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GearBest Reviews 2021 (Updated) | Is The Chinese Store Legit | Pros & Cons

GearBest Reviews 2021 (Updated) | Is The Chinese Store Legit | Pros & Cons
Once the pioneer of Chinese e-store from 2014 to 2020, GearBest has hit rock-bottom and is no longer an authentic seller of Chinese products. We DO NOT RECOMMEND this store. The store is bankrupt, not paying its employees, partners, and publishers anymore. Please stay away from it.
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A few years back we didn’t have too many global stores selling Chinese products. Back then, only Aliexpress and Alibaba dominated. Then came GearBest, Banggood, Geekbuying, DHgate, and so on. I’m updating my review about Gearbest in 2021.

Note: I use to add affiliate links of GearBest for the audience to pay for the website expense. However, I have stopped recommending GearBest as soon as people started complaining about the orders not delivering to them and poor support. Moreover, I was on their own affiliate network (Gearbest affiliate), they also stopped paying the commission website owners earned as well. To this date, they haven’t paid any of the publishers.

The GearBest Trend & Good Times (2014 to 2020)

During this time, GearBest was known for:

  • brand-specific discounts
  • offering only high-quality Chinese products
  • no sellers system trouble like in Aliexpress
  • trustworthiness and timely delivery

Read my old 2020 review about Gearbest by clicking on the tab below:

My Old 2020 Gearbest Review

If you are looking to buy some gadgets, smartphones, and other consumer electronics, Gearbest might be the best place for specific products shipping to specific regions. From my own experience and others let me provide you with Gearbest reviews in 2020, and tell you if it’s legit and the pros and cons of this Chinese store.

Is Gearbest Legit? | Gearbest Reviews 2020

Yes, it is! Though it has a score of 3.8 out of 5 on trust pilot, mostly positive reviews. There were some negative reviews as well as other global stores, but to be on the bright side and my own 2 years experience on Gearbest, it can rival Aliexpress in many scenarios.

Transparency is a problem when it comes to Chinese stores and Chinese products. The price of many products in China is much cheaper than the same products mentioned in Aliexpress and Gearbest for global purchase. However, this can be justified by quality insurance, shipping cost, and management. So, we see all Global Chinese stores fighting with each other to providing the best price higher than in China.

The Pros

1) Lowest Shipping Charges

Let’s be honest, Aliexpress and other Chinese stores have recently increased the shipping charges of the product. Even though some of them have free shipping options but they cover that shipping fee by increasing the price of the product.

Shipping cost Gearbest reviews

Whereas Gearbest might not have that ‘Free shipping’ tag on most of its products, yet it assures that you will get the product on time with the $1 to $5 Registered Post Shipping which you can easily track from Gearbest’s website. Moreover, Gearbest has hundreds of warehouses around the globe more than Aliexpress, allowing you to receive the product as soon as possible.

One also joins:

  • Free Shipping in specific regions (Europe etc.)
  • Duty-Free products for specific regions (EU etc.)
  • 3-day shipping for specific warehouses
  • GW Warehouse: Typically 3-5 days to the UK, 3-7 days to other European countries
  • USA Warehouse: Generally, 3-7 days to a USA address
  • ES Warehouse: Generally, 2-5 days to Spain, 3-7 days to Portugal.
Gearbest Reviews Global Warehouses

You can find more about the shipping details of each country, average shipping time, and more from here.

2) You are dependent on Gearbest itself rather than the supplier

Unlike Aliexpress where there are a lot of suppliers and stores, people mostly complain that they never receive products especially the ones which are under $10. The sellers claim that the product might have been lost without the product itself leaving the origin country. They provide you an untrackable code. You ask them to refund you and they become polite and ask you to rate them 5-stars after receiving the refund. Thus, FREE 5-Star rating for them.

Gearbest works as a whole. They might have different brands under them, however, all of them go under quality checking and specific storage houses. You won’t have to talk to untrained individual sellers. The only connection is you and Gearbest support.

3) There’s Always Insurance to cover you up

With the registered shipping, there are only a few bucks of insurance ($2 to $5) of the whole order which guarantees you that Gearbest will send you another parcel in case of any accidental damage or loss. However, on Aliexpress and other Chinese e-stores, you have to fight first with the seller, make him believe that the product was damaged, return the product at your own expense (not mostly) and get a refund or another parcel after at least 3 to 5 months of dispute.

