Getting your essay written online guide 2021

A Foolproof Guide On Getting Your Essay Written Online Without Scam

Online essay writing service, paper writing service, or simply writing service, whatever we call it the fact is that there are hundreds of them offered either by individuals or writing companies. Many people who are new to these services either end up selecting a poor-quality essay writing service or getting totally scammed after paying. Because of this, we have created this foolproof guide to help you get your essay written online without getting scammed or even prevent badly written content.

Before we start, know this first, getting your work written from scratch isn’t a solution to your problem. Try writing it yourself first and then ask for a writer or writing service to improve the content by proofreading and editing/rewriting. Getting some help is much better than relaxing and letting the writer do everything for you.

Individual Writer Vs Writing Company

Before we move to the essay writing services, we have two options when it comes to getting your essay written online. First is hiring a freelancer aka the individual, self-dependant writer. The second is hiring a company. Here are the pros and cons of both of them:

Freelancer on Fiverr or FreelancerWriting Company
Pros1. Direct contact
2. Much more in-depth writer’s portfolio and reviews
3. Gives dedicated time to your work
4. Payment protection on Fiverr, Freelancer, or Upwork
5. Can be cheaper than writing companies (since there’s no company to take commission)
1. Professionalism (timely submission,
2. Writers’ portfolio is 100% verified by the company.
3. You don’t have to worry about selecting a writer. The company can do that for you.
Cons1. The portfolio might not be verified
2. Some cases of unprofessional behavior (not timely submission, poor quality)
1. Expensive
2. High chances of getting scammed (there are many fake writing services on the internet)
3. Fake reviews everywhere except Reddit

Both of these can scam you and even blackmail you asking for more money after the completion of work otherwise

3 Most Common Reasons Why People Get Scammed By An Essay Writing Service

1. Not Checking The Reviews on Google

This is the most common reason for getting scammed. Before you get mesmerized by the professional appearance of the online essay writing website, always check the reviews. By the reviews, I don’t mean all reviews, but the authentic ones.

  • Reddit (first priority)
  • Trustpilot with negative and 4/3 stars reviews (second priority)
  • All websites with the negatively or neutrally written reviews (third priority)

These three sources are enough for you. However, you should have an idea of differentiating a fake vs a real review. In the table below we have mentioned the difference:

Real Review vs Fake Review

Real ReviewFake Review
1. Defines the work assigned
2. Has a valid name (e.g Tim Smith, Charles Leon) and a picture (plus point)
3. Reviews of people from the country where the service is provided
4. If the service is global, it must have reviews around the globe

Example 1: I ordered one article from them for my technology niche. It’s well written, however, they took some extra time in writing it so -1 star for that (4 stars review)
Example 2: This website is a scam. They took $30 from me before writing my essay and never delivered it to me. Here’s the order number ‘85923’. They are not responding on the chat or Whatsapp group. (1 star)
Example 3: They wrote my essay article within 6 hours as mentioned. Sam is one of the best writers I have seen. He understood my requirements clearly. The grammar and the (5 stars)
1. Assigned work not mentioned
2. Random fake names and fake pictures
3. Mostly overall 5 stars rating
4. No negative or 2/3/4 star review
5. Reviews from another country instead of the country where the website provides service
6. Rating but not providing any reason for the rating

Example 1: ‘Company’s name’ is the best writing company in the USA. (5 stars)
Example 2: This company is the worst. (1 star)
Example 3: Good (5 stars)
Example 4: ….. (1 or 5 stars)

Some tips on checking the reviews:

  • Always look at the 3 stars and 4 stars reviews as well as the negative/1 star reviews. They will tell you all you need to know
  • 5 stars review with no reason mentioned are mostly fake
  • Competitors do play dirty sometimes as well by writing a fake reviews about other writing services as well
  • A spanish writing service reviews are in other language could be fake as well
  • If you do see the above examples written as it is, it will be a fake review. The scammers might have come here and copy pasted these examples in their reviews. IMAO

Some screenshots of Fake and Real Reviews:

Real Reviews

Fake Reviews

2. Looking for Cheap Writing Services

The second most common reason for customers to get scammed for a writing service is hiring a cheap writing service. I know that a price of $1 for 500 words or $5 for 1000 words might attract you. But believe me when I say that in 2021 it’s not possible. Maybe some third-world countries can provide you that low priced writing services but the quality will be a total disaster.

