount on every $30 spent)

Getting a $3 discount on every $30 you spend might be too hard to resist. However, there’s the catch to it as well:

  1. Spend & Save is only avaiable to limited products
  2. These limited products do have slightly increased price than the usual original price


In a few cases, they do let you save a couple of dollars on collective orders, but most of the time, that $3 off reaches the original price. The larger the order is, the more the saving is, but not jaw-dropping.

3) AliExpress and store coupons ($5 off on $10 spent)

On AliExpress we have two types of coupons: AliExpress and Store.

Let’s start with the Store coupons. Stores do provide exclusive coupons for 11.11. They are similar to the coupons shown below:

Usually, the stores provide these coupons on ordinary days.

Whether it is a $1 off $1.03 coupon or $1 of $10 or $3 off on $30 on products ranging from $5 to $30, you will still get only $1 off per $10, no matter the price of the product (just a limit to reach to apply the coupon, however, good stores must offer better discounts on higher orders). As for $1 off of $1.03, these stores usually have a high-priced product, you can’t apply $1 off to get a $2 thing or $1.03 for free.

11.11 sale Aliexpress coupons center

AliExpress coupons are much better and provide better savings than store coupons. AliExpress coupons are also of different types:

  • Site Wide (blank coupon with the price, limit, and valid date): Discount on the order of from any store (buying cost much be reached)
  • First order only: Applicable to first order on a new AliExpress account
  • Select items only: AliExpress selected items only (usually they have higher price than the non selected items)
  • Self-pickup only: For a few EU countries. Allows you to pick the package yourself.
  • In-app only: Coupons for app users only
  • Ship to coupon (normal coupon but marked as exclamation mark): Limited to a few countries only.

This 11.11, Aliexpress is providing 3 to 4 Aliexpress site-wide coupons. They will be providing a $10 site-wide coupon as well on 11 to 12 Nov. Right now, as a teaser, they are providing a $5 off on $10 coupon valid on 11.11.


  • Use both AliExpress coupon and store coupon together to get maximum discount.


AliExpress site-wide coupons will surely save you some $, and when combined with the in-store coupon, you can get the best discount in comparison to any other method on AliExpress during 11.11.

4) Money Hop – AliExpress 11.11 Only Game

Update: Is it me who thinks that the game freezes sometimes while playing especially when you long-press to jump? Scoring even 5 to 10 points is getting hard as 11.11 is getting closer.

Money hop is AliExpress 11.11 dedicated game. The game itself is simple to play. You have to long-press the bag to reach the other tile.

Money hop game screen 11.11 2021

The number of tiles successfully landed will be counted and offer you a discount of $0.01 for every hop. You can claim it in the following ways:

  • Coupons (up to $50 off on order above $500 inexchange of 5000 hops): small orders around $5 to $50 can also benefit from this.
  • Items: Exchange hops for items + under $1 price to order the item. Similar to the $0.01 items in the normal coins section of AliExpress App. (limited to only selected items)
  • Coins: Exchange hops for coins (1 hop = 1 coin)

The customers with small orders can get hops in a short time. Once played 2 to 3 times, you can easily get around 10 to 30 hops in each gameplay.

You can play the game 2 times daily for free. When out of turns, you have to visit four stores that the app recommends, to get a free turn each time. You will also have some special tiles to land on, offering you a gift. This gift can be unboxed in the brand store for in-store coupons and coins (randomly picked).

5) Lowest Price Of The Year (The Ultimate Saving Tactic)

What makes 11.11 special and boost sales is not the single promos mentioned above, but the combination of different promos on a single order which is:

Merely discounted 11.11 products + limited $3 off on every $30 spent + Aliexpress coupon (free and earned from money hop + In-store coupon = THE ULTIMATE DISCOUNT OF THE YEAR.

You can easily get around $5 to $120 off on orders ranging from $50 to $500. This is why I say that 11.11 does really offer the lowest product prices (only when this trick is applied).