4) Lowest Price of Featured Brands and Promotions

Believe it or not, Gearbest has the lowest price on Featured Brands and promotions. These include Alfawise, Cubot, Cube, Teclast, Fengmi, Beelink, and a lot of others. Such brands when on the product are not just $2 to $5 cheap but around $10 to $50 cheaper. The limited unit deals are even much cheaper.


5) Quality Over Quantity

In the Gearbest reviews provided by the audience, we know that Gearbest is concerned with quality over quantity that is why you will only see specific brands and limited items there in comparison to Aliexpress and other Chinese stores. Though mostly are electronics there are some other categories as well and Gearbest is slowly providing more categories and items.


The Cons

1) Strict Return/Refund Policy

To be honest, on Aliexpress one can easily get a refund if your item is lost (even on an unregistered post). The return policy is also fine and depends on different sellers. However, in Gearbest you will not likely get a refund if you ordered and selected unregistered shipping with no insurance. Moreover, you will have to pay shipping charges for the return of the product in case of 1 year free repairs, 45 days money-back guarantee, and 30 days return for unopened items. The only way they will pay you for your shipping expense is on the term DOA (dead-on-arrival) for which they will need solid evidence. Before buying anything please read their warranty and return policy.

2) Limited Items

Though there are many products on Gearbest mostly are electronics and we do miss many categories such as beauty products, tools, apparel, and a lot more in comparison to Aliexpress. However, since the company wants to maintain the promised quality over quantity, the expansion of the products is slow.

My Own Experience

I used to buy products from Aliexpress. The point here is that if you buy from trusted and high-rating sellers like the official Xiaomi store there or the KZ store, you will get the product on time. There’s the Standard Shipping which is free but takes time and is untrackable but that’s not a problem if you buy from a trusted high-rated seller. However, mostly there are products which are slightly cheaper than the one from the official store (they never arrive), and there are products which are sold only by specific sellers.

The problem here is trust. I have explained how most sellers get a free 5-stars rating on their products and stores. And that trust issue is not with one seller only but with multiple if you are planning to buy many items. Last but not least, if you buy multiple items from different sellers, each item will arrive at a different time which is frustrating and given the fact that some of them might not even arrive at all. For 100% safety, one will have to go for the registered post for each item which is expensive as hell.

However, when I first tried Gearbest, I had an order of around $95 with 5 items in it including items under $10. My order was divided because of multiple warehouses locations.

Total Order
Gearbest Reviews Legit Multiple Warehouse

The best part was that most of my products had free shipping (REGISTERED) and only one item had registered to ship for $3.72. For the item’s safety and hassle-free refund or re-send, I added the insurance which was around $3.38 in total. So, I had to pay only $8 extra for all five items to be trackable and insured. Meanwhile, if I would be on Aliexpress, almost 90% of the stores would have no shipping option for Pakistan, if so then there would only be standard or sellers shipping options which would be FREE but not promised, and untrackable. Only a few products have registered to ship for my country on Aliexpress and are taken by the price.

I know Gearbest have slightly expensive (non-brand ones) products which are only $2 to $10 expensive. However, those few bucks allow us to get registered air post, save time, insure the product safety and get it on the mentioned time.

What I didn’t like about Gearbest? | Gearbest Reviews 2020

In our reviews of Gearbest of 2020, until now, I only have not received only one parcel which was Aflawise SD card ($3 on GB and $6 on Aliexpress) and I didn’t add the registered shipping and insurance (cost around $3) because I thought it would be insane to do so cost me $6 of total product cost which was same as Aliexpress (but with registered shipping and insurance), however, the cheapster inside me got the best of me 🙂

I should say that there are a few chances that you will get your refund if you don’t apply for the registered post and insurance, which is most likely the case. However, if you apply both then this means they take 100% responsibility to refund or resend you the parcel in case lost or damage.

The return policy is also strict which is almost the same for all Chinese global stores. The seller has to return the product at their own expense in case of a 45-days money-back guarantee, 1 year free repairs, and 30 Day Unconditional Refund Guarantee for Unopened & Unused Items. Gearbest will only pay the shipping cost for Dead-on-Arrival products (mostly electronics) which need solid pictures and video proofs. I guess Aliexpress is much better in this case but takes time. I recommend you to act ASAP if you experience such a situation and Gearbest support chat is excellent and replies within 24 hours. Before buying anything please read their warranty and return policy.