The industry’s standard is set to $15 to $50 per page or 500 words, in whatever style is needed, including delivery time, writing type, revisions, and quick response from the writer to the user. Because of this, anything below $15 must be reviewed carefully and precisely. There are some writing services also offering $10 per page but not below that.

Remember that if you don’t like the content and it’s of poor quality, it isn’t worth paying even a penny.

If you are concerned about getting your essay for the best price, be sure to check our list of the cheapest essay writing services offered in 2021.

3. Clicking on Ads About Writing Service from Facebook or Any Other Social Media and Even Google

I’m not saying that all of the ads lead to fake, scamming writing services. However, most do lead to such websites. Advertisement on social media is a quick and cheaper way for scammers to scam you. The ad policy of such platforms is too lenient and as a result, you see ads of companies you haven’t heard on the TV, Search engine, or any reputable advertising platform. Even BBC this year mentioned how Google and Facebook failed to remove scam adverts.

Ever wondered that after searching about essay writing tips you saw writing ads appearing on Facebook, Google, and other platforms. The fact is that these platforms also monitor your activities as well via cookies and other sorts of data. They know that if a user is looking for the term essay writing, he/she is more likely to click on an ad related to it. This is how the corporate world of advertising is.

ad facebook real vs fake

The Checklist of Identify A Fake Writing Website

1. Non-HTTPS websites

In case you wonder what’s the green padlock near the URL of the website. It’s called HTTPS and the connection is secured. You might have come up with websites with a red padlock with a slash on them and a warning of connection not secured. It’s called HTTP and the connection is not secured. This means that whatever information you are putting on that HTTP website has a chance of getting stolen. The payments are not secured on a non-HTTPS or HTTP website.

HTTPS is the gold standard of all authentic websites. All big brands’ websites are on HTTPS. It doesn’t mean that a fake website can’t have HTTPS green padlock. These days HTTPS certification is offered for free so everyone can get it. This is just one of the checks on the checklist to identify a fake website. If you ever find a website with HTTP written only, a red padlock, and followed by the not secured warning, simply don’t put any information or buy anything from it.

2. Poor or fake reviews

This point is pretty self-explanatory. Reviews with very low or no rating exist for a reason, and you have to pay close attention to them, not only because of the low rating they give to the writing services, but because they also usually explain the factors why the malfunction of the website, or they were not to their liking. Also, and on the review pages, you have to be aware of fake reviews, which are usually too positive and placed by the website itself to improve its reputation. We have mentioned the difference between real and fake reviews above, be sure to check that.

3. Does the website redirects you to another website?

If the answer to that question is yes, it is 100% a fake website and the other website as well which is appearing after that redirect. Not only that, the pages that do this are usually completely infected with malware. You might end up getting some notifications and pop-ups on the screen of something troublesome like your Windows is corrupt call this number. This is all fake. A page on the internet can never harm your system unless you install the software they provide.

4. Check the design of the website and see if there’s any grammatical or spelling mistake, and poor sentence structuring.

The website design tells a lot about the professionalism of the service. Chinese, African or Indian scammers which contribute to almost 90% of the fake websites have a lot in common. A poorly written content with lots of grammatical errors, sentence structuring, and spelling mistakes on their websites is an example of that. Moreover, this also reflects the content quality of authentic writing services as well.

Be sure to check every page and see if there’s any poorly written sentence or paragraph. Moreover, be sure to check the writing language to match whether it matches the service location. For example, A UK-based essay writing service has some words written in US English that might be fake.

Grammarly, MS Word, and other editors are your best-helping hands for this task.

5. Contact the service

This can be done through certain options provided by the website itself, however, the best option is via phone, since this way you will be able to notice their accent and speaking skills. Also, another very important option is on chat, since you will be able to check the sentences that they place and if they have grammatical errors or not and even the spelling mistakes.

If you see broken or poor English in that chat or a weird Indian/Chinese/Mexican accent during a call from a UK/USA-based writing service. Call in your sixth sense.