I hope this article provides valuable information to you and makes your 11.11 shopping easier and with tons of savings.

BONUS: Stores recommended for 11.11 2021

Xiaomi, smartwatches

  1. Goldway: Xiaomi only store! Offering the lowest price on Mi Band 6 ($31.99), Mi TV stick ($39.99), Flipbuds Pro ($112.99) and some Xiaomi smartphones. All products have 11.11 discounts and coupons (aliexpress and in-store).
  2. SIMSON: Tech store offering lowest price on realme band 2 ($32.99, $29.99 when $3 in-store coupon applied), Honor Band 6 ($44.99), Amazfit Blip S Lite ($39.99)
  3. Original Huawei Product Store: Xiaomi and Huawei store selling Xiaomi MIX 4 ($873.32) and Huawei P40 Pro ($844.66)
  4. Mi CC Store: Xiaomi and Xiaomi sub-brands related store selling Mi TV Box S 4K ($55.99), Mi Watch Lite ($44.99)
  5. Fantacy: Xiaomi smartphones and accessories related store, selling Xiaomi 11T ($449)


  1. Dorkin Digital Store: Selling FIIL T1 Lite Earbuds ($30.97), FIIL CG Pro ($75.75), coupons ($9 off on $65), $3 off every $30, and Aliexpress coupons as well.
  2. Edifier Online Store: The official Edifier store on Aliexpress selling Edifier TWS1 Pro for all time lowest price ($29.99) and Edifier X3 ($19.99).
  3. Wooeasy Earphones Store: Selling earphones from brands such as Blon, KZ, KBEAR, Yinyoo, and TRI all for the lowest price on Aliexpress. Blon BL3 ($21.86) and Blon BL-A8 Prometheus ($68.64).
  4. LC Audio Store: Selling Blon, KZ, HZSOUND, TRN earbuds.
  5. QCY Official Store: Phones accessories and tech store offering QCY T13 ($18.78), T17 ($15.99), 3 port GAN 65W charger ($23.99), free earbuds for 1st 10 orders on 11.11, exclusive coupons for countries.
  6. Tronsmart Official Store: Tronsmart Oynx Prime ($47), Apollo Air ($36.19), countries exclusive coupons.

Smartphone Accessories

  1. UGREEN Official Flagship Store: Smartphone accessories including iPad, iPhone PD 20W Fast Charger ($7.11), 3A Magnetic cable ($0.82) USB C HUB 4K 60fps ($24.76), 4 ports GAN 100W charger ($43.08).
  2. Baseus Global Store: 15W wireless charger ($12.79), GAN 100W Charger ($34), 8 in 1 USB C Hub ($17.49), 30W Car charger ($3.35), $3 off on $3 coupons.
  3. kuulaa Official Store: 130W Power bank 20000mAh ($49.99), 65W GAN charger ($19.99).

Let me know if you need more stores regarding any category, I’ll update it here.

BONUS: Coupons For November Month & 11.11

For Month of November

  • For this page only.
  • For countries not in CIS, FR, ES, BR, PL, SA, KR
Code nameTypeDiscountMini Spend
11NOV3All Buyer430
11NOV08All Buyer860
11NOV11All Buyer1190
11NOV015All Buyer15130
11NOV20All Buyer20170
11NOV27All Buyer27230

For 11.11 (Now to 12 November)


For New Buyers

  • Till November 30 (PST)
  • Only for new members
  • Page
Code nameTypeDiscountMini Spend
NB3New Buyer34
NB5New Buyer510

Q/A Section

What is 11.11 or Double 11 meaning?

11.11 or Double 11 is known as the world’s single day. Chinese stores consider it as a shopping day, which is gradually accepted by other international stores around the globe. 11.11 is now also considered as the world’s shopping day.

What is the 11.11 sale?

First commercialized by Alibaba, stores around the world consider 11.11 as the world’s shopping day apart from the world’s single day. They claim to provide the lowest prices with tons of savings.