The Verdict

Concluding the Gearbest reviews, offering quality items over the past years, Gearbest has some incredible price cuts when it comes to its affiliated brands, more warehouses, priority, quick shipping, cheaper and mostly free registered shipping (trackable) at specific regions.

Though the prices of non-brand products might be slightly high, Gearbest guarantees the product arrived on time with registered shipping and insurance which are added for a few bucks (2 to 5 USD). Most importantly, there’s no messing your time with different sellers and it’s just you and Gearbest 24/7 support.

Gearbest vs Aliexpress
You might think that the price is high of a product on Gearbest, but with the sub-total, it’s much better than Aliexpress, has registered shipping, and takes lesser time.

My New 2021 Review of GearBest

The Downfall of GearBest (Mid of 2020 and Onwards)

Similar to Zapals and some other Chinese stores, the once glorified GearBest hit rock bottom in the mid of 2020. This is because the owner of GearBest wanted to earn more profit from the products. This greed of the founder forced GearBest to:

  • Increase almost every product price (the highest on the internet)
  • Decreased products brands and variety
  • High reports of missing orders/orders not arriving

Trustpilot rating which was 3.8/5 at the start of 2020, now dropped to only 2.5/5 (September 2021). Most of the reviews were from the customers reporting that they were scammed as their products had not arrived and the support was not doing anything.

GearBest score rating on Trustpilot
Trustpilot score of GearBest as of September 2021

The trust of the website simply perished. Not only customers, but the employees (all Chinese) were not happy as well and moving to other stores and finding other jobs. In my 4 years experience with Gearbest, in 2020, the company changed its managers for publishers 4 to 5 times. I separately contacted one of the managers which I had become a good friend, she told me about the CEO and Founder wanting more profits leading to Chinese brands ending their collaboration with the website, and why should they partner with GB, as in 2020, they had better options like Banggood, Aliexpress, and Geekbuying.

As a desperate attempt, GearBest started to dominate Google search results with fake reviews and comparisons of the products in their blog section, all leading to their store. They even copy-pasted some of my reviews from here. I did ask Google support to issue a DCMA notice to them and Google said that they would remove the copied reviews but sadly they didn’t because the GearBest website was much older and authoritative than The Phone Talks.

The company has become bankrupt and yet they are still open and people are buying on their website, ending up getting scammed.

My Verdict | Do I Still Recommend It in 2021?


I don’t hold any personal grudge against them anymore, despite GB stealing my reviews and not paying affiliate earnings. However, on this website my team and I only mention authentic stores with the best pricing such as Amazon, Aliexpress, and Banggood. GearBest offers none, neither authentic nor best pricing.

reviews of publishers who joined GearBest affiliate program 2021
These are the reviews of the publishers who joined the Affiliate program of GearBest

The overwhelming complaints, stories of scamming, not paying employees and publishers indicates one thing:

GoodBye GearBest!

Request for the readers: I will appreciate our valuable readers to let us and the audience know about your experience with Gearbest. I will guide you in case of any problem and scenario.


Where Is GearBest Company Situated?

GearBest Company is situated in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Is GearBest Trustworthy?

With a Trustpilot score of only 2.5/5, GearBest is not trustworthy anymore.

Is GearBest Legit?

No, GearBest isn’t legit anymore. They are bankrupt and still have the same online store. Almost every customer is complaining about the orders not arriving. GearBest has become a total scam.

Where Do GearBest Ship From?

GearBest main warehouse is in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. It also has warehouses in EU countries and North America.

Does GearBest sell fake products?

No, they don’t sell fake products, unlike Aliexpress. However, recently they have become a scam as even with the authentic products on their website, the orders are not reaching customers.

Does GearBest accept Paypal?

Yes, GearBest does accept Paypal.

Does GearBest have a store?

GearBest is an e-commerce platform which means that they don’t have any physical store but only an online store.

Is GearBest Safe?

No, GearBest is no longer safe to buy anything. Huge reports of missing orders have been reported.