6. Contact via phone is a MUST, No Phone Contact = Fake Website

Without a doubt, and within all of the ways, this is the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to communicate. The contact via phone not only gives the possibility to respond anywhere but also at any time, since we have it with us all the time, something that does not happen with, for example, a computer. Moreover, this will also us to check the accent of the contact person whether the accent is similar to the service’s location.

For example: By contacting a writing service based in the UK, you hear the representative on the call speaking broken English or an accent similar to the Chinese or the Indian. You will have an idea that the service is not what they claim to be because the employees are not native speakers and even native writers.

7. Service should offer an agreement first before asking for payment

These agreements can be advanced payment for starting the work, 50% payment for reaching and submitting half work, 100% after the work has been completed and delivered and the customer is satisfied or more, all depending on the agreement in which the user reaches and the writer in question. It is worth noting that the agreements will be different depending on the case or the essay writing service.

8. Payment options must have PayPal

Paypal is an online payment method that is accepted almost everywhere. It’s free, it’s quick, it’s secure, and most importantly it has no limit or hidden charges. Consider a writing service accepting payments via Paypal. Other options must be there too like MasterCard, and Visa because there are still some countries that don’t have Paypal.

Via Paypal, you don’t have to provide your Credit card or Debit card details, but instead, send the invoice via your email. It’s better than Visa or Mastercard because you will be solely responsible for the payment because it will be manually done by you not automatically taken away by the website.

9. Domain origin/registered

Concerning this, and to ensure that it is a trusted essay writing service, you must make sure that the domain origin or registration matches the location of the writing service. If this is the case, it is a true page, but if not, then it is fake. This step might not be fully accurate because website owners can hide that information via paying the registrar a small fee also known as Protect ICANN information. As a result, you might see the name and address of the registrar instead. However, for the newbie scammers, they might even expose their real name, address, and country on that domain details thinking that the detail is secured.

You can check about domain’s detail from ICANN Lookup.

10. Look for the price offered

Just as mentioned before, the industry standard is set from $15 up to $50 per page or 500 words (2021), in whatever style is needed, including delivery time, writing type, revisions, and quick response from the writer to the user. Prices below or above that standard could be a bit suspicious. Individual writers are much cheaper than this taking only $5 to $30 per page or 500 words.

If a writing website unchecks all of these points, it’s 100% to be real writing service. However, the quality of the writing on the website will remain in question. For that, here’s another extensive guide.

If you don’t want to look for the best essay writing services, we already have created the best writing services for 2021.

checklist for checking a writing service if it's fake or not

The Checklist of Identify A Fake Individual Writer

The checks mentioned for a fake writing website implements on identifying a fake individual writer, with addition to:

  1. Offering writing service from his/her own website without any identity, no mentioning of his social media profile, work profile (LinkedIn, Fiverr, or Freelancer)
  2. Not on Fiver/Freelancer/Upwork or Any Other Reputable Freelancing service
  3. Asking for payment before starting the work
  4. All customer reviews are 5 stars without any description (see fake vs real review)

Tips for selecting an Individual Writer

  1. It’s better to hire writer on fiverr or freelancer because you get your payment back if the writer has provided low quality content or failed to complete the work on the given time.
  2. Always hire a real identity with a real name attesting on his/her portfolio, cretificates, or degrees. For example instead of hiring ‘Quality elegant writer’ which is hiding his identity, hire ‘Sam Smith’ who has a real name, real picture, and name on the things given in his portfolio. The former can be a company or even a third party, so please ignore them.
  3. Make sure that you have given all the possible information regarding your assigned work.
  4. Individual writers are way better in comparison to writing companies when it comes to proofreading or rewriting.
  5. Fresh writers (with good portfolio of course) can be much better and cheaper as well since they don’t have a load of tons of articles from the other clients and can give you and your work proper time when compared to the highly rated writers.
  6. From all writers whether they are fresh or highly rated, ask for a sample first. You can even find samples from their portfolio. However, be sure to give a plagiarism and spelling check as well. We have created the industry’s best plagiarism checkers both free and paid. Be sure to check that as well.

I hope that this guide has helped you on getting your essay written online without getting scammed. Is there any possibility of improving this guide? Be sure to comment.