Google Releases Mobile Data Monitoring Application – Meet ‘Datally’

Finally, what we all need. Meet ‘Datally’ – an App which allows the users to understand, monitor and manage mobile data on their smartphones.

Datally enables real-time data monitoring and generates some recommendations on saving data. Moreover, it also notifies a user about new public WiFi spots available nearby.

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Caesar Sengupta, Vice President of ‘the Next Billion Users initiative at Google,’ says that the company has been testing the app in the Philippines. The app has been allowing people to save up to 30% of their mobile data.

Datally – The Next Level of Mobile Data Monitoring

Getting into the details, with this application, you can intuitively understand how much traffic your phone uses on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can block all background data connections with a single click.


When you turn on the Data Saver button, the app stops background data usage and tracks real-time mobile data usage in each of your app which is currently active. Moreover, with one tap, you can block the data if an app’s data usage gets out of control.


The App UI is simple to use and stable with every Android device. It’s the part of Google’s Next Billion Users initiative. Datally is a must-have app for the low-end hardware smartphone users in those countries with limited mobile data usage.